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    This is my first time writing a story. So please be gentle.

  • The King And His Queen Warrior
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    #1 in werelion Val is one of the general of her country. The only female. She earned that title for she is smart, strong, and ruthless. But when a sudden request by a neighboring country's King came, asking for her hand in marriage, she was dumbfounded, forced to go along without a say. Well, she was not going hang he...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Male Student (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction)
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    St. Freya Academy. The academy where Valkyries were trained in order to combat against the ever dangerous presence of the otherworldly beings who came to eradicate humanity: the Honkai/Houkai. Coincidentally, these Valkyries are mostly female, because for some reason females tend to have a higher Honkai resistance tha...

  • Arknights: Rebirth
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    [Recreating a suitable body for the host, please wait] [Body created. Proceeding with soul extraction] [Extraction finished. Removing all of the useless memories from the brain to avoid any problems with the host.] [Rebooting the brain and returning all of the needed information about the gift] [Welcome Y/n L/n to the...

  • Absolute Precision | Girl's Frontline M!Reader
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    One shot. One bullet. One kill When optimal efficiency is achieved, the line dividing between man and machine is blurred. He is one such creature. A shadow born with the gift of absolute precision, operating with inhuman grace. He is the supreme predator of the battlefield, and so where he tread, the phantom of the ki...

  • Shattered Songs of Faith
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    Fire Emblem Three Houses AU Story: What if Sothis was with Byleth since their childhood days? "If only I could touch the stars." Born sick since day one of her life, Arisa grew mostly in a hospital room. At some point in her life, she got better and was able to live the way she wanted. Freedom, make friends create b...

    Completed   Mature
  • The return of the staff hero (Shield hero x Male reader)
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    Let's see what happens, when a jojo fan gets Isekai'd

  • Project: Astray (Arknights x Male Reader)
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    A single choice - a single catalyst. Choices always bring consequences, as they do progress. But sometimes, a choice isn't yours to make. I didn't get the choice I thought I wanted. But this battle, one way or another, became mine to fight. And before this is all over, before that final dawn rises...before I go astray...

  • In A Parallel World With Random Skills, I Reluctantly Become A Mafia Boss?
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    I, after playing the new game I had bought, went to sleep. Before I knew it, I was in a cage. With enemies all around me, I used a strange skill and accidentally killed a dark god. This is the story of how I got dragged into becoming an unparalleled existence in a different world with my random power. Disclaimer: I do...