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  • Her Styles |H. S.|
    13.8K 653 13

    Blue jean baby LA lady Seamstress for the band ... Harry's eyes lingered over my lips for a moment, before meeting my gaze, and his face broke out into a wicked grin. "Oh, my little sunflower, this will be so much more fun that I ever expected." I felt frozen beneath his stare, and the only response I could manage was...

  • 3 days of soup, sex and sun salutations [H.S]
    987 36 15

    Harry Styles is 16 years old in the hot August of 1969. With a suitcase, a slight fear of flying and two best friends by his side, he travels from London to the state of New York for three days that he will or will not remember. This story is dedicated to my dear friend R, who continues to inspire me every day.

  • Eucalyptus & Honey |H.S.|
    156K 5.3K 45

    "So, what possessed you to spend your evening at this shitty party?" I asked, releasing the taste of my cigarette with my words. His gaze decidedly landed on my lips that were wrapped around my burning cigarette as he finally spoke. "I guess I'm a bit of a masochist." He shrugged and a sharp laugh escaped my throat at...

  • It's you [H.S.]
    153K 4.5K 95

    With such a magnetic attraction, they could afford to wait for their perfect moment. So, when the time is right, Harry and Eloise finally get to embark on something magical together. Navigating their blossoming relationship through tours and a burgeoning new career, the hiatus and new directions, they experience all...

    Completed   Mature
  • More than a Melody (H.S) ON HOLD
    61.9K 3.4K 59

    BEFORE YOU READ: Violence, sexual harassment, drug use, mature language, mature content. *IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN, ON HOLD* _____________________ He fell in love with her in the most daunting of ways, intermixing his troubled reality and staggering secrets with her inexplicable innocence. To the world, she...

  • The Fence || h. s.
    341K 13K 47

    "Cherry, is that you?" She loves late-night jogging, and his beach house happens to be on the way. Separated by a six feet tall fence, they both have no idea who the other is. Will their chance encounter grow into something bigger? Or was this bizarre relationship doomed from the start? Harry is famous in this story...

  • Personal Assistant ➵ H.S.
    152K 5.2K 52

    In which an ambitious, but lonely heart meets her match in the equally ambitious and lonely heart of none other than famous record label manager Harry Styles, who she tries so hard not to fall for. ◆ "You didn't think to mention to me that the man I had a one night stand with was potentially going to be my new boss?!"...

    Completed   Mature
  • II. Le désir [H.S]
    95K 3.1K 22

    "You return like autumn, and I fall every time."