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Anime smuts by Orgasmik
Anime smutsby Orgasmik
+18 Anime-oneshots, featuring a few none popular characters that were too beautiful to forget. Favourites being: Vampire knight, Naruto, Free!, 07 ghost, The betrayal kn...
Alium (07-Ghost x Reader) by Kumoriee
Alium (07-Ghost x Reader)by ミステリアスRa*bits
Teased unmercifully for his past as an orphan and a slave, Teito has only his best friends Mikage and (you) to ease his days at the elite Barsburg Academy - and his mast...
07-Ghost FanFic by skybluedragon
07-Ghost FanFicby skybluedragon
Millia and Nyx are good friends in military school, but after Millia' s dad died she has been hearing voices. What will happen when Millia finds out that her father was...
Dies Irae: Memento Mori by DieEwigkeit123
Dies Irae: Memento Moriby DieEwigkeit123
"I will protect you at all cost - that's what I've decided!" Teito Klein "I love everything in existence. My love is death. Thus, I will kill anything and...
Teito x Frau One-shot by SageOrijima
Teito x Frau One-shotby Sage Orijima °HIATUS°
This is just a basic one-shot about Teito and Frau. I hope y'all enjoy it!
Fairy Ghost || FairyTailx07-ghost by MissOtacool
Fairy Ghost || FairyTailx07-ghostby MissOtacool
Teito and Hakuren stumble upon a weird looking building.Since they are bleeding badly and have no choice,they decides to ask for help. And then the adventure starts.
Memes And Fanarts by victuri678
Memes And Fanartsby sebaciel246
This is pages and pages of my favourite memes and amazing fanarts. I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ships-R-Us by Sansundertale1401
Ships-R-Usby Idiot artist
-_- This is an idea from one of ColeyDoesThings YouTube videos, and I wanted to actually start one!-_- ~Welcome to Ships R us!~ We sell* all ships to really anyone! From...
Who is she?(07-Ghosts fanfic) by fussehan
Who is she?(07-Ghosts fanfic)by fussehan
This story is about a girl who was the armys puppet and rememberd her memories then goes against the army but then they kill her friend and her heart is frozen in pain a...
[HIATUS]SHINee: Missing You (Jonghyun x OC) by Kuroko11_Kise07
[HIATUS]SHINee: Missing You (Jongh...by Ame
A Jonghyun x OC (anime character) fanfic ~ I was just inspired to write this story because of SM The Ballad's song, Miss You. The story is sort of mixed of the anime, 07...
Chatting with the vampire by TylerW883
Chatting with the vampireby TylerW883
It is mysterious, weird and packed with secrets.
Food Fight by subtleharmony
Food Fightby Tiffany
Make the most out of life! A collection of stories/memories. AU
DOKI-DOKI DOUJINSHI: A 07-Ghost Crackfic by Sky-full-of-dreams
DOKI-DOKI DOUJINSHI: A 07-Ghost Cr...by Avery
A random story without a definite plot, featuring nothing but pure madness. Actually, is it even a story? There's no classification for this thing. Originally, this was...
Inside 07- Ghost World by Nirvaya
Inside 07- Ghost Worldby Kurogami iki
Alice Kurosawa and her classmates are trapped in 07- Ghost world. Can they go back to their world or not? Lot of new adventure s. I don't own 07- Ghost. A...
Anime One-shots (On Hold) by ScarletTiara
Anime One-shots (On Hold)by ScarletTiara
Laconic: One Shots from Various Anime. Cover by @Kiyyuri - check out this account for cool graphics and more! ~Check out the list of anime I write about in the Introduc...
Reaching For Fate by Rio2244
Reaching For Fateby Rio2244
After Rin stole the Eye of Mikhail, the Black Hawks are in disarray. Only Kuroyuri, knows that Rin stole the eye, but does he dare tell Ayanami? When the Chairmen, annou...