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L'Escorte - la Suite by SeasonCanahait
L'Escorte - la Suiteby Season Canahait
Tout simplement la suite de la fiction "L'Escorte", publiée par le même auteur sur Wattpad (je n'avais plus assez de chapitres dispos, étant arrivée au chapitr...
the house by the corner || poetry book by siriusblatherjacket
the house by the corner || Marley
just my itsy bitsy book of poetry :) (constructive criticism is accepted, I know that these bits of poetry aren't the best but I do want to improve)
Love and thunder: and a little bit of us by annamarias_story
Love and thunder: and a little AnnaMaria
He left her. Why? Was that because of love or fear? Maybe fear losing the girl he loves the most in this small world because of some stupid accident that happened a long...
A Kiss Remembered by LichanKnows
A Kiss Rememberedby ☏︎
Lianne Talan had her mind set to believe that she wasn't anything special. Regardless of being one of the most intelligent students in her school, her personality was i...
Hawk Heart by booklored
Hawk Heartby Ray
Lightfall, built on corpses of shadows. When a war between two factions, the Lightwielders and the Shadowcasters, breaks out in Lightfall, only one emerges victorious l...
clear thoughts of an unkempt mind | a collection of poems by maeflower-
clear thoughts of an unkempt ꪑ
a look inside my journal and the notes app on my phone
Meet me on the battlefield by R3D_GRL
Meet me on the battlefieldby R3D
Ocha Nimiano is forced to flee her home due to an arranged marriage to Tusta, a man who is betrothed to her. Ocha, along her best friend Bolt Jayden, must face the dange...
𝐔𝐓𝐎𝐏𝐈𝐀 by -lcvetqles
𝐔𝐓𝐎𝐏𝐈𝐀by 𝒍𝒚𝒏
[ ON HOLD ] ......✎ ━━━ ''Life can be really unfair at times. There will be betrayal, hatred, ups and downs..... I feel like sh...
nous disparaiss by moeniehou
nous disparaissby moeniehou
Adult life sucks innit
Cet été là... by hhelouisee
Cet été là hhelouisee
Anaïs, jeune fille de 15 ans, fait une rencontre avec Alexis, un garçon du même âge, qui chamboulera son adolescence, lors d'un stage dans une maison d'édition.
latibule | fem!oc x fem!oc by d4rksh4des
latibule | fem!oc x fem!ocby -
latibule (n.) a hiding place; a place of safety and comfort the story of two entirely different people that somehow find each other. Zayah has found the true power of he...
My Diary by FeatherxClaw37
My Diaryby Alexis Peters
This will just be a diary of sorts. Is everything you read in this real or fake...? Well, it's up to you guys to decide that.
Hall of Fame by Hubrism
Hall of Fameby Marianna Leal
Peyton loves baseball. Losing his ace pitcher brother turned Santiago away from the game. Can she make him fall for it again without risking her heart or future? *** Pey...
You over the Streetlights by owwlivrrrrgh
You over the Streetlightsby Hekhok
Si Ethan. Theo sa mga kaibigan niya. School-mate. Spoiled Rich Kiddo. Gwapo rin pero mayabang. Ghoster 👻 (daw) Retired bully. Pero questionable pa sa part na iyan. As...
Your Breaking Heart Can Rule by xSceneGirl
Your Breaking Heart Can Ruleby key
Jezebel thinks up a scheme that includes a certain misfit to prove to a certain someone that she was better off without him. But as the days goes on longer with her dece...
Raja & Sahir | ✎ by clqssyrowan
Raja & Sahir | ✎by ₊˚・𝙄. ₊˚・
No, these twins were not separated at birth. And no, one is not a total goth will the other is all pink and popular. But that doesn't mean their story isn't worth readin...
InstaLutteo by justdcnise
InstaLutteoby #𝐁𝐀𝐋𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐎
Venez découvrir une nouvelle aventure des personnages de la série Soy Luna à travers ce nouvel instagram.
Rose Gold by wwwsomitexe
Rose Goldby annabanana
Zak, Caleb, Ryan, Louis and Eli make up the (almost) normal teenage band in their school. They know nothing of their capabilities or really anything about themselves oth...
La conferencia by ToniAjakaye08
La conferenciaby ToniAjakaye08
this is about a group of teenagers who are on a camp trip where things begin to happen pls try and read its good