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The Littlest Winchester  by Teenwolfmk55
The Littlest Winchester by Makayla
Hazel Winchester is 5 years old, her older brothers are Sam and Dean Winchester, their father is John Winchester. When their dad doesn't return from a trip, Dean gets w...
The Abomination - Teen Wolf by wtfhahaa
The Abomination - Teen Wolfby Idk what I’m doing
After Mercedes Parker's last remaining family members were killed by none other than her own brother, Kai Parker, she moved to a town called beacon hills. She befriends...
"Our Differences" (Hunter X Reader) by justyourfriendlybard
"Our Differences" (Hunter X Reader)by hales
Y/n, above average student. Teen prodigy, possibly the only thing the golden guard and them have in common. Golden guard, bratty, annoying at least that's what y/n thoug...
Destined to Slavery by CookieAdu
Destined to Slaveryby Cookie Adu
Ama Odumaa, a 17 year old teen has a lot of goals and aspirations ahead of the future she works towards and she will do anything at all cost to achieve the best... *** M...
Another abomination witch!? by bibunny7
Another abomination witch!?by bibunny7
Hi this is a owl house story with my oc I hope you like it 😊 "I hate people. So why do I feel so attached to them? Why do I want to keep them all safe? What are t...
Argent Eye II by Louisa_Miller
Argent Eye IIby Louisa Miller
It's been six months since the whole Haydn incident. Darkness and Light are back where they belong- wherever that is- and things are starting to return back to what is c...
Devil in Disguise (Kai Parker) by GillianAndrews0
Devil in Disguise (Kai Parker)by Gillian Andrews
What can I tell you about the 90s? Well, not much. I know that Kurt Cobain died in that decade. I know the Soviet Union collapsed in that decade. I know the World Wide W...
Malignant | Jack Kline by jacksangel
Malignant | Jack Klineby - Ally-
"You either die a HERO, or you live long enough to see yourself become the VILLAIN." •Supernatural Fanfic • season 13 •Jack Kline x OC Cover by @soulofstaa...
DEVILS SMILE, SIREN EYES - klaus mikaelson by tobzka
DEVILS SMILE, SIREN EYES - klaus m...by tobzka
she licks blood off her fingers and she looks like divine absolution. careful, meleager, this is your sport but she's not playing a game. do not think you are safe be...
The Senseless Dragon Slayer ( A Fairy Tail Fanfiction - OC ) by moonlightbuckingham
The Senseless Dragon Slayer ( A Fa...by Valvia Colvavindia
Thundering Fenrir A Guild unknown to many, due to its privacy. They're strong, yet family. However, throughout the many members that live within the halls... There is a...
The Siphoner (TVD & TO) - Niklaus Mikaelson (REWRITING) by tobzka
The Siphoner (TVD & TO) - Niklaus...by tobzka
THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN New story is called "DEVILS SMILE, SIREN EYES" Can be found on my profile works. This story is no longer being updated, so I en...
He Is Also Mine by enhlesa101
He Is Also Mineby Minenhle Nkosi
A Miss Chubby Spin-off. Also a short story.
Class 1a Avenges the day by TrentenFireCloud
Class 1a Avenges the dayby FireLord969
Takes place a week after the cultural festival and on episode 1 of avengers assemble. After what was thought to be Captain America's "death", Iron Man reactiva...
Give Your Heart a Break (Vampire Diaries love Story) by JasmineNovember
Give Your Heart a Break (Vampire D...by Jasmine 🌹
Angeline Salvatore is a vampire. It was never what she wanted or expected but it just happened. She has a prophecy to fulfill and doesn't have time for love. But that do...
Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods & Demons series) by AllyLaly
Nephilim (Book One in Angels, Gods...by JulieSummer
🖤The completed version is now available on Inkitt🖤 (link in bio) Highest ranking: #1 in Paranormal First book in Angels, Gods & Demons series ...
Izuku Midoriya: The Incredible Hulk by crossfire2301
Izuku Midoriya: The Incredible Hulkby crossfire 2301
After an accident with gamma radiation, Izuku's life is flipped upside down. A raging monster dwells in his body. An incredible force with enough power to combat All mig...
Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
The Lost Huntsman (Male Reader X Harem) by Crashbexpert
The Lost Huntsman (Male Reader X H...by Crashbexpert
A mission that went horribly wrong sent F/N L/N from his home world of Remnant to an unknown hostile world. He encountered an alien race that was fast and strong, as he...
A Beautiful Nightmare •A Kai Parker Fanfic• by Mellianna92
A Beautiful Nightmare •A Kai Parke...by Mellianna92
In every family's history book there has always been that one dark chapter that no one wants to talks about. That definitely applies to my family. No one talks about my...
War Of Hearts (Klaus Mikaelson) by fandoms_forever32
War Of Hearts (Klaus Mikaelson)by Belle
Lilith Parker came from a messed up family. She was known as a abomination just because she was a siphoner. Her father was abusive and her mother never stopped him. Her...