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Vivian by crazygirltreasure
Vivianby Treasure
Meet Vivian Carmicheal a free spirited woman who likes to create her own rules and doesn't like to follow the rules made by others. All she want is to be in a relationsh...
Your Love Hurts || Yoongi FF|| by stars_write
Your Love Hurts || Yoongi FF||by Sushiru
They say love is a blessing. Showing your care, love, faith, kindness, loyalty... You can even make Satan fall in love. But if you do everything and still that person do...
JEONS OMEGA (17+) by SurbhiTyagi
JEONS OMEGA (17+)by Surbhi Tyagi
Y/n being a weak omega is getting wedded to the most strongest and ruthless alpha named JEON JUNGKOOK! y/n - a.alpha u.u h.he.here alpha - yes sweetie this is my home...
Fate by DiamondKulture
Fateby Abbas Rashidat
She broke his heart. She left him when he needed her the most. She was the most precious thing he'd ever had but to her he was just someone she passed time with. He swor...
Heartless Love  by BTSBP42
Heartless Love by BTS BP
Sylvie living with a heartless man who she thought that will love her forever. He was nice but after marriage he change a lot. Will Sylvie able to handle him? Reminder:...
Cry of menace by bitttercakess
Cry of menaceby Rhea cooper
Amelia and William are happily married for 4 years . When their daughter Posie is killed, William blames Amelia. William turns from a lovely husband to an abusive one a...
The Wanted Unwanted   by Nittabeatrice_
The Wanted Unwanted by Nittabeatrice
Being abused by some one you love is PAIN! Not being able to express and defend yourself is HELL! Running away from the cause of you nightmares who happens to be the o...
Merciless by toxicTings
Mercilessby Toxictings 🤍
LA DONNA SERIES #2 This was my first night with my first love ! I mentally squealed. He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears . I could smell...
BTS FF OT7 ABUSIVE HUSBANDS by Lead_villianess
a abused child since birth an abused victim of bullies an abused wife of 7 husband's but her only ray of hope her 2 year old son who was there kid But you were never t...
Force Marriage  by BTSBP42
Force Marriage by BTS BP
I'm married to a handsome, hot and sexy CEO. I've had a crush on him but he doesn't love me. He love someone else. When I'm pregnant, he is so angry because I didn't te...
hiii this is my again old story with some changes again!! ?? - bitch you don't need clothes . they always gets removed in front of us so no need . y/n - pl.pls m.ma.s...
Vampire Branch x Poppy {My Bride} by Trollsfanlover16
Vampire Branch x Poppy {My Bride}by 💖BroppyLove💙
"Get away from me" poppy shouted terrified as she was pushed against the wall while her hands were held above her head in one swift movement "Let me g- br...
Shattered pieces of love [jeon jungkookx reader] by Lovely_bts_world
Shattered pieces of love [jeon jun...by Aria aliee
"Welcome to hell bitch, *thurst* I fucking hate you *thurst* I will make sure you will experience hell while living *thurst * His every stroke was full of hate and...
my abusive husband  by ilovebtsffly123
my abusive husband by MRS OT7
what happened when an innocent girl y/n marry the heartless Mafia... will he be able to love her let's find out... tae: don't you fucking dare to test my patience bitch...
story about famous idol who marries with her sister in law
𝐻𝒾𝓈 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓈𝓉 ~ 𝒥𝓀 𝐹𝐹 by jungk00k_uff_bts
𝐻𝒾𝓈 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓈𝓉 ~ 𝒥𝓀 𝐹𝐹by jungk00k_uff_bts
y/n has a husband and read the story bro got to know it ! love yaa 💜
Liam's Wife, Harry's Half Sister by PurdyGirl94
Liam's Wife, Harry's Half Sisterby PurdyGirl94
Harry's half sister is married to one of his best friend's Liam Payne. What happen's when Harry and his sister Gemma find out some not so great things going on with thei...
Paid For My Twin Sister's Crimes  by SoledadVanilla
Paid For My Twin Sister's Crimes by Soledad
Gwen did a lot things, made a lot of mistakes, crossed paths with a lot people. And, she did those people very dirty. This makes those people want revenge. And one of th...
When It Rain's  by molly_withpen
When It Rain's by Molly
It was raining in the evening.... water droplets 💧 were kissing the ground and a magical earthy smell was spreading in the ambience . It was like nature was taking reb...
Wiltering Rose by MosesISwrite
Wiltering Roseby MosesISwrite
A story if a brother and sister rivalry that soon comes to an end due to a sudden death...