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  • FBI Monitor
    11.6K 657 6

    Lena posting pictures on Instagram tagged to the FBI agent who is watching her piques the interest of the actual FBI. Things quickly go from business to pleasure as things heat up.

  • Of Love we are Worthy - SuperCorp
    12.5K 349 17

    The ghost whisperer-like AU that gradually detaches itself from canon. (Direct sequel to 'In Family we Trust')

  • Supercorp Oneshots
    83.4K 2.5K 30

    I promise the spelling and grammar get better. Writing isn't my forte but I have some ideas and this is the result!

  • The Supercorp Diaries
    174K 6.1K 51

    A Supergirl and The Vampire Diaries crossover. In a world where Lena is Damon and Stefan's little sister what happens when she falls in love with a human. Mainly a supercorp story but has sub plots involving the other characters i use characters from both tv shows but i use none of the plot lines, as Kara is human...

  • The Dangers of Love
    1.9K 39 13

    Kara loses her parents and finds love for the first time in a long time and also reunites with her aunt. Lena finally meets Kara's aunt and they become best friends.

  • SuperCorp// No more Secrets
    250K 7.3K 33

    What happens when one secret is outed? Will they forgive and forget? Will they rebuild their broken trust? Will they forget they ever knew each other? or will it bring them even closer?

  • SuperCorp (a collection of one-shots)
    99.5K 2.5K 8

    Exactly what the title says. (art by @lesly-oh on tumblr)

  • Weak | Supercorp
    48.4K 1.5K 6

    Lena Luthor, the girl who wants to die. Kara Danvers, the girl who wants to save Lena Luthor. But she's too afraid to do it.

  • Supercorp One Shots
    197K 5.5K 78

    Supercorp one shots from a bunch of different authors that are credited in the book, this couple is non canon from the show Supergirl

  • I want to talk to you so badly
    45K 1.1K 19

    Lena Luthor just moved to National City with her family company and her little daughter. She meets Kara Danvers in Cat Grant's ball. But Kara is a mystery, a genius and a bisexual playgirl. Or that's what they say.

  • Supercorp one-shots
    87.4K 3.1K 71

    A journey between Kara and Lena, from complete strangers, to 'best friends', to a couple and to a married couple. Of course, our emotions will be all over the place. There's gonna be happy and cute mini stories, to sad and painful stories. The stories are not connected, unless I say (write) so. Feel free to request m...

  • Sayo Lamang COMPLETED MAY 10 TO JUNE 10 2018
    47.5K 1.1K 71

    ''Pag ibig lahat naman tayo nakakaramdam nito pero paanu kung ang nararamdaman mong pag ibig sa iba ay ito rin ang naramdaman mo? Sa una mong minahal,?''

  • Old Wounds
    4.5K 80 7

    After Mon-El has to leave earth, Lena and Kara grow closer, but Lillian looks to break them up by exposing Kara's secret.

  • Little Angels (Sequel to Saviour)
    5.3K 143 10

    We all know what happened to Kara and Lena in the first book, but whats changed in the past 15 years? How are they raising National Cities next superheros?

  • Miss Detective, I'm in love
    7.1K 286 63

    KN is a boyish yet gorgeous detective full of curiosity and questions. She never fail to give aces with her investigation services. Until one case opened up the worst Pandora box in her life. . . . . . That was after she met ER at the emergency room. Weird but real. Full of action and Mystery. The names , photos and...

  • Falling for a Luthor (GXG) (SuperCorp AU)
    34.1K 1.1K 10

    Kara has had a massive crush on the school president Lena Luthor since forever, but she never had the guts to tell her or to do anything about it. So what happens when they meet a few years after graduation? Will kara finally open up about her feelings? Or will she be too afraid because she doesnt want to ruin everyth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trick and Treat - SuperCorp
    18.6K 783 5

    Wanting to ask Lena to the Halloween party is proving a problem for Kara who worries she's kept her secret identity a secret for too long. Alex promises her sister that Lena's and Kara's friendship is stronger than the secret between them, but no one can prepare Kara for Lena's reaction.

