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Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing Abridged by Bones_Malone_
Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing...by Bones_Malone_
Originally posted by me on Spacebattles, Hellsing ultimate will be reacting to Hellsing abridged. I do not own Hellsing OVA nor do I own Abridged. If I did I would be ri...
My Hellsing Academia (EN) by nekos21
My Hellsing Academia (EN)by Trollkastel Piece
So this is pretty much a crossover between My Hero Academia and Hellsing Abridged, where Izuku is gonna make a decision that will change his life forever. DekuxToga. The...
AUTHOR: The following is a fan-based parody. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, and Akira Toriyama. Please support...
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Pokemon Black and White: ABRIDGED by EpicAuthor01
Pokemon Black and White: ABRIDGEDby EpicAuthor01
Black is just your normal teenager moving to Unova. He's sarcastic and doesn't really care about anything! He also has a psychopathic alternate personality named Hilbert...
Humanoid Godzilla OC x DBZ Abridged. by Acronoun
Humanoid Godzilla OC x DBZ Abridge...by yane ross
A human like Gojira in the world of Dragon Ball. Watch, as the human like king of the monsters handles not only the threats of DBZ, but his very own foes. Don't expect g...
Dragon Ball Abridged X Fem Reader by Chad_Giga
Dragon Ball Abridged X Fem Readerby GigaChad
What?! A dragon ball book where the MC is not a Saiyan or some other alien race?! Impossible! Yeah, there's too many Db reader books with the reader being a Saiyan, so...
Highschool DXD's Perfection by B_nation1
Highschool DXD's Perfectionby BHW
after cells defeat agianst gohan he is reincarnated into DXD world as a human with his absorption ability and after befriending a certain red head he decides he wants to...
Senran Kagura: Abridged  by Cmonkey512
Senran Kagura: Abridged by Muffin
What happens when the girls of Senran Kagura find themselves in another world? A world that somewhat seems like their own, but with a few notable differences? Well, fuck...
butler of dxd by B_nation1
butler of dxdby BHW
meet Y/N C Dornez a wire using butler of the gremory family who used to hunt down dragons who were deemed to dangerous until the great war was over afterwords he became...
[COMPLETED] Atem's Lover (The Pharaoh and The Slave) by 1jasminfrost1
[COMPLETED] Atem's Lover (The Phar...by Jasmin Frost
You are thrown back in time for a purpose, but you don't currently know what. Everything is confusing until you gaze upon the Prince of Ancient Egypt, Atem, and that's w...
YuGiOh Abridged One-Shots by Handy-HTF
YuGiOh Abridged One-Shotsby Handy
Well If you haven't seen The YuGiOh Abridged series then you won't get it. It's by LittleKuriboh and is amazing, check him out
Cracked Stories by IvanBullock
Cracked Storiesby Nerd Herd
You like a story? Well, I'm gonna ruin it in the worst possible way. Yep. We're doing this. In this story, I shall recap/abridge stories in horrible ways. Enjoy!
SAO: Shadow of Aincrad  by ZeroYuki97
SAO: Shadow of Aincrad by Shelby Bayer
A young man Named Minato Akai Is one of the many people trapped inside The VRMMORPG Sword Art Online how will he get out can he Help The others Out of the game or become...
Breaking Point  by Chell83
Breaking Point by Michèle
The taping of Yu Gi Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Version is almost done but with all the bashing Jaden Yuki has to endure he wonders if it's all worth it.
GB:BBT Abriged Movie by SabakuNoYuki
GB:BBT Abriged Movieby Yuki
Yu-Gi-Oh! Belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and the dialogue to littlekuriboh's YuGiOh!: The Abridged Series.
History of Islam by TruthShallPrevail
History of Islamby Truth Shall Prevail
01. Faith 02. Quran and Hadith 03. The Messengers of the God 04. Jannah and Jahannam 05. Qadr 06. The Kaaba and the Hajj 07. Lineage and society of the...
You Stole My Heart by DeathByOTP
You Stole My Heartby Enchanted
Really old story, Marik is trying to persuade Bakura to play video game with him and it takes a rather interesting turn. I would just like to note I use Marik instead of...
My Bear Wants Me To kill by OliverBubby
My Bear Wants Me To killby Oli Bubby
"If this doesn't doesn't get you hooked, then I don't know what will, y'know?" -Genocider Sho "I'm prepared for a fight... I will win... I will kill them...