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  • Irresistible ✓
    196K 6.5K 46

    June Williams has always been the girl with excellent marks, a perfect report card and a pretty famous bestfriend. She's never dragged herself into drama, and has given her best to stay away from it. Ray Rutherford is the exact opposite. The definition of drama, he's the "it" boy of Moordale High, pulling a lot of fe...

  • The Alpha's Omega [Boy x Boy]
    2.8M 88K 27

    His mate's an alpha. He's an omega. Most think he is weak. But he couldn't be far from that. He strengthens the pack, defying the logic of status, and the fearful alpha couldn't cherish him more.

  • Rewrite the Stars
    167K 5.4K 29

    Rosalinda and Benjamin were madly in love and planning their future together. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for them and Rosalinda moved away leaving Benjamin to wonder what went wrong. Three years later, she moves back to town. Benjamin is hell bent on knowing why she left and on winning her back. However, will...

  • Dylan ✔️
    403K 12.1K 35

    Does the world's biggest football star want to fake date me for his charity event-or because he wants to explore the red-hot chemistry between us? Jasalie I'm no waitress. I've never carried food or drinks through a restaurant in my life. Except when I was stealing to feed myself. But I'm not that person anymore. Toni...

  • Closer to You (Book One ✓)
    467K 16.7K 39

    "Please, Beau? I don't want to talk about this so, please, just shut up." Beau tilts his head, surprised at first, before a wicked gleam appears in his eyes. "Make me." ** " of the best romantic novel developments I've read..." ~ @renegxde ; The Mono Reviews Emma is a quiet girl in a small town, filling her day...

  • The Mistake
    494K 19K 56

    Highest ranking: #2 in Teen Fiction #1 in Teen • • • Samantha Rosewood has a tragic past. Trying to escape from the horror that is her old high school, she moves away, all the while handling the anxiety disorder that rolled around by the same time her life hit rock bottom. But her...

  • The List
    88.2K 3.1K 53

    ❝When two people love each other, they don't- -They don't what Alice? They don't break each other's hearts? Because you've already accomplished that.❞ ¡full description inside!

    Completed   Mature
  • Queen Bitch & The Bad Boy
    577K 16.5K 47

    #𝟏 • 𝐀 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥'𝐬 𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐞. ❝But there's him. He wants to know who I am. He wants to know my past. He wants to know my secret. He isn't different from me. Because I need to know why he's a bad boy.❞ • Every High School has a Queen, who's popular, powerful and perfect. Or so they think. At Ridge Wood, her n...

  • Cold Devotion | ✔️
    136K 3.7K 51

    Rose Waterstone, daughter of the lead commander, is sent to the facility at the ripe age of seventeen. She was sent for the same reason as everyone else - to prepare for the threat of war between sectors. She was more than willing to get away from her poor excuse of a father, ready to take on the real world - or at le...

    Completed   Mature
  • Identity (Published sample)
    9.1M 14.2K 3

    (PREVIEW) *Identity is published on Amazon* Secrets define you, love will break you. Trinity used to be the life of the party. She enjoyed music. However, that all changed when she lost someone she loved. Now, she can't stand to hear a single melody. Once wild and courageous, she has now turned into someone who runs a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aces & Spades
    865K 15.9K 55

    ||completed|| "If loving her is a weakness, I am only a weak man." - Massimo Giordani Massimo Giordani. Even thinking about him sends shivers down people's spine. A cold blooded killer and leader of the notorious Ace Mafia. He stops at nothing to get what he wants and that's exactly what happens when he meets her. Is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enemy Basis | ✓
    1.3M 45.6K 58

    They're the kings of the rival school, East Bridge. All powerful. All untouchable. All hot. And unfortunately, as the town policy dictates, I'm their number one enemy, their biggest threat and the catalyst for their destruction, rendering me their target when I'm forced to transfer. But unlike everyone else, I don't e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Widow
    11.8K 871 33

    Meet Jade Cross, NYC's infamous heartbreaker... the very same one who seamlessly crushed the guy known as "The Legendary Player" 's heart into tiny pieces. However, at the end of the day one's actions have consequences, and this heartbreak may or may not have sparked a change in her emotionless character. Such is he...

  • Conflict of Heart
    91.4K 4.4K 36

    ~Sequel to Jenny's Heart. Can be read as a standalone~ When Isabella Walker first met him, she was certain that there was not a more chauvinistic charmer to tarnish the planet. No matter what she did, he was always getting under her skin, provoking her at every corner, and blinding her with his enchanting appearance. ...

  • Until the Final I Do
    275K 8K 45

    Spencer King has it all. He runs a multi-million dollar company, he's good looking, and he even has the most beautiful view of New York City. The problem is he has no one to share it with and is looking for the love of his life. He had her. He had her in his arms and then suddenly left her. Now he has an invitation to...

