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  • Codeine (Joshler)
    41.3K 1.7K 9

    Tyler didn't know what hypersexual meant until he met Josh.

  • Hang me out to dry (Joshler)
    3.3K 216 2

    July 18th is today, tomorrow and yesterday. Tyler wants it to be July 19th.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why We Ever (Joshler)
    3.2K 262 4

    Eight years of distance made Josh a lot of things, but definitely not stronger. Tyler only proves that.

  • I Saw You In The Water [Joshler]
    127K 7.7K 52

    Tyler is a fisherman's son who never liked the ocean and everything that's in it. One day he catches something special that makes him change his mind...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost my head (TylerxJordan)
    4.8K 232 4

    "What's up?" Jordan's voice is raspy from sleep, he's all scruffy. Tyler's heart burns. He's just-Tyler doesn't even know what to think of him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Golden (Joshler)
    465K 15.5K 35

    Tyler's a basketball player, who stresses over everything. He falls into little space more often than not. Josh, his english teacher. Just so happens to witness this and man he has no idea what to do.

    149K 6.4K 27

    Their relationship was anything but 🌺 Fem!Tyler & Jock!Josh High-School AU 🌺 ©dandeliondun [hit 100k february 10, 2019] [highest rank: #903 in fanfiction; june 20, 2017] [highest rank: #2 in joshler; october 3, 2018] [highest rank: #64 in twentyonepilots; september 10, 2018]

    62.4K 2.9K 15

    Josh was absolutely, incredibly, overwhelmingly infatuated with the boy, and it pissed him off 🌹 Nerd!Tyler & Punk!Josh High-school AU 🌹 ©dandeliondun

  • Dulcet (TylerxBrendonxJosh)
    45.9K 2.2K 12

    "My heart's big enough. Let me take care of you." "Both of you."

    Completed   Mature
  • Loyalty (JoshxBrendonxTyler)
    231K 11.7K 52

    Brendon wanted something but was never willing to push himself, until he finally does. As a last resort he downloads Tinder, and who he matched with has something a little different in mind, but Brendon isn't one to say no. - (Non-binary!Tyler)

  • Colors of the Wind (Joshler)
    6.4K 367 5

    A coming out story where Josh is him, and her, and sometimes them.

    Completed   Mature
  • Adoration (TylerxJordan)
    8K 346 4

    Tyler swallows thickly, leaning towards Josh. "Your little brother keeps staring at me." Josh sticks his bottom lip out. "Maybe he has a staring problem I never knew about."

    Completed   Mature