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  • OOVOO JAVER. ( sadie sink )
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    ❝ i never went to oovoo javer. ❞ OOVOO JAVER. SADIE SINK!FEM OC. SOCIAL MEDIA/TEXTING AU. lowercase intended. CAMTOWN © 2017-2023

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    ( this book will no longer be updated ) rosie king had found herself as the main character of a highly anticipated netlix series then quickly found herself in other series on the website. hopping from show-to-show, movie-to-movie she soon made tons of friends and met the cute boy who had taken the job of playing her f...

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    THE GOLDEN ERA ━━ ❛ what? i'm asking for your real name, not the name you go by - ❜ ❛ apollo is my real name, you prat. ❜ ❛ that explains why you're so bitter. ❜ BLAISE ZABINI x MALE OC PRISONER OF AZKABAN ANGIE © 2017

  • SENTIR, malfoy
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    enoch feels too much & draco doesn't feel enough d. malfoy / male oc started 2018 completed 2019 book 1 of 2