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  • love in the rain
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    Two fates entangled together from a twisted past, what happens when they meet again to create a big collision from which neither will be able to drift apart? "MILES CARTWRIGHT" The lead singer of 'HARD CORE' band. He is the 'Rock God of Music' and a beast on the stage. He has whole world laying on his feet with his ca...

  • Her Decisions
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    ~Aliza is a teacher of a middle class family who lost her mother during her childhood. She lives with her uncle and aunt. She is hardworking woman who teaches in the school and works in the evening to pay her tution fee for University. She is desperate to continue her studies for which she works day and night. Things...

  • 💖perfect for me💖
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    Aliz Fatim who have nearly suffered a lot in her past wants to overcome her fear her anxiety and feel the world. This is only possible if she comes out of her shell her home which is actually her every thing. In order to get that outcome she comes out of her stance and heads to Canada to stay with her Cousin. what wil...

  • EVE BISHOP: Psychosexual Killer.
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    Featured on @AdultFic. "It was never my intention to air my shockingly dirty laundry in public, but I feel compelled to do so by the nagging feelings of anonymity and desolation. Anonymity, because no one knows about my perfect killing spree; desolation, because staying anonymous has created a hole in my heart that c...