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Lern Jergi Imagines :) by fifthharmonizergb
Lern Jergi Imagines :)by 5Hgb
A bunch of Lauren Jauregui imagines...
Love and Basketball (Camren) by __jimmyneutron
Love and Basketball (Camren)by __jimmyneutron
Lauren Jauregui is the star basketball player who happens to be very shy in front of a certain someone. Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader who happens to have someth...
the green of your eyes by laurenjauregvii
the green of your eyesby lern jergi 🦁
Camila has spent the last few months of her life talking to a girl who she thinks she's falling for. But she has no idea who the girl actually is, or what she looks like...
Theirs [Fifth Harmony/You] by FFStories98
Theirs [Fifth Harmony/You]by 🐐
"You're Ours" They say I'm Theirs
Lern Jergi imagines (2) by fifthharmonizergb
Lern Jergi imagines (2)by 5Hgb
another book of Lauren Jauregui imagines (taking requests guys)
take a picture of all my flaws by laurenjauregvii
take a picture of all my flawsby lern jergi 🦁
Camila Cabello loves three things in life; her family, her friends, and Lauren Jauregui, her favourite actress in TV drama 'Silverhollow'. And, of course, the university...
my friends from instagram (fifth harmony) by mayadrinkswater
my friends from instagram (fifth h...by maya
lauren and dinah are best friends and one day, they decide to create a group chat. camila's kind of lonely, normani's kind of bored, and ally's kind of not around. warni...
Bets And Silent Messages (Camren) by beaniejauregui
Bets And Silent Messages (Camren)by beaniejauregui (Em)
A bet is a harmless thing, right? Sometimes, but not when it has been planned by Dinah and Normani. When Lauren and Camila made a bet with her bandmates, they didn't kno...
Her Princess (Lauren/you) by Jokers_babydoll
Her Princess (Lauren/you)by Princess 👑
Lauren Jauregui age 26. She is one of the most notorious criminals better yet mafia leader. She's feared by everyone including all the criminals. She's ruthless and to m...
submissive by laurenjauregvii
submissiveby lern jergi 🦁
Lauren just wants to be a good girl for her mistress. (submissive!lauren + mistress!camila.) (This work may not be posted/copied/reproduced/translated without explicit p...
Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly editing* by camren_arianator
Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly ed...by Vic😬
What happens when the world's richest girl in the whole world falls in love with the new maid's daughter? Will she allow the other girl into her life or allow her to kee...
beachside infatuation ≫ camren by camzilo
beachside infatuation ≫ camrenby m
Lauren, a skater girl who likes the euphoric feeling of the outside world. You'll see her riding out with a snapback on. She isn't all too intimidating as she looks, she...
Prank Gone Wrong (Camren Non-AU) by auduna
Prank Gone Wrong (Camren Non-AU)by corinna
Dinah Jane Hansen - prankster extraordinaire. But sometimes pranks can go horribly wrong. How was she supposed to know that knocking on Lauren's door at 4 a.m. was going...
Paper Scars || camren by camrenuploads
Paper Scars || camrenby camrenuploads
original Paper Scars fanfiction from the 5hfanfiction tumblr. "Today was the day. It was the day Lauren was going to reunite with her group Fifth Harmony for their...
Tongue Tied (Camren) by paradisity
Tongue Tied (Camren)by paradisity
"Hey," an attractive brunette said with a small smile. Lauren felt her heart speed up. She had never, ever wished she was able to speak so badly. Trigger warni...
Mind [Fifth Harmony/You] by FFStories98
Mind [Fifth Harmony/You]by 🐐
'It's your intuition. Trust it'
Baby Come Back by holychels
Baby Come Backby chelsea
I wanted Baby Come Back to be on Wattpad because it is one of the first Camren fanfics I ever read and I was surprised no one uploaded it here. The storyline is great an...
camren one shots by mayadrinkswater
camren one shotsby maya
some camren one shots and some short stories and who knows what else? (suggestions welcome!)
*Camren* One Shots by LBSdirectioner1999
*Camren* One Shotsby that train has sailed!
This is a compilation of Camren One Shots that range from fluffy pancakes to sizzling hot bacon.
family by laurenjauregvii
familyby lern jergi 🦁
Camila Cabello has nowhere to live for her sophomore year of college, so she answers an online ad and moves in with Lauren Jauregui. At first, Lauren seems like everythi...