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  • The Brotherhood and Me
    38.9K 2.7K 18

    In a world where men outnumber women 10 to 1, follow Sang as she learns what her life will be like after she marries. But first, her suitors must fight to earn the right to wed. C. L. Stone owns these characters, I'm just fiddling with them for a bit. There's mature content and some bxb action. Sorrynotsorry.

  • All Alone (Book 1)(All 14)
    373K 19K 84

    Sang Sorenson has been alone for most of her life, that is until she moves to South Carolina and attends Ashley Waters where she meets fourteen boys and her life was changed drastically. She does her best to keep up with them while also trying to avoid her abusive mother, spiteful step sister, and a father who is neve...

  • I'm Not Crazy (On Hold)
    30.1K 2.9K 13

    Sang Sorenson doesn't know what to believe. For the past few years she's been seeing nine boys that no one else could. At first, they were written off as imaginary friends that she had made up to help with loneliness and stress. But as the years continued, and the guys weren't going away, her parents and doctors becam...

  • Sang's Selection
    49.9K 4.9K 31

    Book 1 of the Academy Crossover Series Based on C.L. Stone's Academy, Ghostbird series and The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I own nothing recognizable. Sang Sorenson doesn't fit in anywhere. At least, not anywhere in decent society. She's an 8 in a social caste system that only consists of 8 levels. She was abandon...

  • Repairing the Damage (Repairing the Hurt 2)
    4K 367 10

    Sequel to Repairing the Hurt Sang joins the Blackbourne team in another high school mission, but this time as an official Academy member.

  • Repairing the Hurt
    87.4K 5.2K 50

    Sang Sorenson has everything going for her. She's been accepted into the Academy, she's working off her debts, and her plan with the guys is still going strong. But what happens when she helps them on a job that proves to be more than they anticipated? What happens when she's separated from them for a year in order to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Should Have Known Better
    123K 6.8K 57

    One day Sangs world is ripped to shreds, along with her heart. Follow her as she mends herself and hopefully all of her family back together. This is a fanfic... if you don't know who C.L Stone is or who Sang Sorensen or what a ghost bird is then this won't make any sense to you. This is just done for fun while we a...

  • Sang's Acceptance
    42.4K 2.9K 27

    Sang is a Werewolf, the only female of her kind to ever shift, yet only a few know. Due to the fact that only female werewolves can carry shifting children, and the limited number of females in the werewolf community, women are usually protected with everything a pack has. Yet what happened with Sang? Why is she a rog...

  • Blackbourne Investigations 02 - Consequences
    389K 24.9K 48

    Sang's job hangs in the balance. She's beginning to know the team at Blackbourne Investigations. But do they know her? Please read Blackbourne Investigations 01 - Introductions prior to reading this.

  • Blackbourne Investigations 01 - Introductions
    341K 19K 35

    Sang has been haunted her whole life by a sick boy with an obsession. Tired of being on the run she settles at Charleston to see if her fortune has changed.

  • Unsinkable Love (a ghost bird series fan fiction)
    105K 6.7K 58

    The rich and mysterious Sorenson's have a secret- and that secret goes by the name of Sang Emily Sorenson, who hardly ever leaves the house. When there nosy next door neighbor becomes close to finding out why Sang never leaves the house, the Sorenson's make a quick get a way- to America, by the 'unsinkable' Titanic on...

  • Stern Men Always Finish Last
    217K 10.1K 33

    Mr. Blackbourne wants to move his relationship forward with Miss Sorenson. Problem is he has no clue how to move past their platonic relationship. *Disclaimer: This is purely fanfiction, I claim no rights to the characters and have no financial gain. *Warning: This story is marked as mature for future chapters. Cove...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding My Normal
    238K 17.6K 83

    After Sang's family died she was moved from foster home to foster home. She has finally found a new life with her adopted parents, but she has yet to leave their property for five years out of fear of what lies in the real world. Sang is desperate to live a normal life free from her self contained prison and she is d...

  • Lost and Found
    185K 11.4K 26

    After a lousy work social, all Sang wants to do is go home, kick off her heels, and relax. After discovering a lost wallet near the bus stop, she decides to be a good Samaritan and deliver it to the address down the street. Only, she realizes pretty soon that it wasn't the brightest decision she's ever made. **This...

  • Synchronized Swimming
    251K 16.8K 51

    Sang's whole world revolves around synchronized swimming: her mother has become obsessed with Sang's success and is pushing her beyond her limits. When the boys first see Sang at a competition, they are shocked at her ability and grace. After seeing her interaction with her mother, they know they have to save her. Thi...

