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Watch Me Burn | Massimo Torricelli by KDwizzle_
Watch Me Burn | Massimo Torricelliby euphoria
Bellissa Maranzano came from an Italian Mafia Family, she disguised herself when she went to New York, she was known as Priscilla Crawford. Massimo Torricelli was left o...
Michele Morrone Imagines by Moments_Aylin
Michele Morrone Imaginesby Ayliiiin
Michele Morrone is literally an internet boyfriend. This book will be filled with imaginations based on the one and only Michele Morrone. REQUESTS regarding different...
Met in NYC- Mattia Polibio  by jokyo_
Met in NYC- Mattia Polibio by jokyo_
Mattia- One of the most dangerous mafia leaders Alexa- An innocent angel While out in NYC to buy food for you and your boyfriend, Sam, you bump into him Once you walked...
TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART❤(ONE SHOTS SERIES)  by fangirl_bhoomi1307
TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART❤(ONE SHOTS S...by fangirl_bhoomi1307
Since I love Shakhi falling for each other... here's a Series of events with constant characters Shaurya and Anokhi and formation of their love stories😋❣️
Sorry baby  by rriverdaleships
Sorry baby by villanelles gf
An Italian mafia member gets hunted by Villanelle, a Russian assassin living in Paris. Which transforms into a forbidden romance and obsession (gxg)
Kingdom Hearts X Reader by The_Great_Devil_
Kingdom Hearts X Readerby Dead Hippie
••• REQUESTS CLOSED••• I do not own Kingdom hearts, Square Enix or any of the characters in the game. Nor do I own you. Only yours and the characters actions in the book...
365 days : mattia polibio by luvxovo
365 days : mattia polibioby luvxovo
this is just like the movie 365 days just as Mattia and y/n, hope you like it. the begging will be a different then how the begging of the movie went, and also it will t...
Mafia/ Mattia  by love979_das
Mafia/ Mattia by Mattia𓆉𓃱
Please read 𓆉♡︎🐵🦖⛄️ Hope you like it It's kind of like 365 days
365𝑑𝑎𝑦𝑠 by gimmekiths
365𝑑𝑎𝑦𝑠by gimmekiths
365 Days Of Poetry by boopskimitski
365 Days Of Poetryby boopskimitski
Join me in my one year adventure with poetry~ Also just a heads up, I've never written poetry before but I'll try. So grab your cookies, And pour warm milk in your cup...
Friends.. by tiktokxxstoriesxx
Friends..by anonymous
You have feelings for your best friend, Even though you have rules, 1. no catching feelings, This puts your friendship at risk
What We Could Have Been by hugs_for_hippies
What We Could Have Beenby ☆
Sequel to 365 days~ Alternate universe! What happens if all the events that recently occurred, didn't exactly happen? If you haven't read 365 days, you won't understand...
Enjoy Life Everyday 365dni by LeilahCristina
Enjoy Life Everyday 365dniby Leillah Cristina
Massimo went on with his life, as he always did surrounded by women, drinks and drugs! I take a look at the situation and position myself with the true Don TORRICELLI th...
Living together, apart by lifewuhkay
Living together, apartby • kiaa •
Ivy goes to the school of the rich. As every teenage movies she's watched, the nerd falls for the popular boy. Well her story is something similar. Ivy McClain is the Ne...
Mafia Boss (Jikook)  by Anela_22
Mafia Boss (Jikook) by Kookmin
Its kinda like the movie 365 days.
Vkook Watching 365 Days (VKOOK SMUT)  by Joonasnonexistentcar
Vkook Watching 365 Days (VKOOK SMU...by Joonasnonexistentcar
Kook whispered "we should watch 365 days" and kissed v on his cheek then he touched v's d!ck saying it was a "ACCIDENT"
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365 days of Snow Queen (Gerda and Rollan) by phantomwolfblue
365 days of Snow Queen (Gerda and...by phantomwolfblue
365 day prompt challenge to the Snow Queen franchise but focusing primarily on the ship of Gerda and Rollan along with other ships. Requests are welcomed, one prompt a d...
Mr. Blanchet by sunflowervol20
Mr. Blanchetby sunflowervol20
20-year-old Natalie Clemonte goes with her best friend to Rio de Janeiro during spring break. Little does she know, a sexy French billionaire Mason Blanchet will be look...
365 days 》 one-shots ||   HIATUS by notproffesional
365 days 》 one-shots || HIATUSby 》auteur 》
Welcome, all fanboys, fangirls, and the like. This is a reader insert book, meaning one-shots basically. Pirate! --- x Reader Human! --- x Reader Hetaloid! --- x Reade...
kidnapped idol by princessphobic
kidnapped idolby princessphobic
what happens when girl group "black rose" goes to an award show only to be greeted by a mafia leader on the big screen announcing he will be getting revenge by...