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    Sometimes, Prophecies don't have meanings. And in this case, it doesn't. The Quad: A prophecy of a pure white wolf, a hybrid, a royal cat, and a pure blood Witch will be soul bound. Karmin, your not so average werewolf finds her hybrid mate in a small almost forgotten town. To back all of that up Karmin's best frie...

  • The Queen's Garden Mage (Lesbian Story) Unlikely Monarch Trilogy Book 1
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    Rhyme has worked as one of the Queen's Gardener's for much of her life. She's perfected her gift while keeping it a secret from those who would use it for nefarious purposes. Everything changes when Princess Adri passes her Trials stirring the land as she suddenly becomes first in the line of succession. Nearly every...

  • The Royal Triumvirate
    1M 49.9K 63

    For hundreds of years, werewolves have been led by the Royal Triumvirate. Three wolves chosen by the Moon Goddess to be mates. Alex never cared for the politics of werewolf packs. Growing up as a orphan bouncing from foster home to foster home, she never even realized that she was werewolf until in her first transform...

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  • Tiny (gxgxg) [ON PAUSE; REWRITING]
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    Mara Fowl is a 17-year-old werewolf. She's the princess of Fowl pack. She's a senior in high school who goes to Westville High. This high school is in a small town, filled to the brim with bustling life and homophobes. Why does this matter, you may be asking? Well, Mara is a lesbian. When Westville High's notorious me...

  • My Two Souls
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    Blue is a different sort of werewolf. Her family are descendents of the most powerful warriors the world has ever known but Blue....she was born broken Physically, there is nothing wrong with her, she's just constantly in pain and no one knows why. She's had tests done across all fields and nothing proved concrete in...

  • Begin
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    Shay's life has always been hell. Being constantly bullied because of everything she is was her everyday life. She was a rogue werewolf, mothered by a rogue werewolf and shady vampire, and being a futanari. She never questioned being bullied because she believed there was no reason to fight back. She was a disgrace an...

  • Silence
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    I could feel the thick, wet mud sink as my boots trudged over the brown blanket that covered the portion of forest I found myself in and the half full moon lit my path to camp. I have to admit it sometimes sucks being born a rouge, we are born to be bereft of purpose and abandon to die a meaningless death. As a rouge...

  • I'm What?
    476K 18K 35

    Jayden Love hates her school life. At school, she is bullied physically and emotionally. She's different. has been since she was born. Not only does she have silver hair and pale silver eyes, she's a futa and a rogue. Both her mother's found her in the forest when she was abandoned, wrapped in a silver blanket with t...

  • 3 times a charm
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    Growing in a normal household can be boring, but not for Waima. She loves the normality of life. Get up, have breakfast with her dysfunctional family, go to high school, hang out with friends and hopefully....find the love of her life On her 17th year on this earth, her father tells the family they're moving Now havin...

  • The Lost One
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    Arabella St. Claire grew up in a pack like any normal wolf. However, one she finds herself beaten, bloody, exiled from her pack, and... pregnant. Not quite sure where to go she wanders around for weeks before coming across a lone vampire. The two decide to start a pack solely for those who have no where else to go- Th...