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Highschool dxd Ice Dragon king x crossover Harem by GiratinaYveltal
Highschool dxd Ice Dragon king x c...by Legend
This is my first story so please don't criticize me, and the art isn't mine, and this will be an ongoing story, I will be adding other characters from different animes t...
Classroom of the elite reacts (Discontinued) by Noob090
Classroom of the elite reacts (Dis...by Noob090
It's just the characters reacting to what's going behind their backs. There won't be a proper timeline right now IDK I might do that later. I have seen others react fanf...
Love Storm 2 by moncheri_18
Love Storm 2by moncheri_18
This is the second book of Love Storm by MAME .A book with "special chapters ". I didn't know that there was a 2nd book but my Thai friend helped me and I fina...
ROOP : His Dearest Flower | 15+  by author_prachiii
ROOP : His Dearest Flower | 15+ by author_prachiii
This book will contain 2 parts so the first part will contain their past and the second part consists of their present . •READ THE FIRST PART PLEASE BECAUSE IF YOU WILL...
Uncle Jesse Imagines #2 by thriller5
Uncle Jesse Imagines #2by ⭐🌈⭐𝙽𝚒𝚗𝚊⭐🌈⭐
He is back! You guys loved the first one and here is the second one. I thought about it and yes, I am bringing him back into the spotlight for a thanks of voting it as 1...
Hunger Games: The Second Quarter Quell - The Story of Haymitch Abernathy by elsielouiseauthor
Hunger Games: The Second Quarter Q...by el
When Haymitch Abernathy is reaped for the 50th Hunger Games, a special twist is added in celebration of the second Quarter Quell - an event which occurs every 25 years t...
Recapturing the Bad Girls Heart by Spicytortia
Recapturing the Bad Girls Heartby Dani Harper
Continuation of The Cheerleader's Bad Girl.
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Words Meant A Lot (Jamie Campbell Bower) by A_nayia
Words Meant A Lot (Jamie Campbell...by Nayia
Tessa and Jamie are over. No more Jessa. He left her while she was pregnant and she had twins. Of course, Jamie doesn't know about 2 kids only 1. Aline and Edward are ge...
Roses on the Sidewalk {HP} by SnowingMoon
Roses on the Sidewalk {HP}by SnowingMoon
Rose Weasley was always a good girl. She followed the rules. But when a mystery unfolds during her fifth year at Hogwarts, Rose starts to get entangled with people she w...
You've Changed by MissManifestation
You've Changedby Miss Manifestation
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
Dark ( Bad Sanses X Child Reader ) 2 [Scrapped for Bad writing] by Voxtek-Enterprises
Dark ( Bad Sanses X Child Reader )...by Vox 💅
This story has been scrapped please don't read it <333
Scary Stories by nopenomorejokes
Scary Storiesby nojokes
scary stories because I feel like it
The Hidden Truth of Lalisa Manoban by cclalalili
The Hidden Truth of Lalisa Manobanby cclalalili
Jungkook and Lalisa were victims of an arranged marriage. One day, Jungkook asked for a divorce and made Lalisa sign the divorce papers. However, an accident occurred th...
The Summer I Fell In Love by so_so_sammy
The Summer I Fell In Loveby so_so_sammy
An Asa Butterfield/Reader Fan Fiction. You noticed Asa in a chemistry class, meeting him for the first time in a Theatre class, but you don't remember when you first sta...
You And I < Seulrene (COMPLETED) by AVK111
You And I < Seulrene (COMPLETED)by SeulBear
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Project : LOVE  by nxptune-
Project : LOVE by TrashMom
Complete✔️ Working on a bio for this
The odor of the accursed by Xalikyn
The odor of the accursedby Xalikyn
A continuation of my last I do need comments on it,so I can break and remold the terra-cotta pots
anxiety {s.p} by drxpacid
anxiety {s.p}by drxpacid
he helped her overcome the disease better than pills ever could
Ships of the Glitch: Rarity  by sparkle123tt
Ships of the Glitch: Rarity by Sparkle123tt
Do you enjoy the Glitch ship of Rip Hunter x Clarity Springs? Well this book is for you!
mother of the tailed beasts(a Naruto fanfiction) by electricbluelove
mother of the tailed beasts(a Naru...by Selena
a goddess the goddess of protection to be exact (i don't own Naruto or the original story line)