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  • Make You Believe (Bulldogs MC #1)
    80K 3.2K 10

    Stand-alone prequel to 'Just Keep Running', this is Ash and Mel's story. Every time Ash sees Mel, he tries another cheesy pickup line on her. She can't deny that she's attracted to him, but there are obstacles in the way. Will the club get in the way of their budding relationship, or will it be Mel's refusal to belie...

  • Biker Boy Gunnar ✔️
    1.2M 34.1K 47

    Reign Morrow is running from her troubles back on the East Coast. Her ex boyfriend was heading down a dangerous path, that involved underground boxing, drugs and domestic violence. Reign needed an escape, something he refused to give her. So she decides to drop out of college and head home where she knows her brother...

    Completed   Mature
  • On The Devil, We Ride
    69.4K 2.5K 23

    Brooke Tanner vowed to never set foot in the town she grew up in ever again. Too much history and pain rested there. 6 years later she is forced to return, and is automatically thrown back into the life of The Devil's Own - a motorcycle gang started by her father and the father of the love of her life, Jace. Will her...

  • Found and Forgotten
    25.6K 1.3K 12

    Arthur is the son of Lilia and Lev. As one of the few Lycans in existence, finding his mate and reproducing is extremely important. Things don't go according to plan and Arthur is left without his mate for years after he turns 18, until him and his childhood best friend, Thea, get attacked. Things start to take a tur...

  • Comanche (Death Reapers MC Book 2)
    403K 14K 76

    Comanche is a Native American word that means "he who fights all the time". The name is a fitting one for the mysterious biker who is part of the Death Reapers motorcycle club. Best known for his temper and propensity for solving problems through violence his life takes a turn after a motorcycle accident where he meet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protecting Mara- Hades Hellions MC(Book 2)
    14.5K 536 8

    Mara Dawes is the long lost or missing daughter of Jax Dawes. After four years in a community that treated her as a slave from the age of fourteen she finally makes a run for it. Ending back up at home she falls into step with her family again. Even starts remembering why she likes a biker named Ryder so much until sh...

  • Rightfully His
    151K 3.9K 25

    "You don't own me!" I shout glaring up at him as he smirks down at me tightening his grip around my neck. "You're mine sweet cheeks. Ever since I walked into your life 15 years ago, you became mine. Your heart, soul, and especially your body belongs to me" he says staring deeply into my eyes as my breath hitched. ...

  • Quinn- Wolves MC
    86.4K 2.6K 27

    After escaping from a christian cult/biker club, Quinn runs for the road. She's picked up by a woman who brought her to another club where she meets a rather demanding and annoying over protective biker president. But she's not safe since her captures want her back, and are willing to kill for her. What will happen wh...

  • The Long Walk to Redemption
    6.8K 367 13

    Brooklyn Jones is MC royalty; her father the president of the Sand Vipers MC in El Paso, Texas. Her three brothers and their families are all apart of the club, along with one of her biggest rivals, Emerson Black. When her mother died, there was a strong rift in the family and club; leaving to escape her past just aft...

  • Neco's One - Hades Hellions MC, Book 1
    540K 14K 27

    DJ Nelson is someone the cops would pick up just to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble. It was known back in Las Vegas (where she grew up) that she ran the streets with a few other people. Street fighting, car racing, you name it. If it could make her money she did it. With her crazy mom she had been taking car...

    Completed   Mature
  • Divergent Angel's (MC)
    1K 42 4

    Mae Lin decides to move away from her boring life as an art critic in Detroit, Michigan and surprise her sister in Phoenix, Arizona. when Mae arrived she runs right into a stone wall of a man who refuses to talk to her. Mae is immediately intrigued. Shes always loved a challenge. Mae is an obnoxious girl. Shes very sm...

  • The family
    5.3K 211 17

    With the lies now bared for her to see, she speeds off into the night, Tears streaming down her face. Old alliances are now burned and unsure of who she can trust, she goes barreling down the road as the sun rises..... a new dawn awaits. Follow Jade 'Charlie' Valentino once more, with the lies and betrayal now expos...

    Completed   Mature
  • Casus Belli (Riders of Tyr #8 - MC Romance)
    40.8K 1.4K 3

    Vince is the happiest man alive and nothing can change his mind about that! He has everything: his brothers, his club, his job, his girls - well, all the girls - and there is nothing missing. Only there is. And a blast from the past reminds him just that. Imani is sad and angry. She has nothing: she has lost her marr...

  • Her Journey
    149K 5.1K 18

    Gracie Boulders has lived a life no one should experience and she experiences it all by the time she is 20. She packs her two little brothers up and moves away from the abuse and neglect they all suffer from. On their journey to their new home she meets Gavin Brimstone, Hunk extraordinaire, cocky with a big heart.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Biker's Love
    749K 26.6K 22

    Book 1 of The Hellhounds MC Harper Smith didn't really have what most would call a normal family. Her father was an abusive alcoholic and her step in family was The Hellhound MC, a biker club in Nevada. They were the ones who protected her, fed her, clothed her, and that's how she met Pierce 'The Reaper' Cole. He was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avery (Razorback MC Book 4) [Full series on Novel Cat]
    28.9K 2.3K 33

    Avery had a complicated childhood, a messy schooling, a military career that he ruined himself, and now he had a pretty ok life going for him. He had a close relationship with his sister, he was in a biker club that was pretty perfect for his life. Too bad he didn't have someone to share his life with like his friends...

