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  • Captive in Plain Sight
    151K 8.3K 48

    Mila is the obsession of a dangerous man with a grudge. After a traumatic incident, she's started over in Seattle with a new job and her first serious relationship. But everything is poised to crumble when she meets Alec Laurent, a controlling psychopath set to push her limits. As she tries to keep her loved ones from...

  • The Precise Art Of Staying Alive
    334 30 60

    Rhea was excited to get an escape from school, to go to a luxurious mansion in the quaint ski town of Lake Meurtre. Her severe best friend Nicole, fun-loving Nadia, artsy River and mysterious Theo all join her, the winners of an english competition. It was meant to be fun. It was meant to be relaxing. No one was meant...

  • Soul - The Shadow of Fear
    476 105 51

    The richest man on the earth suddenly suicides, along with five other business men, and on the very second day appears, a person named Shadow, mysteriously holding the power to control or kill anyone on sight. London is terrorized, and is given three days to surrender. But there is someone to stop him... The greatest...

  • ✔Paint Me a Murder | Book 1
    21.2K 1.4K 53

    (Book 1) Everyone has another personality they don't want anyone else to see. New Syracuse is a town terrorized by gangs fighting for territory. Young artist Kazimir Ivánovič Vassiliev barely escapes the murderous depths known as Viper Valley when he drives down there for his precious cocaine. When Kazimir seeks help...

    Completed   Mature