  • All I Want
    3.3K 110 7

    Kara Zorel was not like any other high school student. She just so happens to be a runaway. This leads Kara to try to cover up her past in desperate need for a fresh start. Too bad students aren't so kind in Midvale High. Kara has always felt one thing though. Her love for Lena Luthor. Unfortunately for her, the unive...

  • What Fools These Mortals Be
    3.6K 343 15

    Querl is already in position. He pulls his bow out and notches the arrow that quite literally has Lena's name on it along with the number 1,000. It's meant for her and her alone, and it has one job to do. Miss Luthor is about to be a milestone. <><> The fic that starts off sounding like it's yet another fi...

  • Heart: Under Construction
    3.9K 315 31

    Nagmahal nasaktan magmamahal masasaktan Love is a cycle called Life

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love in a different ways//KYRU ft.GABLIL
    19.3K 452 61

    Magkarun ng isang event sa isang home for the agent na kung saan ng dalwang pamilya ay nagkatagpo ulit sa isang hindi inaasahan pangyayari.. Walang iba kundi ang pamilya ng mga Madrid at pamilya Padilla.. Hanggang sa makilala ng panganay na anak nang.MGA Madrid ang kambal na anak ng padilla na ka-brotherhood naman...

  • When i met a crazy Girl #watty2018
    11.6K 560 41

    Isang katiwala ang INA na Kylie sa isang malaking mansion halos paminsan-minsan lng itong inuuwian ng mga Madrid sapagkat NASA ibang bansa ang pamilyang pinagsisilbihan ng kanyang ina Hanggang sa ibang araw ay bigla na lamang dumating ang anak ng may-ari ng bahay na si Joaquin Ezekiel Madrid.. At lagi sila nagaaway ng...

    Completed   Mature
  • Someone that we used to Love / Kyru
    20.6K 1.3K 60

    Isang caregiver si kylie nicole sa hongkong nagtrabaho sya sapagkat nais nyang tulungan ang kanyang ina ulila na sa ama si kylie kung kayat sya at ang kanyang ina na lamang ang bumubuhay sa dalwa pa nyang kapatid na halos nag-aaral pa. Hanggang sa namasukan sa ibang bansa at doon nya nakilalanang matapobre at nagiisan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supercorp: Will Supercorp survive the truth
    12.3K 287 24

    will Supercorp survive the truth about Kara? Or will Lena hate Kara?

  • SuperCorp - Arranged Marriage
    73.8K 2K 30

    Lionel Luthor is on his death bed, Lillian, his 'loving' wife arranges for Lena to be wed, mostly just to get rid of Lionel's bastard child but also because Lillian considers her bad for business due to the fact that she is not a 'true' Luthor. Lena knows that Lillian will no longer tolerate her once her father passe...

  • You made a promise, but you didn't keep it
    51.6K 1.2K 10

    Kara and Lena get in an argument, will they be able to get their relationship back to how it was? Or how they want it to be? It's fluff and angst, maybe smut in later chapters

  • Past Love (ON GOING)
    2.9K 108 5

    What if, babalik siya dahil mahal ka pa niya. Tatanggapin mo pa ba? What if, humihingi siya ng second chance, bibigyan mo ba? What if, may reason siya kung bakit niya ka iniwan. Paniniwalaan mo ba? What if, mahal mo pa siya pero may girlfriend ka na. Pupusta ka ba? ||update about my stories: sorry guys pero hindi na a...

  • something more [supercorp au]
    4.4K 159 8

    Kara loved working at CatCo. It was what made her life feel human. However, when she starts seeing Lena Luthor, her boss and best friend, in a different way, things get... complicated, to say the least.

  • She Is Not My Girlfriend
    30K 1.4K 11

    Why does everyone think that Lena Luthor is Kara's girlfriend? Maybe because the way Lena shove the whole flower shop into Kara's office? Maybe because Lena always saves Kara a special seat next to her in all her galas? Maybe because the CEO bought a 750 million company for the reporter? There are just so many reaso...