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The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Pilot x Infinite Stratos) by C____A____T
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Douglas
Lieutenant Commander Y/N Pasternak, formally known as the leader of the Strigon Team, he was one of the best Aces in history. He fought valiantly for his home, facing an...
Hold Up, I'm An Arsenal Bird Now?! by TheDoomGamer666
Hold Up, I'm An Arsenal Bird Now?!by TPMaestro
A soul of unknown origin has been reborn into an Arsenal Bird, named "Arbiter." In a world of fantasies and imagination, how will the citizens of this beautifu...
The Giant From The Depth Goes To Another World ( alicorn x azur lane) by Downneck
The Giant From The Depth Goes To Downneck
alicorn was off from erusea naval to avoid from trigger, but in the middle of his journey. there was something wrong ( The pictures from this book are not from mine)
Azur Lane: Shattered Skies (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Emerarudo_Spurashu
Azur Lane: Shattered Skies (Azur Heh
"Oh, him? Yeah, I know him. It's going to take a while." A girl wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and combat boots said as she placed the AK-47 in her lap. She...
The Rebel Pilot (Female Jedi x Male pilot reader) by Littletrouble2k
The Rebel Pilot (Female Jedi x Littletrouble2k
Corus Five is a Manufacturing Planet in the outer rim with its own Faction protecting the planet from outsiders as the planet itself is rich with nutrients, has a powerf...
Final Action: USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 (Azur Lane fanfic) by Site_undetected
Final Action: USS John C. USS John C. Stennis CVN-74
"I know everyone's back story...time to turn it upside down and change them." There's a new debate on the heels of the push to rename U.S. military bases named...
A Pilot's Love by SKKJustin
A Pilot's Loveby Justin
Yanderes x Male Pilot Reader
Armoured Girls (Slice of life/Fate fanfic) by NA-213456
Armoured Girls (Slice of life/ INF- Info not found
Ok so. . . . I watched a lot of YouTube about Armoured Core. . . . . Then I went onto Google. . . . You can see were this is going. Anyway, just wanted to make a story a...
Soaring With Each Other: One shot (Yotsuha X Oc Male Reader  by ReadArch417
Soaring With Each Other: One Readarch417
Since after Itomori was destroyed by comet Tiamat and Tokyo flooded from ferocious raining. Yotsuha Miyamizu younger sister of Mitsuha, meets Alex Arch a fighter pilot...
sailor moon skies unknown (usagiXoc) by lockheedhenesy
sailor moon skies unknown ( lockheed henesy
after a break up with momaru. usagi had to deal with grief until she recognized a person from another world connected to her & other shenshi's world. her enemies hired g...
Unknown Fighter by n0rrdi
Unknown Fighterby n0rrdistra
Who is he? An unknown jet suddenly joins the fight with us! does he have a hidden goal or just really wanted to help us?
Interview of  blagoj kupchenko aka gault one by BlagojPejov0
Interview of blagoj kupchenko Leader Blagoj
brett thompson a famous journalisted and the one who wrote the book about warriors and the belkan war was suddenly invited by the famous leader of the gault squadron...
The Demon's Song by bluebellwren
The Demon's Songby Bella
[Ace Combat Fanfiction] As the Circum-Pacific War breaks out, Kathryn Hamilton finds herself burdened with responsibility and a legacy she never wanted. Torn between dut...
federation battlecarrier x azur lane by BlagojPejov0
federation battlecarrier x azur Leader Blagoj
the federation lerke class battlecarrier is the first of its kind made by both the usa and the federation of americas to be the first battle carrier during a mission in...
At the Hands of the Old [DISCONTINUED] by yeeetrt
At the Hands of the Old [ Yeeetrtyaboi
After the Third World War, in 2026, Earth experienced what the people called, "the Great Calamity". this world wide disaster destroyed much of the worlds natio...
Azur Combat: Sea of War by Barri2410
Azur Combat: Sea of Warby Barri2410
An unknown enemy called the Sirens are wreaking havoc around the world. Azur Lane, a multinational military alliance, was formed to fight against The Sirens. However, w...
Ace Combat: Stricken Soul by Musashi311
Ace Combat: Stricken Soulby Musashi311
This story follows the perspective of a young Erusean fighter pilot from his flight training to when he joins the Erusean Air and Space Administration's Sol Squadron and...
Gate: Thus Line Ark Fought There by JaphetGargar
Gate: Thus Line Ark Fought Thereby JaphetSkie
Reuploaded from my account at, cover art by MISSLE228
azur lane: skies unknown volume 2 Completed by lockheedhenesy
azur lane: skies unknown volume lockheed henesy
new mission new allies. new powerful ally more stronger than enterprise is about to make a name for herself & two others
naruto shippuden: skies unknown rewrite Completed by lockheedhenesy
naruto shippuden: skies unknown lockheed henesy
after the events of pain's attack. osean federation come in contact with the leaf village in search of a prototype super submarine way bigger than the alicorn.ersuean ra...