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Spilled Ink by sparrowed
Spilled Inkby Mia
A piece of soul in ink, and unto the paper it spilled. A collection of thoughts that rhyme from a wandering mind.
Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. by VLFBERHT
Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody M...by Ulfberht
For now only my entry for @rosaimee's 13 Days Until Halloween flash fiction challenge goes in here. There may be more later, scenes—"snippets" as I call them—a...
13 by AkinomaHNU
13by *If you guess right I'll tell
Thirteen thirteen word poems for #13dayshalloweenflash Are you brave enough to face the thirteen days of Halloween?
13 Bloody Words by sellersjr
13 Bloody Wordsby Bob Sellers
13 Word Halloween Challenge 8) Tagged by @BoldMoves, here is my 13 word flash Halloween challenge #13dayshalloweenflash 8) Now to hunt down 13 others to see if they are...
Tales of Monsters and Angels by LeighWStuart
Tales of Monsters and Angelsby Leigh W. Stuart
A collection of tales featuring monsters and angels, though not all appear as they truly are. Includes the story Strawberry Pickers ... There were monsters in cages on...
Ghosts by TheArkenstone
Ghostsby TheArkenstone
13 days of Halloween
Thirteen words for Halloween : AND GOOOOOO-! by Angelicsailor
Thirteen words for Halloween : AND...by Reichiru-Desu!
I was nominated by @ellarose12 to do this..... Ugh.. SO WHO IS UP FOR SOME FREAK STUFF?! WARNING: it's a little suggestive in a creepy murderous way......nuff said . Thi...
Bloody butcher... by DonnieD
Bloody butcher...by DonnieD
Story/poem for the #13dayshalloweenflash challenge...
Mommy isn't dead!! by akira_summers
Mommy isn't dead!!by akira_summers
It's my horror story in 13 words! Read how a horror story with just thirteen words can make your blood run cold. #13dayshalloweenflash Happy halloween people!!
The Grim Happenings (#13dayshalloweenflash) by FadingGenes
The Grim Happenings (#13dayshallow...by Assouda
I was tagged by a number of my friends here on Wattpad. I'm terrible at stories, so please excuse the rubbishness.
Challenges, News, and Other Random Things by Shimaira
Challenges, News, and Other Random...by L.B. Shimaira ⛥
This is where I will be posting challenges, news, and other random things (just like the title says =P ) There are some flash fiction stories hidden in here, along wit...
Dreams - (Short stories) by VeraLoy
Dreams - (Short stories)by Vera Loy
Short stories, Including 1. My Lucky Day - a woman finds a lost journal on the train... (Chicklit) 2. Marianne - historical flash fiction - regency period 3. Hen Thief...
Smoking Chimney by 1137xyz
Smoking Chimneyby Hafsa
Smoking Chimney will comprise of short stories some fiction and some non-fiction. Credit for the beautiful cover @aneclarice.
The Cursed Doll (#13dayshalloweenflash) by letmeeewrite
The Cursed Doll (#13dayshalloweenf...by letmeeewrite
#13dayshalloweenflash Here is my 13 words spooky story for #13dayshalloweenflash Contest by @rosaimee. Check it out if you have guts to read and dare to look at that pic...
UNNERVING... [ #13dayshalloweenflash ] by riveraaa_88
UNNERVING... [ #13dayshalloweenfla...by hazel
Halloween special. Tag your 13 words' Halloween special scary story with #13dayshalloweenflash to be a part of it!
More Fantasy in the City by wizzobravo
More Fantasy in the Cityby wizzobravo
A second collection of short urban fantasy stories based on a simple idea. What if all is not as it seems in our world? If you like anarchist faeries then this has the...