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  • Property Of Vittore Martinelli ✓
    13.9M 547K 89

    When she was 14, Dalia was sold to Matteo Martinelli, the former leader of the largest Italian mafia. Flash forward with his son, Vittore Martinelli as the new leader, Dalia is given to him as a birthday present after years in spent in the "safe house". Dalia struggles to fulfill a promise she made and get her old se...

    294K 8.9K 22

    [***WARNING**18+] This story contains abusive contents such as dark romance, torture,violence, abuse, and etc. If you are not comfortable with these type of things feel free to leave. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first book... I'm still learning but I hope you enjoy xoxo. -Author •Ivy Jade H...

  • Criminal Desire | ✓
    2.2M 105K 45

    [ COMPLETED ] Kalani Reed was a regular twenty-two year old woman who was trying to get the handle on her life. She worked at a small café, lived in a small apartment by herself, and had a kind of boyfriend. Back in highschool, she was one of those girls that didn't care about anyone. She minded her own business and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wilds (Complete)
    185K 1.7K 5

    Gia knew Isaac as her adopted sister's boyfreind. A boy with a bad reputation and who liked to tease her for her place of birth and race (sort of). She didn't like him. She spent as little time with him as possible. But then she was kidnapped, and Isaac right along with her. Thrown into an, at first, unknown situation...

  • Sweet Melancholy
    12.2K 1.4K 14

    Cristian, Isabella, and Tristian are childhood friends. Isabella and Tristian become more than that, becoming couple goals for many. On the surface anyway. Tristian was a good boyfriend, if you look over the habitual cheating. The only reason Isabella stayed with him was because of their previous friendship and famili...

  • Monster (BWWM) complete
    173K 12.7K 47

    Bryce had been a good kid. A better than good kid actually, with his sense of justice and high morals. He wanted to be a police officer and do good things for his community and the world. But then he was kidnapped because of one of his many good deeds, and worse yet, he had dragged his girlfriend, Krissy, into the dan...

  • Wife
    34.5K 3.2K 13

    Briella's father was absent most of her life. He was a busy man with his new family and running businesses built on all sorts of illegal activity. She hardly ever saw him, he hardly ever made time for her. That is, until he suddenly did. Briella loved her daddy most, even with his absence in her life. She trusted him...

    162K 3.5K 12

    (REWRITING BUT ON HOLD ATM) •Chapters with [ ] have been edited• Every 50 years there is The Wolves Hunt. Beasts would take the 15 sacrifices and lead them to their grounds where they'd become nothing more than a source of entertainment. Human lives are fleeting and it doesn't take much to fulfill one little killing...

  • Don't Russian To It | BWWM |
    198K 9K 31

    BWWM Mali Small lived a regular life. A 9 to 5 job more or less. A comfortable apartment. A loving mother that does normal motherly things. Well that's what she thought. Until the day she was able to fit herself underneath a car. Everything came crashing down that morning as she dealt with a not so friendly Russian m...

  • Russian To The Finish Line
    1.3K 89 5

    Neroli Gallo became a Sullivan after years of training despite her past actions. She did not hesitate to pledge her loyalty to the family and serve the woman who started it all, eager to prove herself to her new family. And to the man who lost it all 4 years ago. As another war brews between the families of the under...

  • "Dangerously Unusual" ✔- Mafia Romance (Book 1) [Editing]
    5M 279K 143

    Book 1 of my Mafia trilogy: <The first version (was deleted) written: 2016/2017. This (republished) version was written in 2017> He is crazy, but I can take it. "He just stared at me. No talking. Silence. I felt my blood run cold. He was as expressionless as ever. He stared at me like I was his next prey. Why th...

    Completed   Mature