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Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27) by RainbowFluff24
Before the Rainbow curse (KHR)(R27)by Rainbow_Fluff
*Complete* ----------------- what would happen if Tsuna was sent back in time to When Reborn wasn't curse yet?What will happen in the time he's there?Will he make it hom...
A Sky Among Men by NRC_AND_RSA
A Sky Among Menby NRC_AND_RSA
A Vongola Undicesima Inheritance Ceremony gone wrong. A Mirror that speaks. A carriage heading towards a castle. A room full of coffins. And a school for aspiring villai...
Clay's Cottage (Book 1) by tricia-joy
Clay's Cottage (Book 1)by Tricia Joy
[COMPLETED] Seeking inspiration for her next historical romance novel, Tilly Fletcher visits a mysterious 19th century Tasmanian cottage, abandoned suddenly over a centu...
Footprints At Dawn (Book 2) by tricia-joy
Footprints At Dawn (Book 2)by Tricia Joy
After returning from 1869, Tilly Fletcher is determined to keep her time-travelling a secret from her friends and family. She attempts to put the past behind her and mov...
Reborn is De-aged Once Again by Anime_Loving_Novice
Reborn is De-aged Once Againby Novine Lars
In which adult reborn (who has grown fast enough after the final arc) was turned back into a teenager with no memories of the present him. Now, it's up to Tsuna and his...
Fate tied(On Hold) by YukiOwO
Fate tied(On Hold)by YukiOwO
(Eventual R27 ,hints so far) life isn't easy, death sometimes isn't the easiest route either, that's just how things is as an Mafia boss. After dying , tsuna finds hi...
Blood Reaper(Will Continue Soon!) by --TheFallen--
Blood Reaper(Will Continue Soon!)by The Fallen
The Shinsengumi... A special police force organized to protect the city from all harm and evil, against a man with nothing left to lose. Who will live and who will fall?
London, 1869 by Annahyzeme
London, 1869by Annahyzeme
In a time where to love was illegal, can Adrien find a way to be true to his heart?
SaTaN's BeLLS-The Plague Queen Part I (Book Nine) by RobertHelliger
SaTaN's BeLLS-The Plague Queen Par...by RobertHelliger
In 1869, 18 year old Emily Forsythe, (pictured on the book cover), heads to the London Woods that is haunted by the mysterious "Plague Queen", where she encoun...
Fantasia (KHR Fanfic) by CookiesAndDarkness
Fantasia (KHR Fanfic)by Infinitely Zero
fan·ta·sia fanˈtāzē noun a musical composition with a free form and often an improvisatory style. a musical composition that is based on several familiar tunes. a thing...