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  • Fix Your Attitude (Kylo Ren x Reader)
    4.9M 60.7K 39

    !!PLEASE READ WARNINGS BEFORE READING!! You're an engineer, stationed at Starkiller. You're desperate for recognition in your career, but issues with your assignment (spoiler alert: it's the Command Shuttle) end up making you the clean-up crew, instead. Your annoyance with Kylo Ren lands you into some hot water. How m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serving the Commander
    393K 8.6K 131

    After being captured in a late night raid on the current planet you were being held as a slave, arriving on the Starkiller base soon to find out your new job will be much more intense than any before. Quickly figuring out the strong connection you have with your new boss will evolve into something you had never imagin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Allegiance | Kylo Ren
    2.9M 93.2K 99

    She was just following orders. [Disclaimer] I do not own Star Wars, or any of its characters. This is merely fanfiction. Star Wars and Kylo Ren are (c) Disney and Lucasfilm. Takes place after the events of TFA.