    Completed   Mature
  • Talon (Savage Wolves MC) #4
    14.2K 570 6

    Mature Content 17+ || Savage Wolves MC Book Four Everyone deserves a second chance. A second chance at life. A second chance at love. But, not everyone thinks they deserve these things. Talon has been suffering in silence for over a year since the passing of his wife and only son at the hands of a group of terrible pe...

  • Breaking Control (Riders of Silence MC 1)
    713K 25.6K 38

    *EDITED* The last thing Serenity expected when she moved to California was to be placed in the middle of a sex trafficking plan within the city. Forcing herself to learn what she can do to stop it from taking place she's thrown into a world she doesn't know anything about. One thing she expected even less was to be fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • MC's Viking Warriors- Bear #1
    2.5M 91.8K 50

    Astrid is running from a monster, the man who kidnapped her and forced her to breed his heirs. But she's escaped his clutches. Finding herself fleeing across countries with heavy baggage she finds her self dropped on the compound of the Viking Warriors by a glorious stroke of fate. Vidar has always dreamed of finding...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mayhem's Princess (Hell's Rider's Mc) Book 1
    13.6K 414 5

    Mia is the president's daughter of Hell's Rider's. She lost her mom at fourteen due to a club retaliation. She loves art and ends running away to go to school for it. Five years later she comes home but not the way her dad or uncle wished for. She has experienced more tragedy than anyone should in the last four yea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bailing Out (Riders Of Tyr #1 - MC Romance) SAMPLE
    811K 6.2K 3

    Ava is a bounty hunter that hunts and lives alone. Her job takes her to Berkeley after a dangerous outlaw, member of a motorcycle club that is accused of serious crimes. As she follows him, she realizes that there is someone else after her prey: a rival motorcycle club that wants the man dead. If she wants to collect...

    Completed   Mature
    317K 7.3K 6

    [DISCLAIMER: This story is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised.] His name is Khaos, and he came from nowhere. My name is Audrey, and I'm no one. He's broken. I break things. We're perfect for each other, except we're not. Perfect. *NOW ON RADISH FICTION APP ON iOS. UPDATES EVERY SATURDAY KHAOS...

  • Roxanne & Jax
    5.2K 164 22

    Never a story of more woe, than that of Jax and his Roxanne. Rival MCs? Check. Defiant Daddy's Girl? Check. Gorgeous New President? Check, check, check. Roxanne Myers is the badass daughter of the notorious William Myers, President of the Red Devil Motorcycle Club in Ontario, Canada. Absolutely stunning and unden...

  • The Alpha's Protector
    452K 15.7K 23

    Lena has lived her entire life knowing one thing and one thing only, protect the Prince of Wolves. She is a protector, one of the few in the world set cursed with the protector genes. She protects the supernatural world of wolves from afar, but as a Vampire King plots his revenge, she's thrust into the world a lot clo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beta's Young Warrior (Book 2 of Young Mate Series)
    12.6K 564 11

    She was the Beta's young mate, but she was something more. She knew it, her father knew it, and maybe her mate knew it. She was a fighter, a warrior, born to serve and to protect the packs from the evil surrounds them. She was one of the ones that were born from the original twelve and was known as the leader amongst...

  • My Agitated Mate Can't Deal with My Alpha Ass [Book 3 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]
    155K 6.2K 19

    It's well known of Gabrielle's and Ella's stories of defeating their aversaries and finally accepting their mates for what they are, but Danielle is a completely different story. She is born of a unharvested, raw power that no one could even imagine, and the summer of her 16th birthday, it's starts to show. She wants...

  • MC Soldier (Broken Demons MC #6)
    1M 40.1K 35

    We return to Broken Demons for the sixth instalment. Doc is an army vet who saw things that will never leave his mind, he hasn't slept without nightmares since he landed back on American soil. He loves his club family and is always there to help, but a big part of him is hidden away from everyone, until she walks into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Riding Blind
    27.6K 1K 25

    When Mina runs away from her dark past and personal demons in Vegas for a small unknown southern town in North Carolina, she assumes she is finally safe. The only problem with that plan though, was she somehow accidentally chose a close nit town that was run by a ruthless yet adored biker gang who seemed to always be...

  • Devil's Sons M.C. (Manxman)
    52.2K 2.2K 43

    Hunter Wilson lives by one code - Loyalty. Jesse Jetter lives by one code - Family. A story featuring a group of Harley Lovers, a motorcycle club named Devil's Sons. In their own way, they make do with what life has to offer and are always willing to face the repercussions. When Hunter Wilson meets JJ he figures one...

  • Vet MC USA -Ice. Book 2 , by PRBrady
    14.5K 877 13

    He's cold as ice.She's sweet as honey.His past/present define him.She wants to be his future. He thinks she doesn't belong in his world! 2nd in series. Read Vet MC USA first. Published February 23, 2020

    Completed   Mature