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After School Special  by MissKinkyKitten
After School Special by MissKinkyKitten
Story of 18 year old Amber Jones this is her journey through life and lust. Not edited be aware of spelling and grammar errors adult content
TAEKOOK oneshots by taelovekookiee7
TAEKOOK oneshotsby tae's little kookiee
this is a collection of taekook , jikook , yoonmin, namjin stories
Mistress to the King & Queen by LucaVixen
Mistress to the King & Queenby LucaVixen
M/M, F/F, F/F/M. Part One Medieval Short Story 18+ (Tiny bit of dubcon)
Punishment by xKiriYamashirox
Punishmentby Kiri Hoshi
!TW: Spanking, Restraints, Teasing, Sexual Activity, Slight Degradation, Overstimulation, Honorifics, Gag, Breeding! A brat faces the consequences of her actions.
FINALLY 22 ✔️  by LyssahTraicey
FINALLY 22 ✔️ by Lyssah Traicey
Nala finally turns twenty two and is able to escape the patriarchal rule of her father. Wanting to explore her new found freedom she moves into the big city and ventures...
His little stripper ( 21+)  by Ivy_wrote
His little stripper ( 21+) by Ivy Writes
Completed !! I start to work the pole as I took my clothes and danced . After doing everything he asked for he took me to the bedroom and starts to do things with me . H...
The Gift of Jacob by toniscales2
The Gift of Jacobby toniscales2
A patient develops feelings for her therapist.
Peppa and George pig Fanfic by Roxy_moonstars
Peppa and George pig Fanficby Roxy_moonstars
Peppa pig and George pig are left home alone. Sussy Baka.
The Lake  by YouMayCallMeSir
The Lake by YouMayCallMeSir
Two strangers meet at a lake by chance and it takes an interesting turn.
ပန်းတစ်ပွင့် ကြွေလွင့်ခြင်း by lukesan123
ပန်းတစ်ပွင့် ကြွေလွင့်ခြင်းby lukesan123
ချစ်သူတစ်ဦးရဲ့ ပန်းဦးခြွေဇာတ်လမ်း
queen of dirty hearts  by IheartMyself4
queen of dirty hearts by Iheart Myself
this is a dirty story about a queen and her soo loyal subjects
My One Night Stand With The Mafia Boss by meow_191
My One Night Stand With The Lady Caroline
A one night stand changes Lisha's life forever after she discovers that she had slept with the Mafia boss himself.
Hookup Theory by ToastedBagels
Hookup Theoryby Kate Marchant
Marisol has convinced herself that transferring to a more prestigious university was the right move, even though it meant trading in friends and parties for long nights...
When I demand submission  by Azusafier
When I demand submission by Anshika 123
Today, is the turn and he'll watch as I will take the charge. Warning ⚠️ - Intense Roleplay, concepts of nsfw and BDSM. Only suitable for mature audiences so read with c...
Room 310 by MoominWrites
Room 310by MoominWrites
What happens in room 310 stays in room 310
When Love Lasts (OC) by autumn_leii
When Love Lasts (OC)by autumn_leii
"မနက်မိုးလင်းလို့ မျက်လုံးနှစ်လုံးပွင့်လာတဲ့အခါ ကိုယ်အတွေးထဲရောက်လာတတ်သူက မဒီကလွဲပြီးဘယ်သူမှမရှိဘူး" "မဒီ ရှင်နဲ့အတူတူရှိနေရတာကို သဘောကျပါတယ်" Bar တစ...
married to the Mafia by mal_here
married to the Mafiaby mal
Lucas Walter, he's the son of the boss of the Ney York's mafia and the heir to it all. He is arrogant and way over his head but handsome and a beast in bed. unable to pa...
my little angel 2 *second generation*  by nobody1234t
my little angel 2 *second mamamia
צ׳ין כבר בן 17 הוא בחר ללמוד בבית ספר של בני אדם לעומת אח שלו הגדול, סון שבחר ללמוד להיות שטן שומר. צ׳ין קיבל את הפנים של יונגי, הוא נורא דומה לו אבל הוא גם קיבל את האי...
Storm and Sea - Book 1 by TaraZamir
Storm and Sea - Book 1by TaraZamir
Luca and Alberto reunite after three long years apart, and quickly Alberto realizes that things have changed between them. While trying to navigate new feelings, the pai...