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  • ☀︎︎Breathe☀︎︎ ✔︎
    26.1K 3.7K 35

    •Arvi Arora• The princess of Arora's and one of the famous kid belonging to the 'Hexad'. The most calm, composed, cheerful and badass sassy queen you will see! She is amazing and full of life all packed in one. 25-year old yet, the most talented businesswoman, setting a trend and inspiration for everyone. •Abheer Cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only His
    206K 6.9K 22

    She was his and his alone! But she didn't know that they were destined to be together - what does fate have in store for Falak and Armaan .... Read to find out

  • The Mystery of my life
    1.3M 50.1K 64

    Warning: Cliche af! Wrote when I was bit too young! _______________ #8 Romanticsuspence . (13/3/19) "Fuck! You are so gay!" I blurted out angrily. He made me so angry I would do anything to get on his last nerve. He roughly grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to him. His face red with anger. He was just inches away fr...

  • Royal Possession||√||
    239K 731 5

    Hello lovely people 💓.......this is my first book and even first time I writing a book ....hope u like it This story about a chief solider who is arrogant ,fearless, handsome,and dream for many girls (but his dark side is not known for other ) and princess who is bubbly ,kind love him with out knowing his dark side...

  • Lost
    338K 16.4K 58

    Highest rank 4th in General ficty(08-11-17) 1st in #mistake 2-1-2019 I looked at my husband who stood few steps far from me.his presence itself made my legs shake. I gathered courage and looked at his eyes. There was an unreadable expression which he never showed me. He took a step towards me. I matched it by taking...

  • Come Fall in Love over A CUP OF COFFEE ✔️ (COMPLETED)
    75.5K 5.4K 31

    Ved Awasthi had a recent breakup with his girlfriend. He was heartbroken and began finding solace in a cup of coffee from his favorite coffee joint. There he meets a gorgeous waitress, Natasha and falls head over heels in love with her. But he is in for a surprise. Highest Ranking in Short story #5 - 3rd December #1...

  • Runaway Bride (Editing)
    4.9M 89.6K 44

    The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. Both, Derrick and Angela had a few friends over that evening, they stayed in the same hotel but in different rooms. Except the next day Angela was no w...

    123K 6.6K 59

    It was love at first sight for Mehran and Umaira. They were college sweethearts, everybody at college knew about them, and envied them but then what happened that the two inseparable love-birds became ex-lovers. Five years later, the star-crossed lovers came face to face. All equations have changed now. The two suppos...

  • Someone Somewhere Is Made For You
    234K 18.1K 45

    How does it feel not being able to confess your love to your crush? Ella has always been in love with her senior from the moment she laid her eyes on him. Now that it is his final semester at the college, she has no way but to gather her courage to confess her love. But it is easier said than done as her crush just ha...

  • His Rage 🔞 (Book 1 Of His Series) (Completed)
    504K 25.3K 47


    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Billionaire And Her ✔
    3.7M 114K 36

    Jessica Summers is a simple and a beautiful young lady who has recently lost her parents and has moved to stay with her aunt. Within a few weeks, her aunt's true colors get revealed and she is no more that sweet, caring and loving aunt as Jessica had anticipated! What happens when she runs away from her aunt, unable t...

    Completed   Mature
    1.5M 69.9K 59

    Who's worse than a beast? "A beast in love'❤️

  • I'm An Addict, And You Are My Drug ✔
    888K 75.9K 96

    He was aimless, she was determined. He was sharp, she was blunt. He had everything, she lacked most of the things. His nights were sleepless, her nights were full of dreams. He was rich, she was poor. He was an introvert, she was an extrovert. He was insecure, she was confident. There were many differences between the...

  • Entangled With The Crazy
    2M 122K 56

    Entangled Book #3 Silence speaks volumes but loudness always overshadows it. Sean Patterson is a silent and reserved person who tries his best to keep himself from the wild and loud world. He's the kind of man who enjoys taking walks alone, in the silence of the night under the blanket of stars. Though he has had a f...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Denied Love
    526K 24.3K 58

    Aaiza. A sweet and cheerful girl, who is loved by everyone. She is helpful but a little clumsy who drops things, trips on her own leg, sleeps carefree and her room is a mess. She is Crazy, fun and makes faces at herself in the mirror, She annoys people with her continuous talking laughing. Basically she enjoys life to...

