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Lesbian Oneshots by sapphichloe
Lesbian Oneshotsby chloe
Lesbian Oneshots for Pride Month 2019! All written by me - do not repost here or on any other sites without permission
Sanders Sides Pride One Shots by EchoInFadingLight
Sanders Sides Pride One Shotsby EchoInFadingLight
A One Shot book based around pride month prompts. Content warnings at the start of each story.
Pride Month 30 Day Challenge! by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pride Month 30 Day Challenge!by Remus Hisahoshi
The rules is to update once a day with as much representation as humanely possible. Why? Because Pride 2019! Woo! 1- Gay Pride 2- Lesbian Pride 3- Bi Pride 4- Asexual Pr...
Baker Boy | Antoni Porowski by AmyRutnerr
Baker Boy | Antoni Porowskiby Amy Rutnerr
Liam Walters was one of Bobby's only friends when it came to his hometown, to the point that Liam almost ran away too when Bobby left for New York. They've kept in touc...
(🏹) ✔️ 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮-ONE SHOTS!  by sauceysink
(🏹) ✔️ 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮-ONE r + e
"Please don't take my sunshine away!" In which Amanda writes one shots of It (2017), Stranger Things, and The Hunger Games for you when she's too lazy to work...
One, Little Scar #UnlimitedPride by VSSantoni
One, Little Scar #UnlimitedPrideby V.S. Santoni
All of our experiences as LGBTQ+ people are different, informed by religion, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. so an important part of being in a community is shari...
why can't I find love like I find tragedy by illumatthew
why can't I find love like I illumatthew
a collection of a few thoughts I've gathered to do with love and tragedy.
30 Days of Pride by QueerWarriors
30 Days of Prideby The Queer Warriors
QueerWarriors bring you a celebration in the month of June. Pride month! Appearances from all our books may appear, so come and enjoy it! Special appearances and intervi...
First Sight by deadlikeacactus
First Sightby deadlikeacactus
Sean is the son of two strictly-Christian parents. After they kicked their oldest and only daughter out of the house due to catching her kissing another girl, they decid...
Pride Month Challenge by demigod_wannabe_7
Pride Month Challengeby Demigod
Pride 2019: I can't draw to save my life but I would like to join this art challenge. I have a character app and I'll use that and make a backstory for them, I'm gonna u...
Say My Name by Gayforyah
Say My Nameby Gayforyah
The golden haired boy with bright eyes throws his head back and started laughing loudly. If Lindon wasn't in the close to peeing his pants level of scared he might have...
Love, Jessie (Jessie Paege FanFic) by KittyKatie811
Love, Jessie (Jessie Paege FanFic)by Katie
In honour of Pride Month 2019, I introduce to you Love, Jessie check out the trailer by Editing Is Everything. Jessie Paege never knew tha...
Scars |Septiplier| by SuperstitiousWolf
Scars |Septiplier|by Alex
Mark has been very quiet lately, but no one noticed. Everywhere he went he wore a hoodie But no one knew why..
fascination // ✔ by uncomfortablyquiet
fascination // ✔by Tii
❝ ironically, it started in the house of god, a house where my kind are shunned ❞ My brief encounter with a Christian girl who was my eye opener to the LGBTQ+ community...
My love  by Old_soul_916
My love by Old_soul_916
this story is about a one sided lover and her love for the girl she saw for the first time and fell in love at that exact moment......
My LGBTQ Journey 2019 by blaineblainegoaway
My LGBTQ Journey 2019by Blaine Belmont
This is a journal for the 2019 #UnlimitedPride event on Wattpad. For every story with the "#UnlimitedPride" tag, Wattpad with donate $1 to GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian...
Gothic // OC x OC by TheCrazyGays
Gothic // OC x OCby Faith & Emmalee
"Giving up just isn't an option anymore." OC x OC Aphmau PDH