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  • HIS EVERYTHING (Complete)
    836K 39.4K 38

    CHILDHOOD LOVE SERIES BOOK 1 (Sweet romance ) ASFAND JAHANGIR (age 27) a hard core bussiness man , who loves his doll alot .he cant even see a tear in her eye.what happens, when he will be forced to hurt her? AAMIYA JAHANGIR (age 19) a cute bubbly , loving girl.but she could be a brat also, when she decided to be .l...

  • The Workaholic Wife ✅
    522K 22.1K 73

    A workaholic doctor never thought about marriage a day in her life until she woke up to find a man in her bedroom. Her mother wanted grandchildren and she wanted to abide her wishes, so that her mother would not scorch her ears until she does. What will happen between a woman who can take it all and a man who has been...

  • Mine Forever
    304K 11.1K 42

    Anjali anand a 21 years medical student ,her beauty is out of the world and she is too innocent for this cruel world. One day she founds a man in death bed And then she becomes his angel , she saves him not knowing that she is saving the devil himself ... Arjun Oberoi 27 years old ruthless mafia leader. He is know t...

  • Devil's innocent love (18+) (available On Dreame)
    415K 4.1K 15

    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm the only one Who is made for you ~Azlan Adwitiya Ranawat a 19-year-old girl who has a perfect life or she shows she has. Life was going smoothly for her until one day she attracts the devil's eyes. The innocent girl didn't know that by helping the po...

  • The Blind Date
    6.2K 823 22

    An engineering student, Sanjana Singh, is heartbroken and jealous when she watches her best friend dating her crush. She is sad and upset when her friends tease her because of her chubbiness and her forever single status. Hence, dialing a random number for a blind date is something she does on a whim. But then the dat...

  • Raavana's Mandodari
    6.3K 1K 49

    One invested in saving lives and the other invested in protecting lives. ~ ~ ~ Featured by the official Wattpad Adult Fiction and Romance Reading List #1 in Ink Awards Romance Category 2020 #1 in Starlight Awards Chicklit Category #2 in Wings of Ignis Awards General/Historic Fiction Category Always busy with the tedio...

  • Meher •completed•
    656K 44K 54

    •completed• When I was six, Baba had got me my first doll. I vividly remember her, my best friend. I had named her Sameera, she had huge eyes and wore a red bridal outfit, I would play with her all the time and one day I wed her off, wed her to another doll. But now that I had grown up, I knew that wedding someone wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Longing Hearts.
    5.7K 992 46

    A fight between responsibilities, love and challenges. Will misunderstandings dig Naina and Neil's own grave? Will they be able to fight their past demons together? Two strong leads remember not bossy, will they fall apart because here it's not the case of opposite attracts. Naina Singhania is a sweet, bubbly, innocen...

  • In my little world ( Completed )
    87.6K 4.4K 55

    He walked out. It didn't take a lot of time to realise, how baldy he wanted her back in his life. If this realization is called LOVE , then Achyuth is shocked😱 to know that he had fallen for Anjana, who is a normal simple girl not of his type. Anjana like every other Indian girl loves her family. Situations make...

  • Bride of Sultan ~ The Bleeding Rose
    1.3M 117K 67

    That 'yes' could mean my death, torture, hate, disrespect, rape or anything more heartless and brutal. But, keeping my head high I said 'I am ready!" He was the king of Arab, living miles away and had an evil plan against my Empire proposed for the marriage in front of Royal court with me but little did he know was...

  • The Last Confession | ✓
    52.7K 4.2K 54

    Sahil Rudra Raichand, A name which makes heart beats stop. The only thing he wished to have in his whole life was a lovely partner who he would look up when he wants to. He never was blessed with the parents. Son of a renowned and late billionaire Rudra Pratap Raichand. His mother was never in the spotlight. Riya Sam...

  • Whispers of the Heart
    30.6K 2K 21

    Veera has been in love with Major Nihal Virk since she was a wee little girl running behind her older brother and his best friend Nihal. Read to follow Veera's story as she finds out that 'change' is the only constant in life and sometimes you have to be bold and go after what you want!

    Completed   Mature
  • A Twist of Fate (Slow Updates)
    2.8K 297 18

    Vikram and Ananya were in love, or so Ananya believed till Vikram walked out of her life. 5 years later, they meet again in unusual circumstances. Can they give love another chance by finding their way back to each other or was there no true love to begin with?

  • His Queen, Her Beast✔
    1.4M 87.7K 81

    #1 in hot "You are just mine and soon you are going to be my queen just make these words imprinted in your head and I will do anything to make this happen". Losing his grip he said "you will come begging to me and will sign these papers willingly" "Never ever" "Just wait and watch butterfly". He said very calmly whil...

  • Illuminate my Lamp
    511 26 11

    Raghavan Maheshwari , an ideal son , a responsible brother and very successful wedding planner . At the age of 15 , he started working and took over his father's sweet shop 'Maheshwari Misthan Bandhar' because of his father's illness. Cooking was his first love but he discovered that planning and organising might be...

