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  • Beyond the Walls
    40.4K 2.7K 42

    [Book 2 of the Within the Walls Trilogy.] Secrets and lies do not die with the tyrant. With him gone, and the city ripped open, Elle is forced to venture outside. What's beyond the walls? They do not know. Forced into the unknown, Elle arrives at an organisation who want to harness the gift that threw her into the l...

  • Man Hunt
    1.5M 69.1K 21

    Twenty teens. Abducted. To play a game of man hunt.

  • The Fight Club Academy
    2.3M 32.3K 10

    The FCA, now attended by Skylynn Harris, a girl who decides to become stronger and prove to her father she isn't some weak, poor, vulnerable wrack. What happens when the academy doesn't turn out the way Sky thought it would? Not only does her past catch up with her, but her new friends put her in tremendous danger. ...

  • The Last of Us [First Draft]
    2.6K 319 15

    [COMPLETED] In late spring, a tornado sweeps through the idyllic mining town of Paradise, Texas. On the same day, seventeen-year-old Cindy Ackerman doesn't arrive home. As the mystery over her whereabouts deepens, Nick's curiosity for the girl from his school morphs into obsession. Why can't they find her? How far is...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Few Hundred Poppies
    16.7K 1.8K 25

    FEATURED BY @Wattpad: Summer days, summer love; Community Curator: @grendelthegood Aditi and West hate each other. They bicker, they flirt, and are possibly a little in love. Blotching the hot new guy's shirt with chocolate-mixed spit is probably not the best idea of a revenge, but Aditi soon discovers that she doesn'...

  • Only With You
    179K 5.6K 10

    When Aria's favourite dive bar gets a gorgeous new bartender, she thinks that maybe--just maybe--her dating life's about to turn around for the better. He's a little rough around the edges, but beneath his tired eyes and galaxy tattoos, Ryan Lévesque has everything she's ever dreamed of in a man. But when Aria finds o...

  • Yours, Forever
    9.8M 381K 62

    "Feel that?" He asked, keeping her hand still. "That's what you do to me. Every time I see you. Every time I hear you laugh. Every time I think of you." ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ It started with an accidental run in, but blossomed into something more. Aurora never thought she could ev...

  • Surviving Cancer
    1.1M 22.5K 91

    Macin Cole was diagnosed with leukemia when she was eight years old. After fighting a three year long battle, she was declared cancer free. Trying to put her struggle behind her she vows to keep her fight with cancer a secret when she starts a new school. But after five years in remission could the possibility of...

  • Sh*t! I'm Sorry!
    7.7M 314K 46

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #2 in Humor What happens when you're walking down the street, with one of the best coffees in hand, turn around for one second... Then the next thing you know, the world is spinning and you've landed in the arms of one of the most gorgeous organisms of the male species. With the best coff...

  • The Dragon Awakens
    16.8K 796 26

    Mulan, or Lanie as most of her friends call her, is a quiet school girl by day and a lethal assassin by night. Trained by the Dragon Army, Mulan is sent out to eliminate potential threats of war, terrorism, or hacks before they even happen. She's been doing this for years, ever since she turned 16, but the Army always...

    1.4K 282 10

    **2ND RUNNER UP FINALIST IN THE MEDIACORP X WATTPAD PODCAST WRITERS CONTEST** The disappearance of high-school student and amateur photographer, Amelia Austen didn't even make the national news. She was just another missing girl. With no evidence of foul-play, no suspects and no indication that she was a victim of c...

  • Guardian (Sequel to Fearless)
    454K 37.7K 100

    One year. It had been one year since Iris Gwenneth became the first heroine of Eldia --one year since her life took a dramatic turn for the better. And in this one year, she'd found meaning in the days that had once had none. Iris had a new job, one she adored. She was Rogue Captain Gwenneth of the Eldian army. She ha...

  • Glass Slippers [1st Draft]
    678K 35K 49

    Clara's problems can be summed up in two words: responsibility and family. After the loss of her mother, life for Clara was never the same. Although she loves her three siblings and tries to be the best sister and lady she can, the weight on her shoulders grows the more she learns and the more she has to know. When he...

  • The Song Of The Wolf (Book One)
    716K 47.6K 41

    WATTPAD FEATURED - 30/11/2017 WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST - 31/08/2018 WATTPAD WEREWOLF FEATURED - 05/09/2020 WATTPAD EXPLORER WEREWOLF WEEK - 26/10/2020 [WORD COUNT: 110k] *currently editing* In an era that gods dwelled among men and greed reigned the land, the selfish actions of a king and his sons damned them to take the...

    5.3M 494K 75

    Consumed by avarice, the four human kingdoms-the Infernal Empire, the Kingdom of Caelum, the Kingdom of Treterra, and the Nayale Archipelago-betrayed their covenant with Yther of Azitera, the race blessed by deities, who protected humans for untold centuries. They slaughtered and defiled the beings that once protected...

