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Sequoia Valley: Imperfect (Free Preview) by umm_hanoon
Sequoia Valley: Imperfect (Free Pr...by أم حنون
A boy hides his cry for help behind jokes and defiance. A woman hides her pain and fear behind her independence. But one man will change everything...
The Duchess' Enchantment by CharmSingingWinter77
The Duchess' Enchantmentby Lady Reya
Annalise is everything a young eligible single noblewoman should be. Incomparably Beautiful, nicely titled and generously wealthy. However, being the sole heiress to t...
Trustworthy by michaelkelso
Trustworthyby michaelkelso
A doctor shows his true worth in dealing with his patients.
A Tribute to Moral Courage by IntuitionsGirl
A Tribute to Moral Courageby +=+
My opinion isn't up for criticism.
Caught on Cam by JedAnt
Caught on Camby JedAnt
" I'll make you famous, just do what I say" Story of a male model who is just starting his career and perverted seasoned photographer who will do anything get...
XYRENE: The Girl Who Unveils by JKN1208
XYRENE: The Girl Who Unveilsby Jasmine Kimberly Ngo
Along with her sidekick, Raphael, Xyrene unveils the clues behind the mysterious words of her professor. The unusual tracks lead her to a fallen journalist. Read the fir...
Welcome to the Abyss by Moistycheese
Welcome to the Abyssby Yifei Zhang
After an unfortunate accident, Amelia is introduced to a hidden world that she was unaware of. With help from a mysterious boy, she uncovers the darkness hidden in her k...
The Journey Home by BritBug11
The Journey Homeby BritBug11
Story is about a little girl who had a very traumatic life. But through the tragedies she found herself.
Pandora Boys by Fearless_Soul128
Pandora Boysby Fearless_Soul128
The story of idol group 'Pandora Boys'. Their journey through the auditions, getting to know each other, their first performance... and the many troubles along the way...
Soldier by cheeky_monkey_ca2001
Soldierby Cheeky Monkey
You had spent your life thus far training to be the very best soldier you could be, JE001 one of the original first 24 to children sold to Gallius Rax to be trained. You...
The stages of my love for you by Casha_king_11
The stages of my love for youby Casha King
This is everything I wish I could say to you. You'll never really know how I truly felt. I would never take it back, but I would change the circumstances under which it...
A Second Chance by EndlessFlowerss
A Second Chanceby Im gay
What is life to you? An adventure? A bright light? Hope? If so, your mind set differs from one Katherine Pades. You see she sees life as torture. And each step toward th...
Subservia by FaizanAli801
Subserviaby F.A.Abdulali
A lot of power. A rotten heart. A 16 year old boy. A story that was better off now having been written down.
Hush by thatoneanonwriter
Hushby Elizabeth McKenzie Williams
"Oh, Virgil...you can't possibly think they could ever truly like you." No connection whatsoever to "Hush" but that is a very good movie.
I just got resurrected into a peaceful world? by Moistycheese
I just got resurrected into a peac...by Yifei Zhang
Jun Dasmon, a soldier in a war-torn world knows war and violence among mankind. After an unfortunate turn of events he is resurrected into a new world, where humans hold...
Blue Prints by dexxone_
Blue Printsby Diya Dabash
After winning the third world war, the superhumans that once were feared by all have now passed on... Or so they thought. Years later, "superiors" cursed with...
Monster by DotTheBookWorm
Monsterby BookWorm
A young girl trapped in a small town abused by the people closest to her, she desperately tries to escape but the whole town seems to be against her, are they afraid of...