  • The Unrevealed Mystery
    629K 27.1K 65

    Sequel to The mystery of my life #1 popularbook 13/3/19 Kiara was broken, depressed and basically had no aim in life. There was no one she could love or be loved by. The only loved once left in her life was her sister Krystal. Kiara goes on a hunt for Krystal and in that process Kiara goes under major makeover and e...

  • PRINCESS - in search of lovable life ✔︎
    52.5K 6.7K 164

    She is too stubborn too achieve anything but failed miserably to achieve love in her life. Her family and the society make her weak. The words throw on her directly pierce in to her making her soul shatter. She is just like a broken glass which shattered into 'n' number of tiny pieces. From her childhood she only crav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jaan
    853K 43K 123

    " Jaan.... I love you..... " He said with lots of love " But I hate you... " She yelled at him ********************* " Say that you love me.... " He asked her She looked at him mischievously and nodded as no " Come on Jaan.... I can't wait any more " he said She laughed at him and started running from there followed...

  • Our Unfinished Love. ✔
    140K 7.8K 61

    It is the story of love, passion, Obsession. Everything ends between them but still something is "Unfinished"....... She doesn't ask any explanation and walks out of his life. His every explanation remained " Unfinished" as he let her walk out. Story of their Unfinished Love.

    Completed   Mature
  • He Wants The Unwanted Girl
    308K 15.5K 49

    "I can't marry you." This one line shattered everything her dreams, hopes, happiness, her soul. This not only broke her heart but also seemed to crush her pride, her self respect. She felt belittled. She was broken again. She was unwanted again. The only thing she wanted to do is running away from all of these. She st...

  • Abhishree ~ The Queen of Mahabaleshgarh
    1.6M 126K 74

    Losing this war means captured by the enemy empire and considered as their prostitutes and servants. Dreaming that situation made my heart race even more. I settled myself on the floor, close to the door. Time passed but no one came unlocking the door and allow me to fight for our pride. "Attention..." the speaker sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • My love
    474K 17.8K 47

    Highest rank #7 General fiction on (31-12-2016) Navya Mallik... The second name of life. Yes... she was the girl with full of life. Bubbly...chirpy... always smiling...20 year old girl. She had a perfect life... Caring parents...wonderful friends...and loving fianc...whom she loved very much. She lived in Brussels (ci...

  • MaNan FF - My Senior✅
    707K 58.4K 95

    Hero oriented. Mainly focuses on male protagonist... Cannnot be explained here....Peep in to know more...

  • Mr. Rude
    3.8M 130K 40

    Amazing cover by @Valenceia What will you do when you bump into an unknown guy and, You came to know how rude is he, And fate doesn't support you and you once again get bumped into the same guy, After few days your family bursted a bomb and arranged your marriage with someone and when you came to know that he is none...

  • The Game Of Vengeance (completed)
    406K 28.1K 66

    First place holder in Wattpad Love Awards 2021 in general category 🏆 Third Place Holder in Writer's Choice Awards 2020 🏆 Adhira Kashyap was a medical student and was happy with her life. She was living ger dream but an unexpected incident took place and she turned to a complete different personality which was comple...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Love You, for the sake of Allah
    25.3K 3.2K 28

    The rule of life is very smile for Mifra Sadiq. 'This life is temporary, prepare yourself for hereafter' is what she says. Her Imaan stronger than anything and her focus as straight as an arrow. With her old Grandma by her side as her only family member, she's all set to begin the journey she was eager to live, withou...

  • Lavanya : The Chosen Queen [On-Hold]
    126K 9.7K 35

    FEATURED ON WATTPAD HISTORICAL ROMANCE Lavanya, the daughter of Siravuri Bhargav, the General of Maheswari, was a cheerful girl by morning but a messiah of the poor and homeless people at night. She was the most wanted person of Maheshwari and was chased by royals, especially Prince Virendra like crazy. Things take a...

    467K 24.7K 79

    Ahyan is a twenty-nine-year-old youngest entrepreneur, he achieved everything his father had wished for. Being ambitious lad he wanted more. Venturing to Paris he meets his past... Mahdia is twenty-three-year-old young small time business woman running her own café in a small suburb in Paris. Mahdia's love for cooking...