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  • As ready as I can be since I'm dust...wait hold the phone! Pregnant!? | Spanish
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    Spanish - Esta historia está en español debido a que alguien la preguntó ya que les estaba costando mucho leerla. Así que esta es la copia exacta de mi primera historia, pero en español, así que si alguien lee ambas, sabrá que es exactamente lo mismo con quizás algunos cambios si agrego algo en caso de que algo se pie...

  • Pregnant reaper sans with extra memories
    1.1K 122 3

    (Ok I'm not sorry, the idea hit me all of a sudden and I can't help it things will be different like personalities etc) So this isn't a reincarnation or transported story, just a reaper sans gaining some memories from a creator who died and was confused on how he became pregnant when he was a virgin and all. (Also po...

  • As ready as I can be since I'm dust...wait hold the phone! Pregnant!?
    9.2K 778 7

    (You know how it goes, someone from our world Ends up dead and becomes dust sans..but somehow pregangt, different things, different personalities etc

  • Undertale | grillby goes into other au/aus?
    15.7K 1.1K 18

    What if grillby accidentally ended up in another au? Maybe more then one au? How would it be like for the original grillby to end up in other aus like underfell or Outertale? Well, your going to find out! (Things will be different like personalities or even the actually au of undertale, and grillby etc) (I got inspi...

  • As an error bitty!?
    2.9K 234 2

    Someone reborn as an error bitty that can travel through aus and all sorts of places... Wonder what they will do? (Different everything, different personalities etc

  • A pregnant reaper
    3.4K 226 6

    (I'm just going to go ahead and say this, reaper sans is pregnagt by geno, cause I never saw a pregnant reaper sans story before so I decided to make one.) (Different everything, personalities included. ) (Also no plot or anything, this is just me wanting a pregnant reaper sans etc ) (Also going to do a few pregnant r...

  • As Gaster and pregnant?
    7K 402 10

    Small warning if you don't like the ship Gaster x grillby don't read Also no sex scenes or anything sooo yeah Also might be one of those ones that I work on when I can't update my other stories kind of thing) What if Gaster gained someone's memories from our reality about undertale and it's aus? What if that Gaster w...

  • I'm the most epic sans ever
    12.2K 660 4

    And someone from our world becomes epic sans, how will the rest handle epic now? Especially if they never even met epic before. (Everything is different, personalities changes etc

  • A different horror
    1.8K 155 2

    What if someone became horror sans but..things were different... (Everything different including personalities I also don't have a picture for it cause it's going to be different so I'm not sure the this sans will even get a spear thrown through his skull and if it does happen then something else happens and this sans...

  • Reborn as gaster but as a human too?
    7.7K 416 4

    What if when gaster fell into the core and his soul shattered...what if he was reborn as a human that had knowledge from there first life from our own world? What if...gaster didn't remember that he was actually gaster but though he was a human from our own world with those memories and knowledge from our own world...

  • Transported as lust sans...kinda?
    5.2K 321 3

    What if..someone was transported as lust sans.. and also weren't them at the same time? (Different happening..different beginnings...etc

  • Titanfall and undertale aus crossover : transported as sans
    489 36 1

    What if someone was transported into a different kind of multiverse as sans but in titan fall? And then they end up in the original au with different sans and papyrus's and with his own brother papyrus... (Different everything, different personalities etc

  • Reaper sans in creepypastas world
    11.7K 679 6

    What if someone pushed reaper into the void while he was visiting outertale? Well nothings going to be the same since reapers no longer in the same multiverse... (Everything's different, etc

  • Transported into a skeleton orca mer but I'm killer as well!?
    4.2K 323 4

    What if..someone was transported as a orca mer bit was also killer sans? What if..they were also the reincarnation of killer who was a mer in that au but died a while back protecting one of the others? He doesn't get any of killers past memories...well mostly until he starts getting some flashbacks later on... (Diffe...

  • My undertale multiverse/aus react to each other
    34.1K 878 26

    I also don't have a cover, if someone wants to make me a cover and send it to me, I will be grateful. If not, I can see what I can do about making a cover myself though it might not be a good one. I may just include all of my undertale stories posted and some of the ones I haven't posted to give you all some sneak pee...

