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The Villainess Awakens After Marrying the Male Lead's Brother by KtyKm6
The Villainess Awakens After kaoutar
When Wen Yu was about to be caught for committing adultery, she suddenly awakened to her past life memories, realizing that she was just a cannon fodder supporting chara...
𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐓𝐈𝐄𝐒 by -VoteforBebe
They say true love's the greatest weapon To win the war caused by pain But every diamond has imperfections But my love's too pure to watch it chip away
Transmigrating into a Big Villain in the Book by WarrenZafra7
Transmigrating into a Big Warren Zafra
THE STORY AND IT'S TRANSLATION IS NOT MINE!! For offline purpose only What? Ke Ruan transmigrated into a book that he had read and became the vicious big villain? The Ke...
Isekai Ni Ten'i Shita Nihon: Thus The Sun Rises by RU_NCL_UD
Isekai Ni Ten'i Shita Nihon: CLOUDY
A bright blue light consumed the whole Japanese lands, thus they were transferred to a new world (It's basically Japan with different era's of technology smashed togethe...
Elena's Twin Sister [1] ᵀᵛᴰ by thesupernaturalTeen
Elena's Twin Sister [1] ᵀᵛᴰby thesupernaturalTeen
Elena is not the only Gilbert doppelgänger. Elena has a sister twin. Jennifer. "I'm scared to live but I'm scared to die" "Ha I always loved that song see...
Dark Liberty by MKfrisco0509
Dark Libertyby Kenzie Friskey
As little Eliza Potter grew up in the orphanage grew to be abandoned and eventually became a leader of the British Wizarding World with Tom Riddle once again sane it's s...
Thriving in another world as a kryptonian  by user444890
Thriving in another world as a user444890
Note:I don't own the planet Krypton and the Kryptonian race as it belongs to DC comics During the destruction of Krypton a kryptonian soldier by the name of Rul is summo...
A Blue Reality by anyasimon63
A Blue Realityby Wolfe
Alina Freeze was special. She was special in many different ways. She was too special for the world, so she went away to live in another reality where she was perfect...
Oh God Not Again! by darkdemonwings7
Oh God Not Again!by WOLVERINE
So, everything didn't work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he'd gotten married and was about to become a father. If only he'd have stayed a...
Love Elevator by miss_oline
Love Elevatorby Caroline
Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and...
Rebirth in the apocalypse: I rely on space to collect billions of materials by yanatheice123
Rebirth in the apocalypse: I yelena taylor
ချစ်လှစွာသောသားရဲလေး ( ခ်စ္လွစြာေသာသားရဲေလး) by pice200
ချစ်လှစွာသောသားရဲလေး ( ခ်စ္လွစြာေသ kitty
ကူးပြောင်းခံရတဲ့သာမာန်လူသားလေးတစ်ယောက် မျိုးနွယ်စုက အသုံးမကျလို့စွန်ပစ်ခံလိုက်ရသော်လည်း ကူးပြောင်းခံရတုန်းက ရခဲ့သော ဆေးပညာ လက်ဆောင်လေးရခဲ့လေတယ် ။ seme များတစ်ယောက်ထက်ပို...
The last Queen by launicnun
The last Queenby Laura 333
Oliver and his younger sister Alexandria got lost on a shipwreck 5 years ago. After going through hell at a young age how did this affect the youngest Queen sibling? Ho...
Open Gate Thailand by Achiranon_Theptui
Open Gate Thailandby เบส เอสเปรสโซ
In 2032, Thailand was attacked by a mysterious army emerging from the Gate in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. Consequently, Thailand deployed its naval forces into i...
Trying: Roles have Switched (Dad!ASL x Child!Reader) by TheLittleBrownLegacy
Trying: Roles have Switched (Dad! Nightlight
(A One Piece story, the parallel version of Kirakux's story: Trying. Go check it out if you want to, it's a great story.) Luffy, Sabo, and Ace were all adopted from the...
In Another World With My Shipgirls by MrChewyWrites
In Another World With My Shipgirlsby ItsMrChewy
Between a block and a hard place... There's always a way in... The horror, the blood... Make it, or work it... Doe, what will you do? Yostar: Azur Lane Based on: 'In Ano...
Transmigrated into the Primitive Wilderness as a Great God by cara20mia
Transmigrated into the Primitive cara20mia
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY (this is not my story) ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR SOURCE: mtl Details Short Title : TIPWAGG Alternate Title : 穿到蛮荒扮大神 Status...
That Time I got Reincarnated as Woz by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
That Time I got Reincarnated as Wozby Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Kamen Rider Woz x That Time I got Reincarnated as A Slime A guy named Midori Asura was killed after saving a boy from hitted by a truck. Because of his bravery, he met...
alter brother of mordred (fate/staynight x reader) book 2 by Paratroopa
alter brother of mordred (fate/ Paratroopa
this is part two to the series. this time (Y/n) is summoned as a avenger in fate stay night. This story is completed