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  • i don't really feel like fighting.
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    HOW CAN A HOLLOW CHEST FEEL SO HEAVY poetry, rambles, rantings, letters, etc. enjoy!! but read at your own risk* *massive tw for basically anything mental-illness related, including depression, anxiety, self harm, suicide, abuse, blood, knives/blades, eating disorders, etc. please don't read if you think this will tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Night
    1.9K 139 8

    Compilation of my little poetry and everything I have written to keep myself from losing each and every night.

  • a sky full of stars
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    even with a sky full of stars above, i'd still only look at you... ----- letters and poems sent through a computer between two lovers and their tragic story.

  • the space above my ears.
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    freestyle poetry/prose absolutely feel free to comment and vote! i love hearing what other people have to say/interpret; let me know if i should keep uploading.

  • Exhale
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    Vent poetry

  • Before you Sleep
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    This is a gift for you I want to invite you. Take a look inside my mind. Maybe it helps keeping your thoughts from running wild. Maybe ist shows you that we all break sometimes and that is fine. Maybe it gives you some sort of relieve before going to sleep. Please treat my mind with patience, it's still healing. Oliv

  • Bitter Bliss: A Poetry Collection
    504 162 46

    My fourth poetry collection, raw and original. My deepest fears, most insecure thoughts, and cruelest wishes. 🖤🖤Trigger warning: everything🖤🖤

  • Before life trickles away...
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    "I'm drowning in the things i never told you.." A collection of poems written by a silly girl.

  • Stormy Shoals: A Poetry Collection
    417 94 30

    Another poetry collection from my heart, just letting the words bleed onto the page. I mask the hurt with pain, because pain demands to be felt. But hurt just demands to ruin your life.... 🖤🖤Trigger warning: everything🖤🖤 "Criminally underrated." -Nasiim22 1st place in the Darkness Awards 2020!

    Completed   Mature
  • Rhythms From a Quarter Life
    1.9K 165 40

    I will die the very moment this poetry collection is complete, not a moment more, not a moment less. Yet, what worries me is not death but never being able to complete this poetry collection. These are the rhythms resonating from a quarter-life.

  • ballads of heartbreak
    2.3K 107 88

    "I'm sorry that I'm like this, I'm trying my best" -essentially a diary, slight tw for being self destructive & harmful, some really good stuff crammed in with a bunch of nonsensical three am cry sessions

  • My Blackout Poetry
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    Stories hidden within other stories and found by my minds eye and open heart.

  • Blackout Poetry
    723 33 23

    poetry i've created using my fav. technique aka black out poetry lowercase on purpose ;)

  • Without a Heart
    257 39 18

    Without a Heart Poems and More Below Here is another collection of poetry. These will be short and sweet. Well, maybe not so sweet, but everyone may not like sugar. I hope you enjoy my little poems

  • Find Yourself
    18.3K 2.5K 42

    "Somewhere over the rainbow I wanna sing with the blue birds too" {Find Yourself: Somewhere} 🌔 Hello everyone~~ This is a poetry book with short poems about finding your...

  • He Is Not Like Others
    26.3K 2.9K 70

    You're both that star you are sending your wishes to and the miracle you are waiting for. A collection of free verse poems and proses under the name of Wish (@WishWrites). S T A T U S {COMPLETED} # 1st in analogies [070620] # 2nd in proses [070720] # 4th in thoughtandfeelings [021120] # 3rd in free verse # 27th in...

  • One Of These Endings |✔
    122K 11.1K 164

    If you were given seven chances to save your loved one...will you do it? Tryst falls to her death from The Efil Bridge. Assuming she committed suicide, her fiancé follows her footsteps to the world beyond. But the truth is, her death was an aberration. An error in the system. With seven chances to change the past, Try...

  • Tear-stained pages - [ONGOING]
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    ----"drowning in a sea of darkness" ---- I can't breathe, so I write all the things I can't say #27 in poetry 9/8/20 #1 in poetryanthology 9/10/20

  • Poetry
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    So er these are my poems i guess... once I write them I post them, they aren't edited and I don't spend hours pouring over details. They are raw and original. Thanks for reading 💕