  • H.O.P.E {Completed}
    95.1K 3.4K 20

    "Wait!" I yelled. "I have knock-knock joke." "Go, quick." "Knock knock." "Who's there?" He asked. "Cows go." "Cows go who?" He asked. "No, cows go moo," I said. "Taaa daaa!" "Okay, now get out of my way," he demanded walking past me. "No, wait-" I was cut off by Dylan throwing me over his shoulder. He scooped me up so...

  • Love, Cancer & Me ✓ [Original]
    883K 18.3K 39

    [COMPLETE] At ten years old Darcy Silver was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After undergoing seven years in remission Darcy is informed of the widespread of cancer. At 17 years-old now, she has to start chemotherapy once again but her hope has wavered and her strength is questionable. She knows her fate is wri...

  • Invisible
    10.3K 359 37

    {completed} Third book to the Chasing Grace series. This is the story of Delilah Cage, the girl who's mother died, the girl who's brother left without a goodbye, and the girl that can't get away from her abusive step father until her step brother is her hero and comes to her rescue. A story of a girl who's always bee...

  • Six Ways From Sunday
    139K 9.4K 26

    Alicia Martinez is determined to keep a low profile. After a tough year, she deletes all of her social media and retreats to the small coastal town of St Andrews in the hopes of starting over - and avoiding her tumultuous past. Oliver Hogarth is a world-famous popstar that's recently had his heart shattered. Fleeing...

  • Saving Garnet
    18.1K 608 15

    Garnet Thomas is on her way to making it big. And she can't wait: she's been dancing since she could walk and has dealt with an overbearing dance mom her whole life. When a crazed fan attempts to shoot her, she is forced to get a bodyguard. Sean is gorgeous, but Garnet is too independent and way too rebellious for a b...

  • Luna
    4.8M 242K 47

    "I'm going to find out who did this to you," he whispers, his voice shaking. ***** One time, I was the most popular girl in school. All the students in Royal Heights, the school of the richest, knew me as the pretty Luna Klein, daughter of a famous superstar and a well-known billionaire. But the next thing I know, I'm...

  • Perfect Scars
    17M 606K 61

    When a case of mistaken identity leads to an innocent girl being kidnapped by a gangster, will one man bent on revenge push them together or destroy them? ***** Hayden King and Violet Smith couldn't be more different. While he was a feared gangster, she was a simple college student, a deli...

  • Arlington (Book One)
    286K 16.1K 30

    Aviva Arlington has never seen the world the way everyone else does, but she's always been very content hiding behind half-inch thick frames. She was raised to ignore her abilities and channel her energy elsewhere, but one day she has to make a life-altering choice, she can continue to ignore her abilities, or she can...

  • The Debutante (Season Series #2)
    9.2M 507K 56

    ***2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - VORACIOUS READS*** WINNER OF THE FICTION AWARDS 2016 - HISTORICAL FICTION Against all odds, Libby Marks-Whelan is back at court - and no longer confined to the service corridors as a lady-in-waiting. With the start of the new Winter Season, however, the competition for a crown just got a...

  • Painted Wings (An Anastasia Remix)
    57.6K 6.8K 43

    Women in the small kingdom of Aeriana are disappearing. Iris Daniels, a budding painter in the East Territory, is trying to keep her head down. In a kingdom filled with abilities, music, and Destined love, Iris is determined to build a career out of her passion, no matter how unconventional it may be for someone her a...

  • Beneath the Fountain
    102K 7.9K 33

    Sage is what her mother calls a dreamer: she believes in magic, true love, and happy endings. Unfortunately for Sage, her mother is determined to crush her dreams. Sage's father died suddenly six months prior to her 18th birthday. Her family struggling financially, her Mother surprises Sage with a ball to celebrate...

  • When The Heart Sings
    3.1M 243K 87

    I will be your heart, if you will be my shield. Serena was barely one step above poverty and dreamed of owning her own home far away from the bustle of the city. Power and money didn't really interest her, instead she wished for a life of peace and safety. It was chance that she happened to watch a man in handcuffs be...

  • The Real Ram
    1.4M 96.4K 68

    Mankind is evolving. Some love it, some fear it. Some embrace it, some envy it. For Zoey, the evolution of man has always been in the darkest part of her closet. A place no one touches. Only her family knew of her secret, and her stepfather never let the fact that Zoey was different disappear. But with mankind evolvin...

  • Dancing on Strings
    112K 8.6K 58

    "A Princess to your kingdom before A Principal to your stage." Mai, Princess Royal and first of twelve daughters has only two priorities. Her family and her dance - and sadly her dance can never come before her family. Because of this, despite her talent, Mai has never had the chance to preform to her fullest. Unti...

  • The Chosen
    174K 3.4K 9

    HIGHEST RANK: #1MYSTERYROMANCE #2 TEENFICTION- 15/09/21 Ever since I was a little girl, I'd watch those of age walk off into the woods. Each one of them wearing the finest of silks, adorned with jewels hoping to please the moon goddess. Why, you may be asking. That's all because of our village tradition. As my birth...