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  • The Mafia And His Queen
    7M 166K 73

    • Roxie is running away from her past with her seven year old daughter. After moving to a new city, she ends up meeting Damon, the Boss of the American Italian Mafia. Will he help her escape her troubled past or bring more trouble to her future? * Book One In The Mafia Series * ______________________...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Chaser
    178K 4.1K 18

    She's fairly innocent until she's forced to move to America and meets the kind of boy who she thought could only live in nightmares. Taylor Hawton is a 17 year old girl from Australia. Her father, Dennis Hawton, is a special engineer who has to move houses regularly for the sake of keeping his well paying job. Althoug...

  • Damaged
    59.7K 1.5K 12

    "I'm not any normal thug you see wandering the streets, Amara. So I suggest you stay out of my way, before you or your sister get hurt."

    95.7K 2.3K 32

    She's a sucker for danger and drawn to all the wrong things. As Bella navigates her way through a town she left long ago, she'll make more than just new friends. She'll be forced to choose between love and lust, danger and safety... happiness and what's best. These are the thrills and the rush that serenade the calm a...

  • Max...
    51.9K 907 16

    Mave, just turned 16 when she moved in with her brother...Andrew. Little did she know Andrew had company, that company would change her life.

  • Bad Boy: Daniel Hart
    46.6K 1.3K 33

    Sadie Fletching - betrayed in life by loosing those who were dearest to her, her life a never ending cycle of sleepless nights and dropping grades. Daniel Hart- everyone knows he's no good, a delinquent. Just one look and you know he's bad news. When he mixes up with the wrong crowd, he knows there is no hope for him...

  • lover's night fall
    39.7K 748 14

    just read the book and don't forget to vote

  • Falling in Love with Fashion
    12.6K 193 12

    Who are you?.......They always ask me this question in interviews. My brief answer to you is. My name is Alec Black the reason your falling in love with fashion and this is my story.

  • Kidnapped by The Mafia
    46K 924 6

    just read to find out

  • Genius (CENTURIES series: Book #2)
    13.7M 564K 42

    "You want me to be a genius or do you want me to fuck you?" • • • The Alexandrettia is the finest school in the state, known for producing the smartest, and most talented kids in America. 21 year old keen painter Mia Hanson managed to get a spot. She worked her whole life to get inside, to see the hallowed halls her b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Distraction
    395K 18.8K 24

    Savannah Patterson thought that she'd get married and have a family before her little sister did. Even after breaking up with her almost fiancé after he cheated on her. She thought she still had time to find a new man and start a future with him. That was until her sister told her she'd gotten engaged. To the man that...

    Completed   Mature
  • his mate (Bwwm) (Discontinued For Now)
    36.3K 997 5

    daya feilds had always been a loner at the back instead of being connected and know her back she's spends her time learning life the outside of pack . after realizing she doesn't belong at her pack house she ends up going rouge and landing on the fierce , and the biggest , fearless back the black night pack she ends u...

  • Axel
    140K 3.2K 14

    "Just leave me alone Axel," viola said. "No can do princess, when I see something I like, it's mine forever," He said. (Full description inside) By: xoxohavanaxoxo

  • Valentino
    1.3K 17 5

    Lorenzo Valentino Age:26 Italian mobster He has always been in the sex and drug game since he was teen. His father passed on the crown and he is now the most feared man. People know his name and they fear. Saying he's ruthless is just a understatement. He a devil with no morals or care. He strives to have more and mor...

  • Mafia's Babygirl (Mature)
    173K 2.8K 24

    Knowing there was nowhere to run, I remembered the sacred knowledge my personal trainer told me. One: Eyes If your opponent can't see they can't hurt you Following that, I quickly poked him in both eyes. He fell back stunned. Two: Ears Thousands of nerves, one pull can deal some pain He threw a punch but I ducked and...

  • bad boy next door
    83 3 2

    just read it and find out!

  • His baby(mafia leader)
    81.6K 1.3K 11

    Read it

  • The Wrong Tour||Season One
    26.7K 489 30

    !!UNDER GOING MAJOR EDITING!! ***WARNING: Violence, swearing, aggressive, lustful, etc. Please if you are not 16+ do not read this book as it is not for you. All have been warned of what to expect. It is your choice whether you'd like to continue from here on. Please enjoy...WINK!!!*** This is all my fault... I was ne...

  • Forced To Marry A Criminal
    1.1K 28 1

    "I take you to be my wife. I promise to be faithful to you in good times and bad. In sickness and in health. To love you and to honor you all the days of my life" Every little girl dreams of the day the love of their life would tell them these words...I use to be one of them until it was taken from me.

  • My Assassin
    137K 4K 9

    "If you behave I'll make this quick.." Sienna Bates. Good Student. Senior. Your average high school girl. A fun night of partying lands her in the wrong place, at the wrong time. After witnessing a murder she immediately becomes a Target. Caiden Smith. Drop out. Not your typical bad boy. He's an Assassin. When he's a...

  • Unexpected
    396K 16.6K 23

    Unexpected Book I Amara Simms felt the need for more in her somewhat perfect life. She had her dream job, working in a beautiful city, a house, car, and a supportive group of family and friends. What could she possibly be missing? A boyfriend, yes but relationships were to much for her. She was close to thirty and ran...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped By Killers
    235K 5.6K 43

    "You never expect anything bad to happen in small towns. They're usually just filled with families, and friends, who love each other. Rolling Meadows was a town where everyone knew everyone, but it had its fair share of traumatic events. This town happened to be run by two rival gangs: The Spades and The Cobras." Room...

  • Stephen James Pics
    8.1K 308 21

    just some pics of my favorite model

  • My Obsessive Husband
    3.6K 62 1

    Stephen James Story 'Tsk Tsk, I don't guarantee anything.' sent stephen to his little wife. 'You better not planning anything stephen.' His wife shouted form phone to his ears. He liked her when she gets angry but he has to remind her she is his only. ONLY HIS. How dare she talked with another man, his temper flew;...

  • Reputation
    28.3K 620 6

    ❝ boys like him won't come enclosed in your dreams, or even packages topped with ribbons or bows. boys like him come with girls blood on their knuckles and lust-filled eyes. they will flaunt their lies at you and play with your hair, or amuse themselves with their mind games. and the cycle will continue until you're t...

  • Under His Domain
    577 10 5

    Life as a problematic teenager was hard , but it gets harder when a very dangerous man wants you to work for him /////////////////////// This is my first book i hope you guys enjoy

  • Stalked and kidnapped by Stephen james
    1.4K 10 3

    Do you ever get that feeling of being watched cuz I do every time and it's been happening for the past 2 years. WARNING:This is my First book ever so sorry if there are some mistakes.

  • Behind the camera
    18.1K 416 5

    You can never really know a person based off of the pictures they take, nor can you ever really know how their lives are.