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  • The Undefeated Nerd✔
    92.1K 2.4K 71

    Ria is a nerd in high school she's bullied and gets treated as an outcast, she has an older brother who also bullies her and hangs out with the people who treat her badly. What happens when she's paired up with one of her main bullies Cole Adams? What they don't know about the nerdy Ria is that she's a fake nerd and a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejected a princess #Wattys2015
    244K 8.8K 23

    Auquamarine, a very special werewolf or mermaid of Angel. Yes she has 3 shifts and she has to use them all. Will she be rejected, will she run away, will she find another love? All you have to do is read to find out........ #_#_#_#__#_#_#_# Sequel is up, it's called, What A Shock #Wattys2015

  • The Rejected Hybrid Queen.
    524K 15.8K 50

    this werewolf story is about a girl who is rejected by everyone at school and her father. Her sister brother and mother love her. Her siblings and her self are the only people who know about her father beating her. When she gets rejected by her mate the future alpha she has had enough and decides to run away. She come...

  • Rejected But Special
    136K 4.7K 33

    Trixie was rejected because she was emo and loved gay people and the people in her pack weren't having it(including cause of it they beat her). So her mate the alpha rejects her. Next her torturing gets worse it isn't funny to see a girl almost die but she's a fighter. She soon ran away to become a rouge when she star...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Unknown Son
    1.2M 27.2K 46

    As Rose struggles to escape her past, she realizes she can never do so with her son as the ultimate reminder of the rejection and pain she tries to forget. As she tries to lead a life for both of them, she is suddenly forced to face Nick Rollins again, the handsome and fierce alpha that crushed her innocent heart. Sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejected for being a nerd
    1.5M 35.6K 45

    ~~~~ nəːd/ noun a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. Rude, right? That was the definition of being a nerd, according to Google anyways. I could probably write a better definition than that, but, I digress. Am I called a nerd? Yes. Do I care? No. Am I socially awkward, bori...

  • The Cat Shifter (Book 1 of Shifter Series)
    151K 6.5K 62

    Katherine, Kat, was special, was unique. Being the only Cat Shifter she knew, she was one of a kind. At age 18, she lived by herself, moving around from place to place. However, that all changed when one single little girl chose her to be a pet. Join Kat as she figures out who she is and what it is like to be a cat...

  • The kitten claims her mate (complete)
    808K 28.7K 20

    A curious and mischievous kitten explores in the night and finds a warm werewolf to curl up next to. Betty has been having dreams that make no sense. They are filled with abstract shiny objects and warm delicious smells. Plus she can't explain the odd things happening in her room. If she didn't know better, she'd thin...

    338K 10.6K 36

    UNA FAYE BROOK she is the pack punching bag and slave dog along side with her two best friends NICOLO AND NICHOLAS they are twins, her brother, sister and pack blames for her parent's death. The only reason they stayed with their pack was for their mates. One night full moon on her 16 birthday she found her mate and...

  • Pregnant and Rejected
    575K 15.3K 26

    Anna Carey left her mate , quit her studies and went to visit her old pack . After being there for 6 weeks, she realised that she was pregnant with her mate's child . She wanted to have an abortion secretly but the Luna and female beta caught her . Warning: All of my chapters are not edited.