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  • One Last Chance
    63K 1.3K 20

    Ronald Weasley cheats on Hermione and she leaves, she resigns from her job at the Ministry and goes to muggle France after a visit to Australia to return her parents memories. Luna Lovegood'a Father died so she runs away with her. In Australia, Hermione runs into Draco Malfoy who she became friends within her seventh...

    Completed   Mature
  • What Happened?? (Dramione)
    271K 8.5K 30

    'Ten he said. Ten not eleven or half one, definitely ten,' Hermione thought as she paced their small kitchen worriedly,'what if he got in a fight or something was wrong. No he was with harry nothing would go wrong.' *unedited feel free to point out mistakes*

  • Granger/Hogwarts family Reunion
    41.7K 568 20

    This is a combination of a dramonie Hogwarts reunion and a Granger family reunion. Hermione disappears after the war and no one has seen her in 13 years. Hermione hasn't gone to a Granger family reunion in 18 years and she has to deal with her terrible family. But was Hermione really a Granger before she became a M...

  • Welcome back to Hogwarts
    8.8K 93 13

    Hermione's kids get there Hogwarts letters but what happens when the Slytherins house and Gryffindor house are still revels. What will happen to there kids. Meanwhile at the houses with hermione and Draco and the other family's they get a letter sayin there will be a Hogwarts reunion in the great hall and they can bri...

  • Draco and Hermione-The Year of Their Lives (SLOW UPDATES)
    8.5K 126 8

    WARNING: ron bashing and dumbledore bashing. as well, these are in no way what i thought what happened, but only a FANFIC. emphasize on fan. thank you 15 years ago Draco and Hermione disappeared into thin air from the magical world and England. 15 years ago Draco and Hermione got together. 15 years ago they graduat...