  • Just Another Mother
    26.3K 925 44

    Meera was always treated as a small kid by her family. Her life's decisions, including her marriage, were taken by her parents, and she never had any issue with it. But when she decided by herself for the first time, it had changed her life completely. That one decision made her a mother of 5 American kids. What happ...

  • One More Time
    1M 46.2K 53

    Ranked 1 in #asian on 09.05.2020 1 in #forced marriage on 29.06.2020 1 in #hope on 20.2.2020 1 in #Kolkata on 24.10.2019 1 in #second marriage on 16.10.2019 1 in #bengali on 25.10.2...

  • Union {discontinued}
    9.8K 439 21

    Aadhya Agrawal has always known to give up her dreams. Her grandparents do not like her - she is fine with it. Her uncle hates her - she is fine with that. Her parents always force her to give up on her dreams - she is fine with that. She always believed that maybe the future holds the best for her and always carried...

  • Please Don't Pick Me
    37.1K 1.7K 71

    ~Happiness can be found in the littlest of things. The only people who can give us nothing but happiness is our family. Also, the only people who get deeply affected by our sadness is them~ This is a story about Aditi, a normal Tamilian girl who has always lived under the roof of her parents. Being the daughter of an...

    281K 11.4K 49

    He is my husband but never treats me like one. I love him, respect him but he considers me the dirt of his shoes for him I am just the daughter of his enemy. but for me he is my life, my love. he is the owner of my heart but I am nothing more than his maid. ____________________________ I have always crushed him. o...

    636K 25.1K 75

    Highest Rank #1 - Destiny #1 - Truth #1 - Marriage #2 - India #2 - Faith Book 1 of Raichand - Mehra - Malhotra Series * Editing In Process * What happens when your marriage is on the foundation of some pieces of papers and not on Love, Trust and Respect? " You better remember Ahana Sehgal, Oh sorry it's Ahana Raic...

  • Calming The Storm🌌 (#wattys2019)√
    340K 17.4K 71

    *COVER CREDITS* @blackue02 #1 indian on 15/02/2020 #1 arrangedmarriage on 04/03/2021 #1 hotheaded on 20/07/2019 #1 mumbai on 17/10/2019 #1 court on 04/02/2020 In the beginning there is nothing... You begin in the void and continue into the dark. You find light in the dark, but your path lights up the most in darkness...

  • Ain't No Sunshine
    114 0 6

    This is a simple story of Akash and Rimple. Friends who go through friendship with ups and downs. Life is not always what we expect it to be. While Akash trails down a different path and Rimple is trying to figure many things for herself.

  • Brutally Divine Love
    121K 5.3K 56

    life is really unfair for her. when she start accepting the fact that she has lost her love forever and now have to live with this brutual reality of the world..... He again came back to her life as the person with whom her sister in law is madly in love and can go to any extent to have him for herself completely. Sh...

  • You Are Mine
    191K 15.6K 74

    Note: Please read "Hate or love but you are mine ❤ 1 n 3(Night in a plane) " before reading this story. Romantic story. Rank #185 in romance on 3rd April. Kiaan is editor-in-chief of "The Diva World" magazine which is the top magazine in present times and was also the reason of his parents marriage. He is flirt...

  • Finally Home | ✓
    699K 60.9K 47

    [Featured - AmbassadorsIN] ༻❁༺ Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. ༻❁༺ Kabir, a widowed single father, finds himself setting foot in the waters of marriage again. Heer, a thirty-year-old single woman, decides to get married, only to fulfil her grandmother's last wish. With the hea...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Enigmatic Love
    2K 957 11

    Meet Yashika, a 19 year old girl who hasn't had an easy life. All she wants is to graduate her college and give a better life to her family. She doesn't have much time for a social life as her life revolves around her 2 years old brother and her mother. So, the last thing she wants is a guy to distract her. That's why...

  • Curvy Me
    246K 9K 44

    It's not easy for a plus size woman to survive the criticism and reproval among the stereotyped society. Bella, is struggling with her number on scales and her narcissist parents had never supported her emotionally. With the right amount of support and love, she knew that she could succeed and strive in with happiness...

  • Unwillingly Yours
    1M 66.7K 106

    BEST RANKING:- #1 in Indian Fiction as on 01/21 #2 in India as on 10/20 Bonjour😊 As the name suggest Unwillingly but yours. Story of a simple yet mysterious girl Meera and Hell arrogant but Greek God Abeer. If you readers thinks it as a normal love story where they'll meet and fall in love...You Are Very Wrong.... "A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia's bride
    251K 3.4K 16

    Tanya aggarwal (16 years old) - Cute, Bold , sassy and fierce dare mess with her loved ones and you will see hell . Drake Blackwell (30 years old) - A multimillionaire in day and a ruthless, arrogant, cold, strongest mafia of the world . let's see how these two people will meet. Just give it a try . Negative comme...