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Ridiculed  by SteveRogersPrincess
Ridiculed by This is heavy
Traumatic? No Numb? Yes This isn't your usual kidnapping story- no... not at all... it doesn't matter who I am but all you need to know is that I got revenge on my kidna...
Lost puppy by HENNESSYLVE
Lost puppyby HENNESSYLVE
A girl that's been going threw some shit in her life and now she's having a baby
Broken Orbit | ONC by BerryButterfly11
Broken Orbit | ONCby BerryButterfly
☆ Featured on Science Fiction and ONC Longlist ☆ Earth's orbit has been broken, sending the planet soaring into the depths of space. ~ A horrific miscalculation...
Think  by LmaoItsLilly
Think by Lilliana
If you're about to, or thinking to commit suicide, please read this. Short story by Meggie Royer.
Life As I Know It  by SherieFields
Life As I Know It by Sherie Fields
"I can't really explain it... I can't express all the things going through my head. I can only try to make you understand." ~Alyssa Carter AUTHORS NOTE ( this...
8 long years by highly_unstable
8 long yearsby heyo we writting here
back at it again with Mayoi what can I say I simp for the guy. Anyway I sat down with a friend and we talked about the past of Mayoi which we know almost nothing about b...
The Wind| Ⓢⓣⓘⓛⓛ Ⓔⓓⓘⓣⓘⓝⓖ  by _caylie_bug_
The Wind| Ⓢⓣⓘⓛⓛ Ⓔⓓⓘⓣⓘⓝⓖ by _caylie_bug_
When you find yourself giving up, listen for the soft whistle of the wind, feel the wind brush pass you ever so slightly, smell the story the wind brings of where it had...
Just sad thoughts  by NicoAndWill36
Just sad thoughts by NicoAndWill36
Just daily dark and depressing thoughts I have and no one to tell them to and I hear all the time that writing them down helps
The girl in the woods  by chelsea4424787
The girl in the woods by chelsea4424787
This book is about a teenage girl who has no home. In the book it's her life basically and it's a question would she find a home or not. Please vote for this book I am p...
Darkness Within The Places Around You by Sorrow-chan
Darkness Within The Places Grader (private)
A story about a lonely girl from the age she remembers and the present day A shared story frim a friend.
NOwhere to Go by Silverocket
NOwhere to Goby Silverocket
An action thriller about the search for the Long lost SPIRAL WEB that was said to be the greatest work of one of the pioneers of Hushin Academy-an Academy for those tale...
No where to go  by the_gamer_cow
No where to go by Kate
Lost girls dog gets brutally murdered, and the poor girl gets taken and she has to find her way to a safe point but where ? Is it him or is it not ? She seems nice but i...
Series of Poems by doctorwho0709
Series of Poemsby JRWolf
These are a bunch of meaningful poems. I write them when I am depressed and sad. I write them when I'm happy. They might be dark. There might be swear words. I hope you...
City Escape by _-Aster_Forgot-Me_-
City Escapeby Black Orchid
(Cover picture not mine!!) This is a story about my most recently created OC. Her name is Connie. She lives in the outskirts of a city with her sorry excuse for a fathe...
Nowhere to go by N0tR3mmy
Nowhere to goby N0tR3mmy
Listen to 'worldstar money (interlude)' while reading for best experience :)
My Brutal Love by savannah99988
My Brutal Loveby ~Savannah~
You play the roll as Billie Joe, a high school student with his best friends Mike and Tre. You are in a toxic relationship with this girl for now is whatshername. Your 2...
Tickets To The Deep by lilmisspeekaboo
Tickets To The Deepby Aby
The only thing they won was a ticket, a ticket to an early in the deep. Cover by @ lavinie_jovanovic