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Daddy by KittyQueenxx
Daddyby Alice Van Buren
Lucy celebrates her sweet 16 and stumbles upon a sugar daddy. She lies in order to keep him and starts living a double life. Can she pull it off? started writing: 2020...
History Repeating - Taron Egerton (Dad!Taron) by UniqueBeautyQueen
History Repeating - Taron Egerton...by DreamingAboutTaron
Gracie Egerton was 16 years old. She had always been the perfect student and the most perfect daughter. But all of this was about to change. As she looked down at the li...
The Daughter Of Rachel Mason by Emily_Smith_123
The Daughter Of Rachel Masonby Emily_Smith_123
16 year old Lexi Smith is the daughter of Rachel Mason and Steven Smith, she has two older siblings who all have a close sibling bond. Lexi heads down a dark path with t...
No turning back  by TrenchBounce
No turning back by SkreetMade
Jonathan "DaBaby" Kirk is a 20 year old famous rapper who is a "fuck boy" that only cares about 3 things Money,Cars,and Girls, Taymor "Tay k&qu...
New Beginnings | Jacob Black by andycandy33
New Beginnings | Jacob Blackby rose and angel
Kehlani Vale was pregnant with Paul Lahote's baby, the only problem, she wasn't his imprint. It was a relationship gone wrong. She was in a situation she never thought s...
Pretty Little Liars: Ezria Fanfic: Aria is Pregnant by cwanchap1
Pretty Little Liars: Ezria Fanfic:...by Chloe Wanchap
This story will take between when Aria and Ezra told her parents about them and Ezra is working at Hollis now. Aria found out that she is pregnant with Ezra's baby. A c...
16 and pregnant  by Cutekittyglossy5
16 and pregnant by cutekittengloss
Aaliyah Westbrook never thought a party would change her life . DON'T MAKE FUN OF MY SPELLING IT'S MY FIRST TIME WRITING A STORY.
16 & Pregnant • z.m by ChapstickBear
16 & Pregnant • z.mby Jess
Zayn Malik Fanfiction "The baby's father is you" I said really fast closing my eyes hoping that when I open them he will not be ready to yell or hurt me. "...
Confessions of A Teen Mom by mimiireads
Confessions of A Teen Momby Mimi ✨
* PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION* Pepper is a sixteen year old girl who got pregnant by her boyfriend. She found out later after they had broken up when she found him cheating...
BakuDeku smut 18+ by Katsuki-Bakug0
BakuDeku smut 18+by Katsuki-Bakug0
These are a collection of one shot scenes and sex stories based on BakuDeku texting stories I write on my YouTube channel!
You saved me (Book 1) by WildChild657
You saved me (Book 1)by cassie jansen
Maya hart is the girl in love with Joshua Matthews Josh is the guy to old for her andChristianJames is the guy trying to steal her away
16 and pregnant        (Joshifer)                                All rights reserved by mjreds
16 and pregnant (Joshifer)...by Meli
Just two actors in love facing life ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Love that waas meant to be by animedragons
Love that waas meant to beby animedragons
After you read this chapter go to my other book titled the same thing but with a different picture this chapter was supposed to be in that one but something happened
Netflix And Chill by VikTypo
Netflix And Chillby Vicky
"Let's skip the Netflix, and just chill"
Caniff Child (Taylor Caniff Fanfiction) by aestheticbc
Caniff Child (Taylor Caniff Fanfic...by corinne
I looked at the test one more time just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating It was still was positive. I, Mirabelle Collins,am pregnant with a Caniff's child Authors no...
Teen Pregnancy ||killugon|| by AstridUrFather
Teen Pregnancy ||killugon||by Astrid !! <3
nothing here. enjoy the story!
Missing Member.... by Maddystar2933
Missing Member....by Lola
When chapa over heard ray and schowz conversation about a New member not showing up she went to go find out who she is
Hey Arnold: When life gives you lemons. by Freakgonewild97
Hey Arnold: When life gives you le...by Freakgonewild
Helga Pataki has been known for her strength and power, but that all changes after Rhonda's party. After a drunken mistake Helga finds out that she has become pregnant w...
My Little Blessings in Disguise - Diza fanfic(very old story) by queenlolo101
My Little Blessings in Disguise...by Babe❤️
Technically this is like one of my 1st fan fictions. So I was going through some old notes from my old iphone(fetus me🙂)and apparently I wrote a Diza fanfic I haven't s...
Sincerely, Syani by akabambi
Sincerely, Syaniby miss thang.
SYANI (SIGH-ANI) A name that means twilight, the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon. She's struggling to find her place in life. There's...