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  • The Fallen Star sanses
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    so, in the middle of a fight dream drops to his knees in pain, nothing hit him, he screams "code black". the bad guys go back to base confused I know I'm terrible at descriptions.... -sad stuff -dustberry -errorink -cream -afterdeath -killermare -bloodlust -kustard some swearing some self harm, chapters with this will...

  • Daughter of Error *Rewrite*
    40.1K 1K 8

    You are the daughter of Error and you append in the anti-void one day with your brothers you being the youngest out of them all. What will you do when Ink finds about your existence? No characters belong to me only the plot line

  • ♡Fangirl♡ (Error x Reader)
    27.2K 1.1K 18

    (The first few chapters are in 1st person POV [ew], the story progressively gets better once you make it past those. I'll rewrite it soon) You were just an average Error sans fangirl. You were a little obsessed with him and didn't have many friends. You were bullied and lonely, but for the most part you didn't care. Y...

  • J̸̙̄i̵̜̐ñ̷̞x̷͈͛ẻ̸̢d̶̛̞ (Currently on Hold so I can make more chapters)
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    **Jinxed** Blue couldn't believe Red had cheated on him, Blue sat on his bed crying, he couldnt think of anyone else who loved him other that his brother now, he knew Dream and Ink weren't really his friends but never had the guts to confront them. He knew that Dream and Ink were scared of him because of what happened...

  • Underwhisp
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    My undertale Au, I'll try and update it weekly, humans have magic in my AU it's just rare.

  • Undertale AU stuff
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    Just ton's of AU short stories meme's and rants not much else. Pretty good stuff if I do say so myself. Most I probably took from other people but some I made myself. I might even add some of the fan art I made myself. (Disclaimer cover photo not mine)

  • LOVE Shines Through Hate
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    Frisk had saved everyone, spared each and every monster, they had been freed and been able to go to the surface once more so why...why did Frisk feel as though she forgot about someone, someone who she DIDN'T save, but who? She was sure she had found and befriended every last monster, then she remembered one name...Ch...

  • Corruption (OLD)
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    You died. Again. But, when you woke up... You were back at the beginning. You didn't reset... but something was off. Flowey seemed skittish, frightened even. He was KIND. The people you knew, you once held dear... CHANGED. The entire underground was different... Dark. Nobody seemed to recognize you, but a part of them...

  • Undertale x Reader x Creepypasta
    26.6K 510 19

    Hi guys, Vanessa here! This is my first fanfic I hope you enjoy! Warning: May have some cursing sorry for bad grammars