  • Transported as aftertale gaster
    5K 291 3

    I didn't die, I know that but somehow I became a gaster!? (Different everything, different beginnings, different personalities etc

  • Becoming an error
    6.2K 399 4

    What if someone from our world became error and didn't destroy au's and left that for nightmare and his gang and claims au's? ( different things including personalities

  • Transported as killer sans...
    6K 315 3

    I somehow become killer sans!? (Different everything, different beginnings, different personalities, different multiverse, multiverses etc

  • Becoming cross from xtale
    4.5K 300 3

    What if someone became cross from xtale after the au was already gone? This cross doesn't really know much about xtale to begin with and has none of the original cross's memories to go with it either. That and the chara that he shared a soul with wasn't even there, he was just alone in his au. Sure he was confused as...

  • Reborn as underswap sans with gamer abilities..
    5.4K 259 2

    What if someone was reborn as underswap sans with gamer abilities? (So this was a request kind of thing and I did have another one in mind with this but with it happen differently kind of thing so there will most likely be two reborn as underswap sans with gamer abilities but I'll probably use a different name for it...

  • Reborn in an undertale au as a siren
    5.6K 371 4

    What if someone died and was reborn in an undertale au as a siren? And not just any kind of siren, but a sans, a skeleton siren. They can change back between full skeleton form and back to their siren form. (Everything is different, different personalities etc, also includes all aus that I use, like a mixed au?

  • Reborn as the tree of feelings
    29.7K 1.6K 9

    What if someone died and became the tree of feelings from dreamtale? Well things won't stay the same, that's for sure. (Different everything etc, different personalities etc, different multiverse

  • Reborn as grillby from undertale
    5.2K 266 2

    What if someone from our world was reborn as grillby as the original grillby? What if everything now happens more differently because grillby is now going to be more different? (Everything starts differently, gaster is still there cause grillby saved him, differently beginning, different middles, different ending, ev...

  • To become a parasite
    20.7K 915 7

    What if..someone became the same parasite that was fresh? Not as the skeleton, but the parasite, the thing is, when this parasite gets memories of another life and their feelings...they become..protective of their host...and train..a lot with the host and without the host.... Now all they want to do is protect fresh...

  • Lucks gamble
    1.8K 139 3

    Slow updates! What if..luck chose someone to be reborn as his chosen one? Everything is not likely to stay the same and will mostly change everything. If monsters falls for his chosen one..well..he'll just key it all play out as he wins against fate and fate will no longer be in control...

  • Refusaltale (on hold
    378 17 1

    What if the player/frisk never did genocide? It's always pacifist or a true pacifist route whenever they reset. (My au, idk if there is a refusaltale or not lol. Different personalities different everything etc Also I'm going to be working with Neko ramen with this story, cause I doubt I'll be able to finish the first...

  • Killer sans is missing!?
    2.3K 116 4

    Slow updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if, while killer was in an au, getting some things to surprise his Gang, the world suddenly got corrupted or something and killer almost dies, but a deity, the one who chose killer as their chosen one, saves him and his 'gifts'. But he can't hand killer back to his group, they will ha...

  • Slumbering and awakening death
    4.4K 249 3

    What if...original reaper sans from was actually asleep the whole time and the aus only meet one copy of him be a use the original was asleep and that's why there was only one copy of reapertale. What if there was a reason why reaper was asleep? What if they aus found out and woke him up wighoug knowing the reason? (...

  • Transported as nightmare from momma Cq!?
    9K 479 4

    What if someone from our world was transported into momma Cq as nightmare? What if a bit later after being nightmare for a while, he finds the momma Cq version of nughtmare gang as babybones/kids? What if after taking care of them for a few years, nightmare and his kids get transported into the original undertale afte...

  • Momma Cq story
    1.9K 84 3

    What if when Cq and her kids went out to a festival, error got separated and was found by asy? That day error latched onto asy and didn't let go even after he was near his family again. (Different things, different beginnings, different endings, different middles, different personalities, different everything idk yet...