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  • "The Teenage World of Gumball" (TAWOG Fanfiction
    33.9K 351 13

    (Note: This story is all about Gumball and all of his friends in there teenage wolrd). "Since gumball move to another school last year, he decided to change his personality and other stuff that belongs to him because all of the sudden, He realise that all of his childhood memories was a disaster and his personality wa...

  • The Curse of the Yetteeth - A TAWOG Tale
    9.7K 145 6

    Update: guys I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school. I am now a college senior. I'm aware it isn't good😭 After an encounter with a mysterious new neighbor goes horribly wrong, Gumball is suddenly burdened by an uncontrollable Curse that transforms him into a monstrous beast. It's up to Darwin, Anais, and P...

  • The Family Reunion |The Amazing World of Gumball Short Story|
    5.1K 102 8

    (A short Christmas story) The Wattetsons decide to have a big family Christmas together for the first time, inviting even Frankie and Nicole's parents. But with all the bitterness and unspoken tension between the adults, the Christmas turns into a huge disaster for everyone. (Rated K+ just to be safe, might be rated T...

  • Bloody claws
    10.2K 220 26

    A step outside the door,was the biggest step of their life,even though hunting,running and hiding will be their hastened fate as they walk at the streets,they don't care as long as they are far far away,from their mom.

  • World War Elmore
    4.4K 106 12

    Gumball is in a war along with all the other students and teachers. Can Gumball use all his knowledge of the people of Elmore to defeat a war?

  • I'm Not Like You
    19.1K 284 23

    A Chi Chi X Gumball Fanfic Published: March 28, 2017 Also a Human AU. A 13 year old boy understands about his enemy who is basically a ripoff character. The boy almost died during falling off a bridge and an explosion. His family? Dead by the fall and explosion. When the cat finds himself (which is a goat) and invit...

  • Undertale Comics
    619K 17.6K 200

    *Insert Fabulous description here* Hello everyone and welcome to the most fabulous description ever. Okay yes I hired Mettaton to write a description for me but obviously he's too busy with The MTT Show to write a paragraph or two. So I guess you guys will have to see my rubbish spiel of words. Welcome to my comic boo...

  • Undertale Comics Pl
    135K 1.1K 10

    Witam! W tej książce znajdziecie tłumaczenia komiksów z Undertale i różnych AU! Jeśli będą jakieś błędy to popraw mnie! ;3

  • Music can suthe the beast (Furry Male X Male)
    15.2K 327 14

    You were sitting in across a table from this beast man (image on top) and wonder how this situation happened again...

  • Altered (Male Reader-Insert)
    18.2K 341 25

    Waking up with amnesia, you try your best to escape a facility filled with creatures while retaining who you are. Cover Artist: CAREFREE_0992 Changed Special Edition belongs to DragonSnow

  • (Re-writing) Protogen x Human Reader
    61K 720 9

    DISCLAIMER: I am rewriting all of the chapters in this story. That means I won't be making new chapters for now. With your dad off for a business trip, a package from his company shows up at your door, containing a strange animal-like robot called a "Protogen". But everything isn't as it seems. Secrets will have to be...

  • Don't Run from Alpha (Yandere werewolf)
    68K 1.5K 24

    Zack was an ordinary teenage kid. He was made fun of for the birth mark of a moon he has around his eye. He never believed in the supernatural. Ever since he was little, he hated when people talked about the paranormal. He knew that there was no such thing as ghosts, vampires, and especially werewolves. At least that'...

    133K 1.9K 80

    I'm [y/n]. An ordinary high school boy with a few friends that I know very well, and no talents ( ; . After school I go straight home ignoring everyone around me. But one day something happened, something that I never expected to happen. And that's when my life changed completely. (All the art in this book is not mine...

  • Seasalt X Reader (Remake)
    16.7K 122 5

    🍆 💦

  • The Monster Within (Completed)
    22.6K 296 10

    What is life like for a simple person? Depression? Happiness? For Mason, a 14 year old, he doesn't know, not until.. He got kidnapped, but these weren't the average kidnappers. What they did to him.. Changed his life in many ways possible.. And now he must life as the monster he became.

  • Till there was you
    54.7K 1.2K 22

    William, or Will, is a normal man. He works in two places and have a very strict routine everyday. Until one day, he hears something on his living room. Something that's going to change his life. . . (Btw, portrait image not mine. Credits to its respective author)

  • The Heart of a Howl
    8.3K 242 21

    Living in Tokyo, Japan can seem like a dream for some if not most people, but being trapped for five years because of a space-time rift is a completely different story. • CURRENTLY IN THE WORKS • Cover art by @/xx.rose.marcelinexx (IG)

    Completed   Mature
  • Ace Of Hearts
    21.9K 390 26

    In this story, the reader takes the role of an 18 year old human boy. After seeing your academic prowess, a prestigious high school in your home country of Japan accepted you as a student. There, you meet some new friends, but one of your new friends seems oddly attracted to you. The friend in question being renowned...

  • Change For The Better♡ [Puro x Lin story] [Changed]
    25.2K 327 13

    A story about the human (Lin) that ended up in the Latex facility, being together with the fluffy, black, little Latex having Puro. You have to watch or play the game Changed and get the good end for this story to make sense, or you'll be completely confused. Because this takes place after the good ending to the game...

  • contry balls: idk poland
    80 10 9

    contry life... I will allow 5 custom made countries just put them in the comments I don't own the art

  • A Human in a New World(Rewrite): A Hidden Secret
    52.5K 675 18

    For generations Humanity had been thriving but all that changed when a terrorist group unleashed a deadly toxin. During that scientists created the first anthropomorphic animal which survived the toxin along with a few of their companions. Centuries went by as this new race became the dominant species after humanity w...