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Help-Solangelo  by solangelo_ships
Help-Solangelo by Grace {she/her}
Nico di Angelo is not per say, a happy camper. After the battle in Blood of Olympus he is told to stay in the infirmary for three days by the all-too-happy-camper Will S...
Solangelo oneshots by Bella_Gold
Solangelo oneshotsby Bella Gold
[COMPLETED] As the name says, it's Solangelo oneshots. There's only fifteen chapters, but they were all pre-written, so you won't have to wait for updates. Hope you like...
Solace In Love (Season 2) ✍️ by Poohbear8435
Solace In Love (Season 2) ✍️by PoohBear
She had a dark past, he had a bitter one too. Will they be able to find solace in each other? "Huh? You!", She looked at him in shock. "Yes, I heard your...
Solangelo One-Shots by Super_Nerd1234
Solangelo One-Shotsby tired :,)
Miss Quinn by ShipItLikeAPackage
Miss Quinnby TESSA
Originally Published on Quotev (HP AND PJO CROSSOVER) Emma Quinn is supposedly one of the most powerful witches in the world. Yet how can that be when she's nobody speci...
Married to you ✔ by Aaku_14
Married to you ✔by Aaku
Arrange marriage, I hated to even hear about it. But my fate didn't favour me. Being from a conservative family, I was forced into an arranged marriage. I was forced to...
Just The Beginning... (Solangelo) by NotJustAnime
Just The Beginning... (Solangelo)by REI
Solangelo vampire AU Will is a vampire, and the son of the coven leader. But to the irritation of his father and the disgust of the majority of the vampire race, he ref...
His Sanity , Her solace by rathoreakshi
His Sanity , Her solaceby Akshita Rathore
Have you wondered if there is something as pure love branched out of admiration? Have you ever wondered about finding permanent bliss , the one , the love of your life i...
Percy Jackson One Shots and Short Stories  by unsureavenger
Percy Jackson One Shots and unsure avenger
Short stories, in no particular order, of the beloved characters from the universe of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus. Includes various mortals, demigods, monst...
How To Fix A Broken Heart: Solangelo fanfic by Lovehatedream
How To Fix A Broken Heart: Lovehatedream
So, this is the first fanfiction I'm posting on this app... Ehhh... It's just your normal solangelo fanfic. Lots of tears and feels. Umm constructive criticism is aloud...
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I Am Wind (Will Solace) by FanFicWarrior
I Am Wind (Will Solace)by Mckayla
Jamie Landis was hidden from the world protected by a goddess until the day she could travel to Camp-Half Blood by herself. Not knowing her true parentage causes her to...
You Are My Solace 《 Arshi》 by AksArshi
You Are My Solace 《 Arshi》by 🌈AksArshi⚘
Love story of Arnav and Khushi (Arshi).. "Please don't leave me jaan...." "Never", she said... "Never ever... I will be with you till my last b...
Solangelo Oneshots by 23ShipsQueen23
Solangelo Oneshotsby 23ShipsQueen23
Decided to start this one because we love Will and Nico here. Fluff and angst ahead! I love and do take requests so please leave them! Enjoy these oneshots lovelies!
Castles | A Solangelo AU by Zestyplums
Castles | A Solangelo AUby Sam
*Complete* Prince William has read all his life, read of true love and soul mates. So when he is to marry a Princess of a neighboring kingdom against his will he his hea...
Black and White by xshipsetsailx
Black and Whiteby god i have too many ships
Soulmates: the interest of our generation. We live and breath for them, walk and talk about them. It's so exciting finding yours- that moment when the blacks, whites a...
Shadows (Solangelo) by dani2511
Shadows (Solangelo)by Dani
A Solangelo Fanfiction Book #1 After the war Nico Di Angelo plans on leaving Camp Half-Blood to start a new life and maybe be happy again. But what happens when a certai...
solangelo oneshots  by theatrecats
solangelo oneshots by ★Jules★
THERE ARE TWO THINGS IN THIS BOOK: •a collection of one shots •a fanfiction character credits (excluding Eli) to Rick Riordan, cover art credits to unknown artist.
Solangelo Oneshots (Boyxboy) by grace_mace
Solangelo Oneshots (Boyxboy)by Gracie
HELLO GAY-SHIPPING DEMIGODS! Enjoy these random shots of Nico and Will. Requests are awesome!!! SOLANGELO IS OTP
Tails of the Sea by _BookHippocampi_
Tails of the Seaby _BookHippocampi_
At last; some Peace. But Percy should have known that the next trouble doesn't wait.... Becoming a mermaid​... I mean merman is one thing. But a new prophecy is a whol...
тнєιя ℓαѕт ѕσℓα¢є | A Batfamily Fanfiction by Eli_The_Magic_Duck
тнєιя ℓαѕт ѕσℓα¢є | A Batfamily Eli_The_Magic_Duck
Solace /ˈsɒlɪs/ NOUN; comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. She was their Light She was their Sister She was their Hope Sh...