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My boy❤︎ by calebubs
My boy❤︎by Calebubs❤︎♡︎
Ellie struggles to find her forever friends, that's until she meets the Leblancs. Caleb has caught her eye and Ellie has caught his.... *posting more parts tomorrow* Sᴛᴀ...
Coral, but Deaf // COMPLETED by nightfall-nightfall
Coral, but Deaf // COMPLETEDby ellyott
Addia Westbrook is the new Coral Girl, but she is partially deaf. Will she fit it, or will the others hate her?
The Boy Next Door by illiteratewildchild
The Boy Next Doorby <3
READ THE SEQUEL: HOLD ON FOREVER IT'S UP NOW! ~~~~ Ebony Rose Shields is a fourteen year old girl living in England who doesn't really fit in with the kids at her school...
Empty Handed  by sunshinehayley
Empty Handed by inactive
"Hayley, done be rude. Give it to her." "stop it and be a nice sister. Give your sister a turn." "Oh my, Hayley get over it. Let Annie have it a...
High Hopes (Annie Leblanc's Twin) by nightfall-nightfall
High Hopes (Annie Leblanc's Twin)by ellyott
Nova Leblanc has been in foster care ever since her "mother" died. She discovers that her mom isn't really dead, so she sets out to find her. Little does Nova...
Lost Hearts: A Love Story By Annie LeBlanc |✓ by KatharineIsabelle
Lost Hearts: A Love Story By Katharine Isabelle
Short Story/ Fanfiction Annie and her family are in L.A for a few weeks, and Annie finds herself slowly falling for a cute boy, Hayden Summerall. Will he fall for her to...
Bye, I Guess... (Sequel and Third Book Included!) by nightfall-nightfall
Bye, I Guess... (Sequel and ellyott
"I swear, it was an accident!" "I'm sorry Mrs. Leblanc, but these girls are no longer yours." Book 1: Bye, I Guess... Annie and Hayley Leblanc are...
Don't (COMPLETED) by BratayleyTumbles
Don't (COMPLETED)by alexis 💘
Ever since Caleb died, the Bratayley family didn't have a spark in them. But when Hayley gets badly injured in a car accident, will Bratayley not live anymore?
Hold On Forever (A sequel) by illiteratewildchild
Hold On Forever (A sequel)by <3
a sequel to "the boy next door" this takes place in the summer of 2017. (June) (So they're still 14, but almost 15.) Caleb and Ebony's relationship has only gr...
Adopted by Bratayley: Emma's Tale by Melanaze
Adopted by Bratayley: Emma's Taleby Melanaze
Emma Quinn has been living in an orphanage for as long as she can remember. She's made multiple friends, enemies, and frenemies along the way. But she know that Bratayle...
The Fears Inside Our Heads by CoralBratatoesPotter
The Fears Inside Our Headsby Coral_Bratatoes_Potter
This is about Annie and Hayley's fears. It may be a bumpy road ahead. ATTENTION: PLEASE NO HATE OR NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON LIV IN THIS STORY. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HER...
Quality to Keep ; Bratayley(FINISHED) by litanniegrace
Quality to Keep ; Bratayley( litanniegrace
Annie's goodbyes are hard. Caleb, David, Toshi, Riley, Lynx. Just some of the losses I her life. She survives though, thrives through, a strong girl she is. But when it'...
I'm Annie, From Dance Moms | Dance Moms & Bratayley | Nova by just_two_bratatoes
I'm Annie, From Dance Moms | Nat & Nova 🐻
What if Julianna LeBlanc didn't get famous from Bratayley? What is she never did gymnastics? Why? Because she did dance. And danced at the ALDC. But if there's one thi...
All Grown Up (An Acroanna/Bratayley Fanfiction) by April_2003
All Grown Up (An Acroanna/ April_2003
My Name Is Annie. I'm Currently 18 years old. My Family Has A YouTube Channel Called Bratayley. It's Been Many Years Since We Have Started Vlogging Our Lives, But Now I'...
Love at first sight? by badgirlcoven
Love at first sight?by Lumity Stan
Annie and Caleb discover that they love each other. Not in a brother and sister way either. Their lives take many twists and turns and some things are very surprising. R...
I'm One of You Now - A Coral Girl Fanfic || COMPLETED by BratayleyTumbles
I'm One of You Now - A Coral alexis 💘
Stephanie Summerlin is the new coral girl. What goes on at the First Class Gym while she's there?
Shaytards/Bratayley Story Ideas  by writingwithlily
Shaytards/Bratayley Story Ideas by inactive
150+ ideas to choose from!
Sexual - a bratayley fanfic by ilybratayley_
Sexual - a bratayley fanficby dirty bratayley fics
Ah, Annie and Brennan, the end game of the 2015 bratayley fandom, also known as #brannie. well, they're teens now, vlogs aren't going strong anymore, annie goes to frien...
Adopted by Bratayley  by Traceyshannon88
Adopted by Bratayley by Traceyshannon88
Hi I'm Isabela and I'm an orphan. Today is a special day cause its buying day where you can go to an orphanage and pick a kid and you get to live with them. Today I'm we...
Are You Happy Now? ~ Annie Faniction by Bratayleyfanfics_777
Are You Happy Now? ~ Annie () On ()Off (•) Asleep/busy
I feel so bad for all the hate Annie gets Annie reads the comments, and all she gets is hate. The hate gets worse, and one day, Annie says her last goodbye, it's what th...