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  • Handsome & Egret
    809 142 6

    Forests aren't the only places in which children can become lost... Handsome can taste luck on his tongue. His sister, Egret, can levitate. But these powers don't spare them from the difficult life they live in the middle of an urban slum known as the Maze. When the people who should care for them most abandon the si...

  • forgotten maps
    165 9 15

    Selected short stories and poetry from 2013 - 2020. Some autobiographical, some not.

  • Spy Candy | ✓
    7.5K 787 13

    When the best man for the job is a woman, the Covert Analytical Network Design Yard (or CANDY for those who prefer silly acronyms) sends in Meg Brandon to clean up the mess. An undercover agent by training, she can blend in with street urchins in Morocco as effortlessly as she can neutralize the radioactive core of a...

  • Rooted Dreams
    247 59 6

    With humanity flung across the galaxy and banned from settlement, finding an uncharted planet might mean a place where they'd be allowed to put down roots again. No one could predict the results of ignoring protocols in the face of their excitement at the find, however. Results that will change them all for the rest o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lights [COMPLETED]
    723 91 14

    A Misfit Fairy. A Human Soul to save. The deadliest Enemy to face. The only Fairy of her kind, Meira has a power she can barely control. Niall's soul is screaming for help that only a Healer like her can provide. But things are never what they seem, and when the past comes back knocking in more ways than one, Meira...