  • Anagnorisis (gb and sb fanfic)
    18.8K 1.2K 13

    Sang Sorenson is not the fragile little girl that we know. After her mother died instead of going to live with her step mom and dad, he dumps her off at an orphanage as a baby in Novosibirsk Russia a few towns over from where he and his wife live with their daughter Marie. From there she is discovered by a covert orga...

  • When Darkness Comes: Book 1 Dark Trilogy
    211K 11.8K 29

    First 17 chapters written by Katydids and finished by Academylove Post apocalyptic Fanfiction of CL Stone's Academy Series characters.

  • In Dark Times: Book 2 Dark Trilogy
    213K 15.7K 55

    Book 2 of the Dark Trilogy. When Darkness Comes, the Blackbourne team found and saved Sang Sorenson, making their way to the Academy's safe shelter compound. Now, In Dark Times, Sang and the Blackbourne team need to learn to work together and learn to survive in their new environment. While in the Academy's safe sh...

  • Finding My Permanent Family
    102K 4.8K 54

    Sang Sorenson has been tasked with taking care of her 2 sibling, since she was 13. Living with an abusive mother and having to grow up fast is not an easy thing to deal with. This leaves Sang to struggle in many ways and just as she is on the verge of giving up when 14 guys walk into her life and take her on the ride...

  • The Mark of the Silon
    11.7K 1K 14

    Sang has always felt a little missing. After her dad died, the boys have taken her in but she has felt there was something, or someone missing. Finding the last in their family can be hard, especially when they have their powers to think about...

  • Patient 005
    42.7K 2.7K 9

    Sang only knows life inside the white walls. She only knows two names, her true name, 005, and the name she is given by the men that run the experiments on her. Songbird. Because of how much she sings, she is known by Sang. After something happens, one of their experiments gone bad at age five, she develops powers. P...

  • G^Me_SYNC_L1Fe ~ Ghost Bird Fanfiction
    40.9K 3.2K 35

    "My name is Kinley Foy. I vanished from the face of the earth three years ago. My life was beautiful, perfect in all its imperfections. Aside from a few things, my story was nothing extraordinary, nothing unusual. I had friends. I had a family. Both were my entire world. They were all that mattered. That's why I__" Va...

  • Miserably Delightful
    146K 8.8K 32

    Sang Sorenson is a sheltered rich girl whose life is a lot more rough than most believe. Her entire life has consisted of abuse from her step-mother, and overbearing older brothers who would do anything to shelter her from the world. But when she transfers to public school and meets a group of nine guys who have h...

  • On Broken Wings
    191K 12K 27

    Sang Sorensen is a bright and talented seventeen year old ballerina who has finally had enough. She's barely survived the last year at Ashley Waters High, and when the abuse, both at school and at home, comes to a head, she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. *This is a Ghost Bird fan fiction based on th...

  • In The Shadows - Fan Fiction Version by Katydids
    377K 23.3K 73

    This story is the fanfiction version of In The Shadows written by the amazing Katydids. It is now an original, with a completed first book and the beginning of a second. While the fanfic version is similar to her original with some of the characters and basic plot, not everything is the same. Katy is graciously allowi...

  • The Girl That No One Noticed...
    689K 32.8K 77

    Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak little girl she used to be. Two years after her escape she's decided to settle down to 'small town' life in SC. With the help of Dr. Phil Roberts who...

  • Hunted
    19.2K 1.9K 13

    She found her mother, sprawled out below the stairs, unresponsive. She didn't do it, but she doesn't know who did. Therein lies the problem for Sang Sorenson. Like any rational human being, her first response was to call the police. But when a culprit is nowhere to be found and their only suspect doesn't legally exis...

  • Saved And Hunted
    19.4K 1.4K 22

    Sang Sorenson has lived for centuries in hiding. Afraid to be seen as the monster she was born as. The monster that everyone use to claim she was. Sang is half demon and half Angel and was never meant to exist. She's an illegal abomination. So to ease her own guilt for existing, she steps in and saves those that nee...

  • Breaking the Code
    145K 11.5K 70

    Cover by @theWritersed - they are super amazing!! Sang spent her childhood waiting for the next punishment and the next letter. One brought her pain the other joy. Just as her life was getting worse her joy stopped. She lost all hope that her Crawler would ever return and bring the light back into her life. Corey was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Leather and Lace
    23.1K 1.2K 13

    The Blackbourne Team break up with Sang Sorenson due to her innocent nature and wanting a more sexual relationship despite Sang's insistence on being ready to take that step in their relationship. Years later the Blackbourne Team along with the Toma Team are asked to dismantle a human trafficking ring with the help of...