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  • [COMPLETED] Serendipity?
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    An accidental text from a famous idol? But you obviously have no idea who it is..How would this unexpected incident in your life turn out to be? A beautiful experience or...? Edit: THIS BOOK IS SUPER CRINGE ESPECIALLY IN THE BEGINNING IDK WHO WROTE THIS. *HIGHEST RANKINGS* #1 in OT7 #1 in minyoongi (he's not even the...

  • Promise?
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    *SEQUEL TO 'SERENDIPITY?'* *READ SERENDIPITY FIRST* Happy endings? They're a cliché. But we're still suckers for happy endings... After being with Jimin for 3 years, certain circumstances led to your break up.. it's been 2 years since the break up.. but destiny.. it knows what it's doing... If you like it then please...