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Snake Whisperer  by enhlesa101
Snake Whisperer by Minenhle Nkosi
Her life changes when she gets chased out of her home. things go from bad to worse when she discovers she has a rare gift ehich most people considered to be a myth. she...
The Weapon by Ifiehi
The Weaponby Ifumi Ehigiator
A young man who hoped to be a pastor now reflects on his life in his criminal hideout. Trigger warning: matured content - violence, sexual content, and abuse TO MY DEAR...
MATCHED  With The SHOEMAKER by vickybr60
MATCHED With The SHOEMAKERby Victoria Ezekiel
Ndifreke- Abasi Idongesit has lost hope completely in life and love when her long boyfriend Abadoned her and their five year old daughter . Crystal Williams the only so...
LOVE AND SEX by millinga_ezekiel
LOVE AND SEXby millinga_ezekiel
There is a saying, "sex without love is just mating and love without sex is just a philosophy." Nikita believes that sex is for marriage and Brian believes tha...
on RAUL STREET #projectNigeria by oreoluwaeunice
on RAUL STREET #projectNigeriaby Oreoluwa Eunice
Five families, One festival and a whole lot of drama. Meet the Okorie's, once the richest family until the Okonkwo's moved in. Will Ruby be able to live with it? Up nex...
AYANDA  BORN OF THE STORM by nashewrites
AYANDA BORN OF THE STORMby Tinovimbanashe Chimhandamba ™
Ayanda Mapfumo, a young girl, oblivious to the dangerous world she's born into. Her reality suddenly comes crashing down as she meets eye to eye with the forces of pure...
Devils, Doctors & Tuxedos. by avuu0415
Devils, Doctors & avuu0415
If you could ask anyone about lilly, they would tell you she is the most beautiful girl in town, every girl would die to have her perfect life. But what happens when sh...
Ayo (My Sorrow) by Osaro_Oghadeva
Ayo (My Sorrow)by Osaro_Oghadeva
A super-short story of love, bitterness, and forgiveness.
Mixed feelings ( the beginning of our untold story )  by SALAUDEENADEDIWURA
Mixed feelings ( the beginning SALAUDEEN ADEDIWURA
"Ademidun , you've to choose between us, who do you want to be with him or me ? I need answer like right now" "you're not my father so you've no right t...
Iqahwe  by MushashoPhiri
Iqahwe by Mushasho Phiri
A girl with a mysterious past that threatens to ruin her world once she is discovered
Habiba by BlisswithFelicia
Habibaby BlisswithFelicia
Habiba is a Nigerian story about a young girl, who only wish was to get into the senior secondary school so that she could finally attend the boarding school she has alw...
The Dilemma  by Lagaminization
The Dilemma by Lagamy Gumaneh
An African-styled story which portrays fascinating scenes that revolve around a money that was meant to liberate a family from poverty. The Dilemma is meant not to just...
First Impressions by camaa_pearl
First Impressionsby Margaret Adetimehin
A perfect blend of imperfect characters you'll perfectly love. In search of opportunities and commitment, six African millennials find themselves spun in a web of friend...
Memories of an African Child by chiotu
Memories of an African Childby chiotu
The story is a childhood memory of a holiday experience with a grandmother in an African Village
OKONTA a furious village hunter, fearful, wicked and very hostile, hijack the life of his rival. Being one of the protagonists of the play brought out the unclean lifest...
Prisoners of Lust by MssMunir
Prisoners of Lustby MssMunir
A glimpse into a secret life that makes Jummai navigate society's conscience.
JÁDÚVÈÌ by Temi_Grey
JÁDÚVÈÌby Temitayo Thomas
It's a story about a fictional kingdom called Jádúvèì, Where anything against the rules of the society is punishable by death or severe punishment. What happens when the...
The Pilate Guilt by PatriciaFavour
The Pilate Guiltby PatriciaFavour
In a moment of carnal weakness, Samuel Ezekwe destroys a historic opportunity to change his life and cannot come to terms with the reality of that loss. Refusing to take...
WATTNIGERIA by WattNigeria
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Finding love in the wrong place. Trying to make the only family you have left happy, doing things you know your sister would have done for you and following your love an...