  • Jenny's Heart
    4.2M 65K 23

    This book will become a sample of 15 chapters on the 7th of February, 2022. Please read the 'It's happening!' chapter for more information. ~An obligated billionaire, a selfless waitress, and the dark past that binds them~ "Do you want to go and sit somewhere? There's some business I would like to discuss with you," N...

  • Stumbling Towards You
    276K 8.8K 55

    Rose Macally is not just another teen of Winston's High. She holds a secret not necessarily a dark one but enough to shock the whole university. Rose isn't what she seems to be. A poor scholarship student, working to make her ends meet. Infact she is the daughter of the richest man in Europe. But why would she pret...

  • Aurora's Aura
    116K 6.6K 61

    A girl, haunted by her past was living in solitude. A man, running from his own demons. When their paths collide, the girl wants to run, but the guy is determined to chase after her aura. *** Aurora Ravenscroft was living her life in solitude, planning to continue like that. Her carefully laid plans changed drastical...

  • Can You Keep A Secret? (Completed)
    514K 21.8K 52

    Aria has been cordially invited to the wedding of the century . According to her mom . Her older sister is finally marrying her high school sweetheart and she couldn't be any happier. Until she realizes she isn't just the Maid of Honor but the Best Man is none other than her good for nothing ex boyfriend . The man tha...

  • Hidden Riches
    1.4M 41.8K 59

    Hannah Sky was a average 22-year-old woman with a content life until the day she came home to find her boyfriend, Peyton of 3 years on top of her best friend Julia. That same day, Peyton kicked Hannah out of their home, Julia had now claimed her place. Logan Python was the long-lost son of Reginald and Anne Python; th...

  • Employed Epoch Of Alex Brook | Book 1| Humor-Romance (Completed)
    164K 10.9K 38

    "So, let me get this straight. You stomped all over his paperwork?" She started. "Not intentionally, but yes," I confirmed it. "Threw a drink in his face?" She added. "Expensive red wine." I described. "Rammed into his car with yours deliberately?" she counted on her third finger. "Um...I'm not proud of that one...

  • The Billionaire's Secret ✓
    614K 19.8K 42

    ᗯᕼᗩT'Տ ᗰᗴᗩᑎT TO ᗷᗴ ᗩᒪᗯᗩYՏ ᖴIᑎᗪՏ IT'Տ ᗯᗩY. Mature themes and strong usage of language Rank #2 Mature ( 02.11.2020) #2 Billionaire ( 06.1.2021 ) #1 office (13. 3. 2021) #2 Addiction (29. 03. 2021) ~ "What the heck are you doing, you big oaf? ", I shouted at him. He has a tight grip on me, I am trying my best to match...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Contract
    17.1M 488K 72

    Previously known as Married to my sister's fiancé "Are you......Emily Jones? The biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" The lawyer asked and I nodded. He let out a sigh of relief and continued. "Well, there are some things you need to know." "Go on," I said and he continued. "Before you Grandfather and Grandmothe...

  • Delilah In Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #2
    3.6M 146K 49

    SEQUEL TO HIS POSSESSION IN DISCRETION READ THE BOOK #1 BEFORE ENTERING BOOK #2 Delilah Newman-Russel. Recently turning 19, she's been learning the ropes of her father's business for the last two years and doing her studies online. After knowing his company from the inside-out, she's decided to go back to Highland Bri...

  • His Possession In Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1 | ✓
    57M 1.8M 68

    Brielle Newman A 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army...

  • The Girl With An Axe
    44.1K 1.1K 36

    "I swear if you do kill me....everyone of my men will come for you, but I can promise you place in my organization if you choose to side with me". Kiana thinks about his proposal, but she knows that her loyalty will always be to Brian, with the FBI. "Thanks but no thanks" and shots him square in the middle of his fore...

  • The Masked Temptress
    669K 15.3K 24

    The Ferraris, the feared Italian mafia, once had a baby girl. She was going to be the most loved and spoiled girl in the whole world. Chiara, their mother, had other plans though. She took Adrianna away because she thought a young girl shouldn't have to survive in a mafia world. Her father, Stefano, along with all of...

  • His Hostage ✓
    1.8M 52.2K 38

    "One kiss won't hurt, right? Just one, I promise" He whispered holding my face. "It's wrong" I said. I knew I was just lying to myself. "I've waited so long for one kiss" He whispered his lips a breath away from mine. "When you left I thought I meant nothing to you. You can't do this to me now" I said feeling vulner...

  • Buttercup
    1M 24.5K 48

    Liliana has always lived her life in fear. With the abuse of her foster parents, she has often struggled on finding her purpose. After she receives shocking news that her foster parents were arrested and taken into custody, she is left under custody of her five older brothers. Liliana has secrets, but so do her broth...

  • Red Riding The Alpha
    33.5M 649K 44

    ❝Let me make that tingling sensation in between your thighs disappear, it will take only a moment, Red.❞ Only 60% of book is free / Sample only Red lived in a small town in Pennsylvania with her grandmother. The town was known to invite supernatural creatures every year. Whenever the mating season struck, it was a ri...

    Completed   Mature