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Skin in the Game by booksofchange
Skin in the Gameby Chris Tius
When someone mentioned to Quentin Coldwater Fillory's deadliest assassin, he told the person to take a hike. That was before. Since their last altercation with the Beas...
[#Battle the Beast] -1- Pentagram by BelitAm
[#Battle the Beast] -1- Pentagramby Belit BelitAm
The Beast is trapped, and ever-resourceful. Quentin's friends both save and doom the day. --- Entry 1 for @SyFy's #Battle the Beast contest. Cover picture: NanoMortis @D...
A God's Children by MagiciansFanatic
A God's Childrenby Sandy
Quentin and his friends try to battle The Beast by saving a few children. What they don't know, is they've already died 11 times in the process of trying to take this cr...
The First Encounter by looni3t00n
The First Encounterby looni3t00n
This is the first battle of how somethings came to be. Quentin, Penny and Jane are trying to find their friends Alice and Julia but most importantly they are trying to...
Against the Beast by ZeissIkon
Against the Beastby ZeissIkon
Quentin Coldwater's fourteenth encounter with the Beast
The Magician's Help // A #BattleTheBeast Story by yomaddymad
The Magician's Help // A Maddy
An entry for the #BattleTheBeast contest by The Magicians.
The Last Guardian (#BattleTheBeast) by NuraNico
The Last Guardian (#BattleTheBeast)by Nicholas Coatney
Within the 39 lives Quentin Coldwater has lived, he crosses the path of a Magician sought out to protect him from the Beast by the forever cryptic Eliza. My entry for...
A Brother's Love by DavinaG
A Brother's Loveby DavinaG
Quentin has uncovered a spell that will allow him to channel all of their magic and amplify it. It may give them a chance to defeat The Beast, but it will cost him his l...
New mistakes by StillIntoYou18
New mistakesby StillIntoYou18
Entry for the #BattleTheBeast contest.
When Illusions Shatter (#BattleTheBeast) by valieriarappatoni
When Illusions Shatter ( Valieria
I'm no good at story descriptions, but I hope this gets a chance at being read. Anyway I'm not really sure what I can say about this except that: -This is my entry into...
Trial and Error by noir_ette
Trial and Errorby M
One of the 39 attempts to kill the Beast
Have You Tried Talking It Out? by Villory
Have You Tried Talking It Out?by Villory
#BattleTheBeast submission - One of Quentin Coldwater's earlier battles with the Beast! In which Quentin tries the age-old method of talking it out with the Beast.
Time-Honored Tradition by PrettyKoolDame
Time-Honored Traditionby PrettyKoolDame
Quentin Coldwater has just slipped Dean Fogg a bit of truth serum. Will Quentin get the answers he needs to defeat the Beast before time runs out?
Mind's Eye by p3milian1
Mind's Eyeby p3milian1
The Magicians Writing Contest
Last Chance Either Way - #BattleTheBeast Submission by SamRikard
Last Chance Either Way - Sam Rikard
An alternative story-line to the Season 1 Finale of The Magicians. Quentin and his friends--acquaintances in some cases, have entered the wellspring shack to find Plover...
Good Afternoon, This is Quentin in IT. by MatMontgomery
Good Afternoon, This is Quentin Mat Montgomery
Deaths Number Twelve and Fourteen of Quentin Coldwater
#BattleTheBeast by RMHuffman
#BattleTheBeastby RMHuffman
A ~1,500 word short story for the #BattleTheBeast contest from The Magicians, on SyFy. It recounts one of the 39 unfortunate times Quentin Coldwater and his friends from...
Battle the beast by bscsquad
Battle the beastby bscsquad
One of Quentins many try's to battle the beast.