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  • The Mafia's Missing Triplets
    41.4K 1K 38

    After their mother seemingly just disappeared into thin air, the Russo clan hadn't been the same ever since. Why? Because she ran away seven months pregnant. 15 nearly 16 long years and their starting to give up hope on ever finding the missing Russos but it seems luck is on their side as they receive a phone call tel...

  • Courtenay's Institution For Troubled Individuals [BxB+] [Poly]
    358K 13K 22

    Robin Montgomery is on his last straw. His parents are fed up with him, he doesn't have any friends, and having an emotionless face half the time leads to unprecedented opinions that has now landed him out of Paris and into the suburbs of England. Being sent away to an institution for troubled individuals was not so b...

    Completed   Mature
  • The white wolf (boyxboy) [Under Minor Revisions]
    295K 11.2K 28

    Luke is a regular high school student except he's a white wolf that is also pack less cause his family ran away from there old pack to live freely. His family threats for him cause one day there son is to be dominated by another wolf but Luke doesn't want to be dominated that's why he try his hardest to be the best he...