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    Pushed beyond the Northern border of Korea in a disease ridden desert, Jungkook has taken residency on a contact base camp in charge of its military unit. Doing everything it can to survive from Korea's disease outbreak. Supplies is running low and hope is wearing thin. What happens when Jungkook is given payment for...

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  • Say My Name (and everything just stops)
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    'Even in my worst times, you could see the best of me Flashback to my mistakes My rebounds, my earthquakes Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth of me.' After a bad day at work, Jungkook finds himself in a bar, drinking sulkily. He didn't really expect to bump into his long-forgotten high school crush, the heartbre...

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    Being raised by extremely homophobic parents his whole life, all Park Jimin has come to learn is that homosexual relationships are considered to be unnatural. But when new neighbour Jeon Jungkook moves in, he shows Jimin just how beautiful they can be. ©blissfulmin Notable rankings! - #1 in Jikook! - #5 in Kookmin! ...

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  • Deliveree Boys - Jikook
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    "What do you mean I can just order myself a 'good fuck'??" #817 in FanFiction - May 26, 2018 #659 in FanFiction - June 13, 2018 #625 in FanFiction- June 14, 2018