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Obsession once again  by trusfratedkook
Obsession once again by Aliana
Here he come again~ More evil More merciless twist and turns ahead
Soulmarks - L.S. by all-out-of-tune
Soulmarks - All Out Of Tune
On your 10th birthday, the first words your soulmate speaks to you appear somewhere on your skin. Louis didn't really care. Harry loved love. Louis and Harry were soul...
Guardians✔️✔️ by Snowg716
Guardians✔️✔️by Jessica Frost
කාටුන් චරිත කීපයක් මුල් කරගෙන තමා කතාව යන්නේ 😊😊 එහෙම කතා අඩුයිනේ... මේ මම කාටුන් චරිත දාලා ලිව්ව දෙවනි එක....කියවලා බලන්න...
Honkai Impact 3rd things  by CrimsonMassacre
Honkai Impact 3rd things by CrimsonMassacre
Memes and random stuff to do with Honkai. (Still going)
Gem of love :Dragon nest warrior dawn by Jessicakaidou
Gem of love :Dragon nest warrior Jessica kaios
liya and limber are in a small relation ship lamber become an hero and go with barnac on a journey while for liya helping queen nerwin.while karacole and temarai sterte...
You're just mine.  by Jeon_Ji_Yu_Ra
You're just mine. by 👣Jiyura
" Mr. jungkook ඔයා වගේ කෙනෙක් ලග මගේ දරුවා හැදෙන්නේ නෑ. please මගෙන් ඈත්වෙන්න. ඔයාට කොහෙමත් අපිට වැඩිය අර යූරා හොදයිනේ. අපෙන් ඈත් වෙලා ඉන්න . " " Liya yo...
In Love with the Commander: Nile Dok by NarutoBorutoTextss
In Love with the Commander: Nile ❤️LizsaSenju/Asano❤️
I love Nile from Attack on Titan. So here is my Nile Story, with my oc: Liya Acura. Imagine her like you want. But i'll make a description of her here soon.
Love Isn't Just A Word 2 by Beautiful_But_Nerdy
Love Isn't Just A Word 2by Beautiful_But_Nerdy
Miya and Zayn are back, with a baby on the way?! Disclaimer- You should probably read book one before book 2 or you won't have as clear of an understanding Thank you...
𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐲 || SoJunghwan by junghwancowbaby
𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐲 || SoJunghwanby podong 💛 .
" kalau kita memang dah ditakdirkan bersama , tiada siapa boleh mengubah nya " junghwan kisah dimana pertemuan minha dan junghwan di dorm yang sama telah pun m...
Forever And Ever by lapynsuklin
Forever And Everby HSZ kittybunnymay
Taehyung x reader read to find out what happened. This is my first idolxreader okay Highest ranking #4 liya -16 dec 2020 #11liya -2 January 2021 #27liya out of 30 stori...
Agent Awesome :Forever Fight As One by AJS8240720
Agent Awesome :Forever Fight As Oneby Agent A
"Squadron! Strike! " is the battle cry of the squadron. Lets see how Ash and his team go on there journey to be the heroes that the should be. I own non...
Redeeming_Love  ||KTH [on going] by kiml91626
Redeeming_Love ||KTH [on going]by ~☆~
යුද්දයත් ආදරයත් අතර දෝලනය වන ඔහුගේ සිත❤️ KTH FF💜 (on going)
a girl that was Beatyfull insid and out but did not know it by tyraodayarchetty
a girl that was Beatyfull insid tyraodayarchetty
Only look at the most beautyfull things like the mirror
too bad, you're not mine by alwayskeiji
too bad, you're not mineby iya
[ENG] for all those people who didn't get to have the person they like, this is for you
Liya by hrudab
Liyaby hrudab
What are you doing?" I asked. "Giving you the honour" he said. "Well I don't want it" I said it. "I know you want" he was about to kis...
Train Terminal (ONE-SHOT) by KiahGen
Train Terminal (ONE-SHOT)by ♡Keygie♡
I wish happy ending really exist.