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BTS: my brothers. by jiminlove31
BTS: my brothers.by 솜틀 💞
Imagine having seven brothers, who happened to be BTS. Every ARMY's dream, right?! Well you will read Ji su diary, as she describes her life living with BTS. You might e...
အဖြူရောင်ခမ်းနားခြင်းများ (Uni&Zawgyi) by kimsorel26
အဖြူရောင်ခမ်းနားခြင်းများ (Uni&Zaw...by kimsorel26
ကူးပေါက်နဲ့ သူ၏ ချစ်လှစွာသောအကိုတွေအကြောင်းကို နူးနူးညံ့ညံ့လေးတစ်မျိူး ခါးသက်သက်လေးနဲ့တစ်မျိုး ပုံဖော်ပေးသွားပါမည်။ Start Date : Feb21,2022
Grief and Gone  by gg0105
Grief and Gone by gg0105
Karla Santiago didn't see the point of life during high school. Getting bullied constantly she was nothing at her school. Once she receives the worst news any 16-year-ol...
Mafia family by Peterparkers4life1
Mafia familyby
Alexandra is finally put in a good home with her older brothers
My Typical Life by Liam_Alexander_2022
My Typical Lifeby Liam Collins
Hi, I'm Amy Halle Berry. I'm the youngest child and only daughter to Fred and Miley Berry. I have 7 Older siblings, but here is the catch, they're all boys. I know what...
emotional support *plz read discrept* by crazy_coco23
emotional support *plz read discre...by CEO of gayness
thank you for coming and reading the description cuz I couldn't get any body to actually come and read this story cuz this is a leviathan x Asmodeus and people will most...
tess by kaydeekelso
tessby 25/11/6
tess is 13 years old girl the only family she know is her mom jennifer rose mickele and her nana miss pok and her grandaughter jess are best friends one day after school...
My 7 Brothers by SadisticCvddlies
My 7 Brothersby Cvddlies
"She belongs to me got it boys? She's only my beautiful angel!" mommy crasses cheek "Yea whatever!" ~ All the boys "She's mine!" ~Michio &q...
The Tomboy And Mr.Dangerous by Chi_potatoarmy
The Tomboy And Mr.Dangerousby Chi_potatoarmy
Alexis Paris is a total tomboy. Has all the traits of a tomboy and traits of a guy. Lucas Grayson is a bad boy and a gang leader. Has all the traits of a bad boy and...
Blessing or Burden by EthanBisenio
Blessing or Burdenby Ethan Bisenio
A journey of 7 prince brothers to the outside world!
obey me oneshots [x gn!reader] by pearlgrey_
obey me oneshots [x gn!reader]by Remy
satan is MY little meow meow confirmed/j we can share ig,,, ||erratic updates|| ||requests open jus request wherever||
Last First Date.   by TheTeddyBearQueen200
Last First Date. by Teddybear1
Leukemia, a malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leukocytes. These sup...
Wishes  by yourdaddysfavorite27
Wishes by yourdaddysfavorite27
Wish- to feel a strong hope for something that is not easily attainable. Selena Nefeli has always wished for more. Being the most ruthless assassin in New York isn't en...
My 7 Overprotective Mafia brothers (BTS FF) by lisha_mal
My 7 Overprotective Mafia brothers...by Malisha Khan
A young 18 year old girl lives with her 7 older brothers who are extremely overprotective of her. Her life isn't like anyone else she is always in constant danger. How w...
[BTS Ff] OverProtective Brothers || ReaderXBTS by DaydreamJhopeJh
[BTS Ff] OverProtective Brothers |...by Daydream
I'm Y/n and I am the youngest of 8 kids. But I'm the only girl. So you may know what this story is about. MY BROTHERS,lets just say... they are WAAAYYY too protective. B...
My Stepbrothers by itsinkerrrr
My Stepbrothersby Inke✨🍍
A normal, yet shy 16 year old girl, gets bullied every day by a group of 7 boys. They have bullied her ever since she was 14. Meet Lexi Johnson, a girl who lost her mot...
Their last hope by humanunidentified
Their last hopeby unknown
Aria was the youngest and only female sibling of the Rossi famiglia, when 7 men show up to arias school claiming to be her brothers will she believe them? will she agree...
PROTECTED by nyepisode
PROTECTEDby ny.episode
A young girl named Elianna is sweet, small, and simple. Ellianna and her mother have been on their own for as long as she's known. When she suddenly loses her mother in...